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Sam had already driven across the lake. Wow those lights are really bright. I hope this thing is from earth. She chuckled and watched it land. It touched down on a hill over looking a town. Sam got out put K.I.R.T.T. back in an item ball and ran toward the plane. Emma was stepping out just as she got there. "Emma! You found us." Batman and Xavier had gotten out now. "Hu?" "Sabertooth attacked us again, Riptide might be dead. Xavier read her mind of the events then projected it to the rest of the party.

"Cassandra called me again before I got on the jet. She said something is wrong with the satellites and I should check it out. But I don't quite understand why." Bruce seemed like he wanted to go get Cassandra first. " I think it would be best-"

"I understand" Xavier said. He, batman and Sam went toward the town and Emma took the jet to find Riptide.

dammed movie Riptide finally broke the plastic box. Why is this crisis a bad thing. I don't see a war brewing. He went through a few channels. Strange the cables hooked up. Riptide thought back to the satellite problem then back to wondering who patched him up. Just then the door burst open; Japanese women and a blond woman walked in. he ran to the door but it slammed shut and locked before he could reach it. He pulled and rammed the door. The four girls looked at him a few times but sat there like they were waiting for something.

"where did you all come from and why are you here." "They looked at each other then one answered. "We've been paid" She giggled

oh f+++- who in gods name would " what can I do to get you to tell me where I am and who sent you" the blond haired girl grabbed him and threw him on the bed.

"Anything but that!" they stopped giggling. "there's nothing" she crawled on top of him. One of the Japanese girls showed him a tattoo. The blond haired girl on him flashed a gun that was in her garter. Seconds later Riptide was walking through the halls of the hotel.

"Sigh" He was shaking a bit. Okay I'm scared now. This had to be Kens doing hiring members of Sora's gang's enemies … He looked around at people frustrated that their cell phones weren't working. ….something is definitely wrong. He spotted a Canadian flag before walking out. He then ran off looking back a few times to make sure no one was following. As he ran around the corner he saw what looked like a thug from the gang Ken sent for him. The girl started chasing after him then there was a thud and a crash. When he turned around again Cassandra was standing there. "You're alive!" He jumped on her squeezing the air out of her.

Emma had figured out Riptide had been kidnapped from where he was last seen. Hum…it looks like Scott was right. What have you gotten your self into; did you get into a fight with the wrong person? Or is this some one you know helping you? Sam had also realized something had happen gone wrong after she left him. Fortuneatly she, batman. And Xavier had found Riptide and Cassandra out side of a small hotel. Emma was bringing the jet down in a field. I guess it was a friend after all. Just as Emma stepped out Misterio exclaimed from Sam's pocked "You're in Canada!" Sam threw him back to Cassandra." Now you tell us after we've been found."

"I'm sorry but I had to repair my self. The satellites really were down though." Cassandra and Riptide entered the plain followed by Batman and Sam. He sat next to Xavier fidgeting nervously. "Is there something wrong?" Riptide looked around "I'm okay with the fighting and the superhero stuff….but I want to quit for now." Cassandra and Sam both looked at each other then at him. Sam turned back to the window and rested her head on her elbow. Cassandra looked out the opposite window but didn't fail to notice that Riptide was tense and breathing in a controlled manner. She knew batman had noticed also. I know something is wrong with him he seemed…scared, no disturbed when I ran into him. But that girl- Maybe he knew who robin was….hum

The professor let everyone know the missing three were safe just as soon the x-jet went through the water fall. In the hanger Alex, clover, kitty, Logan, Jubilee, Amara and Jean were ready to meet them. "OMG I was so worried!" Kitty cashed landed on the three of them then clover and Alex fell on. Jubilee jumped on top of the pile. "Ow, you're hurting my leg." Clover got off of Kitty's legs. "So how did you get away from Sabertooth?"

"We didn't"

"Then how come you're not hurt" asked Alex. Cassandra and Riptide crawled away from under the pile. "Fell in a river so I don't know what happened." She dusted her self and walked towards the door with Riptide following her.

"Then what happened to you"

"We were trapped in a factory but I escaped and he was left behind; so I really don't know, jubilee" Amara grabbed Riptide and pulled him back to the crowd. Cassandra stood in the door frame.

She tried to hug him but he jumped back and fell. "Riptide, are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah but I rather shake hands." He gave her an innocent look. "um…okay" she extended her hand. "Wait he was trapped in a factory with Sabertooth and came out alive." Logan headed over in their direction. Amara noticed the slash marks. She touched his face; it was already starting to heal. "What happened to you?" He lifted up his shirt and showed her his taped up ribs and stitches. " I was kidnapped they stit-"

Logan grabbed him by the shoulder and jerked him around. "Fancy you coming out alive. How did you do it?" he took a breath "those water powers; I couldn't access them 24 hours after touching Rogue. I have other attributes" He mumbled. Logan didn't seem to here the other part. "I didn't find what he stole but I know he's in the hospital"

Logan stepped away and went back to the jet. "Xavier, I'm taking the jet to Canada." They all started exiting the hanger.

"Heay Emma, have you found Butch yet?" Duston asked the x-adults and others were in the dining room. The students already ate ant were going to bed. "No, but I know he's not dead."

"He's not on these grounds and I fear he's not who he appeared to be" Xavier added. Jean passed a basket of bread to Ororo. "I never met him." " I got the impression he liked you."


"But in an improper way." Duston looked at Emma then at Ororo

"Hu?" Ororo dropped her fork and the basket." Anyway what's going on with the new students?" Beast was curious too.

"Riptide wants out. I think Inuyasha is going to stay" Beats noticed that Ororo and Jean weren't very hungry. But rather know more about the new students. "I don't think I met them. What bout Jade and her friend…um…Riptide?" Duston was stuffing his self wile making jokes. He seemed to be trying to get Batman to crack a smile. Xavier kept looking at them, Emma scooted away from them then looked over at Hank" Duston put Jade through some kind of extreme training. She's tired but I think she wants to stay. I met her friend before. He's a strange character; trouble likes him even if he doesn't. "

Duston managed to get Batman to laugh. "…and it was orange cyan and purple.."

"He he ha….how did Inuyasha get here?"

"Alex clover and Sam said they found all of them unconscious out side a buffet" jean then got up and walked to the door. "Jackie doesn't what jade here powers or no powers. he wants to be a good brother and keeps his brother's daughter safe." She opened the door. Logan was just getting to the door. "Hello Logan. Join us for dinner.' Jean and Ororo greeted him.

"Hey. I have good news bad news and ugly news. He sat down put his feet on the table and pushed his cowboy hat up. Jean cleared her throat. "Logan." He took his feet down.

"Lets start with good." Hank requested. "The good news. Nothing was stolen and Sabertooth is in traction." Jean started to as a question but stopped. "The bad news?" Emma gave the rest of what was on her plate to Duston "The job was a hoax."

"and the ugly?" asked the professor. He made a pyramid with his fingers.

"well he said he didn't know who he was hired by. But it was somebody big; real big ."

Ororo passed her plate to Duston "like?"

"Big like Kingpin, Magneto unlikely, or Apocalypse, Two Face, Luthor, Trigon unlikely um…."

Duston stooped eating. "Please Trigon don't work like that. Apocalypse, Luthor and Kingpin are the kinda people you don't want to cross.' He pointed to Logan with a fork. Batman was equally alarmed. "Two face of something big like your implying?" Logan appeared to be deep in thought. "Big like Apocalypse, Luthor, Kingpin and Ra's al Ghul; cause bucket head would meet him face to face. He said it was real shady and he wasn't told anything." Duston mumbled something and shoved his pate towards the center of the table. "Also Sabertooth was way to injured for'a 11 year'ol to have done. Alligator bite marks all over em." They all looked at Duston. "I don't know what you're looking at me

for. The dragon is figurative in my children." Beast got up and got a plate for Logan

Riptide was lying on Jade's bed. "How do you feel?" She rolled over and sat up. "Tired, and in a bit of pain." He shoved a bucket of chicken in her lap. She dived right into it wile he held her around the shoulders." Heay after you get done do you want to go to the skateboard park?" She leaned on him and took her head out. "…..yeah heay, what do when you get back to Santa Catalina?" She licked her mouth and fingers. The door suddenly swung open and Amara walked in. Jade jumped off Riptide and threw away the bucket. Amara sat where Jade was; she grabbed Riptide and kissed him. Jade stood there leaning on the dresser. She was shocked disappointed and finally angry. "The hell?!"

She let go of him and turned towards Jade. "Sorry." She dragged him out of the room to hers. Riptide looked back "Wa, wait." Jade was following them down the hall. Amara closed the door behind them. In her room she kissed him again.

"Jade!" Riptide pushed her off and stood with his back to the door. Out side in the hall Jubilee, Kitty, and Tabitha were watching Jade try and open the door she pulled on it then punched at it. "What are you doing! Quit messing with friend?"

Amara sat on the bed "Come here" Riptide obeyed her. "Tell Jade to back to her room." He went to the door and told her to leave. She left but doing it without protest unnerved him. When the door closed Jubilee and Kitty rushed to it again. Amara kissed him again. "Why are you kissing me; your acting like you want to screw me?" She seemed shocked.

He looked around the room embarrassed. "I just want you to stay here tonight."

"um..okay…" Jade watched the expressions of Kitty and Jubilee; she decided it was better to leave.

The adults were asleep now but Jade was roaming around in the game room. She picked up the game taken tag and turned on the old Playstation One. She was going to confront riptide about what happened after they left. What ever happened she knew it wouldn't be pretty when his parents found out. "What'z wrong?" "Kurt!" he scratched his head. "Kitty woke me up. I was looking for something to do" She handed him a controller. He smiled and sat down. "Why are you down here?" She was silent for a few seconds. "Avoiding what's going on upstairs." she selected his players and costumes. "Whatever Riptide and Amara are doing I'm not going to get into a fight again." He selected his players then looked at her. "What do you mean…like fighting or…" She bobbed her head up and down. "We should get Ororo-" He looked at the entrance. Duston and Emma were standing there. "Uh…we were looking to use the TV"

"Nonsense they can play too." Emma bent down behind Kurt. "when you're done would you like to play Burnout Legends?"

"Sounds good but we were talking about getting some because Riptide's in Amara's room-"

Duston kicked the door Emma, Jade and Kurt were running after him. Amara were in the covers sleeping. He pulled them off. By now half of the x-students were up. "Hu-"

Duston was holding him by the neck. Riptide looked at him, Amara, Emma at the door then at him self in his underwear. "…..I see how this looks bad-"

He slammed the door closed making Emma jump back. Jade, Kurt, Tabitha, Sam, Sam and Jubilee were out in the hall. "What's going on?" Bobby rushed over to the crowd.

"Riptide-" he was thrown out then the door slammed shut. "What are you doing with my girlfriend!" Bobby jumped on him other rushed to the fight and a brawl broke out.

"She's not your girlfriend." Everyone was shocked to see Jade knock him out with a spinning heel kick. Emma carried Riptide to his room.

He woke up to see jade sitting on his chest spraying whip cream on a pumpkin pie. "Jeezs your hot." She jumped off of him and dropped the pie. "I mean your cute and-" "Whatthehell. Are you f+++ed up? ...what did you do to Amara?"

He sat up and picked the pieces of pie off him. "Nothing we were asleep I just got attacked by- What?" Jade had her back to him. "Okay…. why don't you believe me. After what happened with me and Sora; she tried to get me to join a gang, screw her, fight her dad kill a few people. There's no way I'd put my self into anything that could lead to that again. Plus Amara's not that kinda girl"

Jade turned around and frowned at him. "Not that kinda girl! Really, not like that!"

"Calm down. When I got teleported away I later got kidnapped I swear it was Ken. I was trapped with hookers. He still thinks I'm just like him." He sighed.

"Okay, okay sorry. I guess it's like what happen when where were in the danger room. If they saw us they would have freaked." Jade started walking toward him with the can of whip cream. "I couldn't imagine the horror of it. I think Duston may have scared Amara a bit too much" She sprayed him in the ear. "It's probably a good thing." He used a pillow case to clean his ear. She watched him jump around and go through contortions "I bet she would lick that off."

She then spayed her self in the ear to find out why he was jumping around. She did a cartwheel and pulled her shirt over her head. Jubilee walked in. Jade looked like she was doing the headless hock poky. "…..Amara wants you."

Kagome and Miroku had finally gotten to the New York greyhound station. "Wow this is why better than the on in New York City." Miroku looked around eyeing everyone. "In a few stations I thought about removing my prayer beads." Kagome walked over to a map. "I thought you didn't use those on humans." "I just wanted enough wind to-" She grabbed him by the belt and threw him into the map on the wall. "I've had enough of you and girls. I just want to find Inuyasha."

He struggled with the map. "My English is bad; how am I supposed to find the x-men?" Kagome fell down in disbelief. He had been reading, writing and speaking English the whole time. "Hey, you looking for those x-losers, Sheila?" Pyro was standing over her. She shot up. "Um, yeah where they?" "I could take you to them but I can't find my lighter I won't go anywhere with out it. By the way I'm called Pyro" What? This guy is strange "What does it look like?" Miroku squinted at him then looked under chairs and tables for it. Kagome look around counters and desk. "There it is!" "What does it look like?" Kagome realized she forgot to ask what it looked like. Pryo pointed out of the window at a smoker standing out side.

"He stole my lighter" He ran towards the door. "Wait. I'll go get it from him."

Even though Miroku wasn't in feudal he still thought danger of monsters could be around any corner. He knew if Pryo went out there it would be a fight and they needed a guide. Pryo and Kagome watched as they talked. Seconds later Miroku walled in. "He said he found it by the vending machine." Pyro cleaned it with his sleeve, put it in a safe place and took the map off the wall. "Okay this is the way." He pointed west. Kagome and Miroku followed him across the street. "How far is it from here?" "About five miles." He then searched his pocket for his cell phone knocking out his lighter; he caught it in mid air."

A pickup truck with the top sawed off pulled up to the gates. Blob was driving and Petro was sitting next to him. Pyro, Miroku and Kagome road in the truck bed. Petro got out and jumped over the gate. Miroku was shocked and ran up to the fence. Petro spotted Jean, Amara, Riptide and Inuyasha planting flowers. "Don't you think it strange to go gardening at one thirty in the morning?" Just then the alarm went off. Jean mentally told one of the x-men inside to turn it off. "I thought so too but they said it makes you fight better" Inuyasha pointed to Amara with a flower pot." Petro looked at Jean.

"Who are the new guys?" "I'll tell you if you help us plant this tree."

He took the shovel from her. "I'm here with a couple of people looking for Inuyasha; this guys got beads-" Inuyasha ran to the gate. "Just a second, I'll be back." Jean opened the gate. He met Miroku half way; Kagome was running behind him. Pyro was running after her. "Hey I thought they let you go. Kagome caught up to them. "They are convinced I'm a mutant." Pyro ran past them. "What is a mutant?" asked Miroku. They started walking towards the flower bed near the porch. "They're human but have powers like demons." Inuyasha scratched his head. "I think that's all there is to it. They're are kinda like you Miroku " he looked up. "I don't think there is anyone with a hole in their hand." "No, but there is some one who can make wind tunnels." Kagome stared at the group planning a tree.

Pyro hugged Amara. "My little living lighter." She shoved him off. Don't get any ideas. You almost burned down a block. I was almost arrested and you were court ordered to stay away from me." Riptide handed him a plant. "Who, what?" Kagome, Miroku and Inuyasha had come over to them. "We are planting flowers and a tree. Why don't you help us?" Pyro grabbed a hand shovel. "But who is this?"

"He's my boyfriend." Pyro was stunned then he threw a shovel at Riptide. "Hey I know you wanted to go with me if left Bobby-" Jean taped her on the shoulder. Riptide tossed the shovel back at him. Amara, Riptide can you show them around and to their rooms. I'll tell the professor about them tomorrow." She projected the image of the rooms to Riptide and Amara. Inuyasha walked along side. Upstairs near their room a large crowd was in the way. "What's going on?" Inuyasha pushed through. "Heay" "watch it." They all parted for them enough to see that Cassandra and Jade were sparring in a circle drawn with baby powder. Remy and Jamie were keeping track of how many times Jade or Cassandra had been thrown out of the circle.

"Can't anyone get any dammed rest around here?"

Just then Jade was kicked out of the circle and the fight was over. "Two more times and she would have been out." The crowd parted and Kurt and Riptide helped Jade up wile Scott and Tabitha were talking to Cassandra. Amara leaded Kagome, Miroku and Inuyasha down the hall. However Miroku wandered back to Scott and Cassandra. He grabbed her hand. Kagome sighed and rolled her eyes. Inuyasha was actually trying not to burst out laughing. "You are an awesome fighter yet beautiful. I would be honored if you would bear my child."

The x-men were shocked, Riptide started laughing. She responded the only way she could think of at the time. Cassandra knocked him out cold. A minute later Logan was standing over him. "She said she's sorry." He looked over at her. She gave him a shy wave as Inuyasha dragged him off to his room. "Go to bed all of you." Logan slammed his door.

The next morning everyone was sitting at the meeting room table with Xavier at the head. "Okay now. Inuyasha even though you decided to leave you are always welcome here. Riptide you can rejoin the x-men when you are ready to." Inuyasha, Miroku and Kagome followed Emma to the jet hanger. "Sam, Alex and Clover; thank you for your help and we are glad you decided to join the X-men. But you all know these recent incidents are making things harder for us all. There was nothing taken from Stark Labs. Wolverine confronted Sabertooth and it all turned out to be a hoax." Riptide motioned he wanted to leave. "I'm leaving if that's okay." Xavier continued. After a few minutes Amara went after him. They walked all the way to the gates. "I'm going to go home. Do you want to come with me?"
Amara looked around Riptide's house. She glanced at a picture of a bamboo forest. "My mom is here with my sister. My brother is out with my friends. My dad will be here soon." A slightly taller than average woman with wild hair wearing a black tee came from upstairs. She looked like she had been working out a lot; a bit intimidating looking.

"Who is this?" "She is my friend" The woman walked up to Amara.

"She looks like she could be Goku's sister"

"Um…" she turned to Riptide. "Your sister?" "No my mom, Lindsey .She just look really young" Riptide's sister came out of the kitchen

She looked at her. "She is your girl friend, not just your friend." Said Lindsey. Amara and Riptide stared at her.

She nudged him. "…Yeah." His sister started laughing. "Shut up Tony, it's not funny."

Lindsey sighed "How old are you?" "Um..fourte-" "I already know. Your mom knows my husband. They dated when they were teens. He wanted you to meet Riptide."

They looked at her then at then at each other then back at her. Wile Tony laughed harder.

Ken took off his costume he would return to the X-men at some time later. He then entered the hotel and when to his room. Four women were waking up. "What happened?" "We told him who we were and he knocked us out." Ken gave them his usual angry stare. "I hoped the plan still worked."

"He's uncooperative, I don't think you can turn him in to a freak." The Japanese girl with the tattoo said as she put on her knee high boots. "Well wait till I call Sora in his voice. If anyone can turn a boy in to a freak, it's her." The other girls were getting some ice. "I don't know why you want to do this anyway."

"Sandy, I have a bigger plan here. He's just a- Hey I paid you ten grand for this and you let him get away. You have to do something to make up for it." He smirked. Sandy opened the door. "I'll get you something nice instead." She slammed the door behind her. He motioned for the rest of the girls to come here.

In Japan

"So Inuyasha how did you like America" Kagome said as the walked through a field. "I don't, first I get attacked by some weirdo and I never found what that was all about. Then I get kidnapped and they think I'm a mutant, sigh." She rolled her eyes. "You had a grate time there. I heard they helped you fight off your brother" "Feh, that stupid girl picked up that sword even when I told her not to." Miroku shoved them apart. "That girl was amazing. Our kid would have been strong enough to- we have to go back to that collage. I got a yes."

Inuyasha walked off "That I don't believe." Kagome ran up to him "You can believe him I was there." He looked back at them "There is one thing I'll miss though; the danger room. I have this move I want to try out that Scott showed me."

Over Clovers house Sam Alex and her self were sitting at her kitchen bar stools. "You know we are double agents, sorta." "Well W.H.O.O.P. would like to know what the x-men are up to." Alex when into the refrigerator. "Sam the x-men are decent people and we are spying on Scott." "Yeah." she stood up bumping her head. "I mean I had a nice time there. Your report going to be pretty good, clover."

"I see it the same way Alex does- You can't eat that my mom will have a fit. We are kinda double agents. So we only give information when we need to." Alex came over to the counter and sat across from them. "Whatever happened to Butch?" "what ever happened to the boy who looked like Ken, Sam." " I think you two are on to something, Hum"

"Where is Amara?" asked Tabitha "She went with Riptide to Cinnabar, a city on Santa Catalina island below Los Angeles. He lives there." Jubilee went through her magazines. "How do you feel about the new members? By the way I want my magazines back." "Told you she'd know." "I fell fine about it." Tabitha said as she walked to her room. "I think it'z grate, but I wish Jade could stay." "Kurt of all people; you wanted her to stay."

Kurt looked down the hall." We became friends before Jackie made her go home." Jubilee joined him at the door. "Don't worry I have a feeling we will see them again."

After Riptide left the table Duston discovered a note was slipped into his pocket. He knew Kitty it there but it was from Riptide. Cassandra handed him Misterio telling him to give it back to her soon. Duston knew whatever was in the letter was bad. He had an idea what was going on with Riptide on the jet. He sat at home with his wife, Yanlin. "I know you don't want me killing again but I may have to come out of retirement after I read this." I've never seen him not want to take on a challenge joining the x-men would have been good for him.

+ Some strange things happened wile I was lost with Sabertooth. Mainly I was warned by an interdimensional named Madam Web that events happening in another dimension will happen here. The incident with the Atom's wife was one of them. She said that these two dimensions are not parallel and thing that happen here could be different. She told me to go find a girl in Japan. But because of other things that happened wile I was lost; going over there could cause a lot more problems. I'm going to talk to Spider-man about Madam Web. The girls name is Roxy Takahashi and her address is at the bottom of the page. If you find her try and talk my parents and hers into having her here as an exchange student. I asked Cassandra to give you Misterio because he found out what was wrong with the satellites. They were all being reprogrammed but not by their individual companies. Read the files and then see what you want to do.+

Duston looked over at Yanlin. She gave him a displeased look. "I think I'll only need to be ready." "Do you really think it's worth it; do you think it necessary?" He changed to a channel that was showing a riot in England over the Cross. "Yes, and for your other question; we'll have to wait and see."

I'm ending the story here. It could have been longer but the x-men evolution category is not as popular as it used to be plus not that many people are reading my story.

Also after infinity crisis happened I decided to change which teen titans I was going to write for. Somehow I found out that I could use this story as a background for and infinity crisis based story. I did not show you what batman jade or Cassandra were doing in the end because some of them will be in my next story and also I just didn't feel I needed to put an ending for them. This chapter was really hard to write. I hope it tied up all the loose ends ( I told you were cinnabar really is). As you can tell there will be another story on this. I'm glad I'm done I've been writing this story since 04.