In The End

Chapter 14: Happiness

She turned around. "You should not sneak-" Serenity's eyes widened, her hand flying up to mouth, covering the gasp that escaped her mouth.

Serenity could not believe what she was seeing! Seto was standing... he was really standing. Right in front of her!

"Oh my word..." Serenity whispered, a tear delicately trailing down her cheek.

Seto smirked, he reached out and wiped her tear gently away. Serenity expected the warmth of his hand to disappear, yet it did not. Instead, Seto cupped her cheek. Gently tracing her cheekbone with his thumb.

"You are so tall." Serenity smiled. She felt so happy and so proud. Seto had done it! He had taken what she had said to heart and he had actually gone through with it. She still could not believe it, maybe she was dreaming?

Serenity gently placed her hands on Seto's chest. He had not said anything else yet, but then again, he did not need to. He did not need to explain. He did not need to tell her why he had been so distant. The fact that he was standing before her was enough. His hand trailed down to her shoulder and that is when she decided to hug him. She could not help herself! She was just so happy, so ecstatic... this night could not have turned out any better!

Serenity literally threw her arms around Seto's neck. She could not hold back the few more tears that escaped. She felt silly, but she knew he would understand. She could only imagine how he must have been feeling. She could not remember the last time she had cried because she was happy! It felt amazing.

"Say something." Serenity whispered into his ear, hugging him a little bit tighter.

"Your reaction was very rewarding." She could hear him smirk. Serenity pulled back but still left her arms around his neck.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner? I could have helped..."

"It was something I needed to do on my own." Serenity smiled up at Seto, she would not have expected any other answer.

"You look beautiful tonight." Seto let his fingers run over the necklace he had given her. He felt her shiver in his arms.

"Thank you... for the necklace, I really don't expect gifts like-" She was cut off by Seto's fingers which were currently trailing over her lips. She must have looked shocked or something equivalent to it because Seto smirked yet again. He had definitely become a lot more cocky, you could just tell by looking at him. In a way, Serenity loved that about him.

Seto had not felt like this in a long while. Serenity was in his arms. She looked so beautiful. Everything about her tonight was just so perfect. Her sparkling eyes, her lips, her dress...just everything. She was so beautiful and the worst part was that she did not even know it. All his hard work had paid off. He was physically and emotionally exhausted, not that he would admit that to anyone, but seeing her reaction tonight and the way she looked at him, with so much respect and so much happiness... made it all worth it.

He gently put a strand of hair behind her ear and then she surprised him for a change. It was a quiet whisper, but he heard it.

"Will you kiss me already."

Seto slowly lowered his lips towards hers.