In The End

Chapter 1: After effects.


Waking up he felt an immediate pain in his head and the lights were too bright.

There was something strange, something felt as if it were missing.

The smell of disinfectant was strong.

Opening his eyes he realized he was in a white room and in bed. He was in hospital.

A doctor came into the room just then. He walked up to the side of the bed.

"Mr. Kaiba..." The doctors expression didn't seem quite right, it seemed as if he were about to tell him something life altering.

"Where is my brother" It came out hoarse. His eyes widening when he suddenly remembered what had happened.

"Your brother is just fine, he is waiting out side" The doctor didn't wait for him to say anything.

"Mr. Kaiba, this might not be easy for you to take, what I am about to tell you. I am sorry to inform you that due to the amount of damage caused to your spine during the accident, you will not be able to make use of your legs."

At that moment it seemed as if the whole world literally came crashing down.

That what was missing, the feeling in his legs.

He got up in the bed and looked down, there were his legs but it didn't feel as if they were attached to his body. The doctor was saying something to him, but it didn't register.

He tried moving his legs, nothing happened.

He was starting to panic. He tried moving them over the edge of the bed so that he could stand.

But they wouldn't move.

The doctor was telling him to calm down and not to move, he wasn't listening.

He moved his legs with his hands taking them over the edge, they just lay there limply.

His headache intensified, there was also a huge amount of pain in his lower back.

The doctor was telling him more sternly to stay back in bed, he wanted to stand.

The doctor tried to restrain him, but he just pushed him back into a metal trolley.

The trolley and the doctor crashed to the floor.

He lifted himself using his arms.

The doctor was shouting at him now.

His try at standing failed miserable, he crashed to the floor just like the doctor and the trolley.

Now he was lying on the floor the bright lights on the ceiling blinding him.

His mind was like a whirlwind.

Far away he heard the doctor calling for a nurse.

Then everything went black...

end flashback

Kaiba rubbed his eyes. Thinking of that day, the day when the world he knew took a turn for the worst, was not good. He had work to do. He looked down at his legs before continuing They were there, but they weren't. He remembered the doctor telling him to always have hope. That new surgery and new ways were always being discovered to treat spinal injury. That was a year ago. His hope was gone.

Sighing he picked up his phone and speed dialed his sectary.

"Yes sir, what can I do for you?" is what his sectary said on the other end.

"I need a babysitter hired today for Mokuba, get one." He then hung up.

He was going on a business trip for the weekend, so that would mean leaving Mokuba behind so of course he would need someone to be at the mansion just in case. Sighing he got his laptop and paperwork together. He would continue his work at home.. He rolled out of his office stretching around so that he could slide his possessions in the back of the wheelchair. Wheelchair is exactly what it was. Walking was a word you wouldn't hear often around Seto Kaiba, the CEO that was reduced to a wheelchair. Wheeling his way over to the elevator he got in and pressed the button for ground floor. Taking his cellphone out of his blue trench coat he called up his driver and informed him that he was coming out.

He rolled out of the elevator once the metal doors had slid open. It was busy so he maneuvered his way through the crowd, receiving stares and looks of pity. All he wanted to do was to tell them to stop fucking staring and mind there own fucking business, he would have if he weren't in a wheelchair. Ironic as it was, before when he walked people respected him, they thought twice about even looking at him, but now they looked down on him. Literally and figuratively.

Finally making it out of the Kaiba Corps building and onto the pavement he spotted his driver and limousine immediately. He snorted. A lot of things had changed after the accident. He had to have a custom made limousine built so that he could get into it without help. It wasn't that much of a change but it was one of many. The limousine had been lowered so that it was even with the sidewalk and it could be lifted when driving. This was so that he could wheel a little way into the limousine and then lift himself out of the wheelchair and onto the seats.

Soon they had reached the mansion. The black wrought iron gates sliding closed after they were in. The car stopped outside the entrance, he got out onto the sidewalk which was also another change. The limousine then completed the rest of the circle it had to take to get back out.

He took a moment to gaze at his mansion. It was big, once being his pride and glory. Not anymore. It had five stories and two elevators had been installed because of this. One on the outside because he couldn't exactly ride up the grand staircase in the front. One on the inside so that he could reach all the floors.

Making his way up via the elevator the doors sliding open instantly when it had elevated to the second floor. The ground floor and 1st floor were garages and rooms for his staff here at the mansion. Rolling out he went on a search for his brother. He went straight to the entertainment room. Sure enough Mokuba was there.

"Big brother, your home!"

"Yeah, but not for long" He saw Mokuba's face fall.

"I have a forthcoming business trip." Mokuba just nodded returning his line of sight to the TV "I also got you a babysitter"

"Aww, man did you have to, I can look after myself.." A look of disgust etched into his facial features.

"It is for your own good"


"No buts, a babysitter will be arriving here shortly. End of story."

"Fine. When are you leaving."

"In an hour, now I need to pack." He could see the disappointment and sadness on his brother's face. He said nothing, but just turned and went towards the second elevator heading for the top floor. The whole of the top was his.

Later when he was just about to leave a voice stopped him.

"Big brother" He looked back from his position in the wheelchair, his brother looked serious.

"What is it Mokuba" He said irritable. He didn't mean too, he loved his brother, but he just wanted to be left alone.

"Why are you like this." Mokuba screamed " It has been like this ever since the accident. Before we used to spend time together, but not anymore. Look at you, all you do is work. You think it is so bad being stuck in a wheelchair, but you know what there are also people out there just the same as you, even worse because they don't have the money that you do..." He was sure Mokuba would have carried on but his speech was interrupted by a knock on the entrance door.

"I'll get it." Mokuba said as he stormed past. Turning the door handle and whipping the door open...


Well this is the end of chapter one. I hope you liked it. I just have one question to ask, does this sound angsty? Just wanted to know. Thank you for reading.


Next time: Serenity pops into the picture.