Disclaimer: Since my name is not Joss Whedon, neither Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, or any of the amazing characters associated with either show belong to me. I also don't own the story line - that is taken from gidgetgirl's Scorned Lover Challenge (details below).

The Scorned Lover Challenge (A massive throwback)

After Xander leaves Anya at the alter and Tara finds out that Willow has spelled her, the two become unlikely friends... between Anya's former vengeance demon status, and Tara's magical abilities, the two scorned lovers attract a ghost who also mourns the man she lost: Darla. Dru, still stinging over losing Spike to Buffy, casts a spell to try to bring Grandmummy back to life, resulting in all four scorned women: Tara, Anya, Dru, and Darla, being turned into small children.


- Each of the children must, as children, want to seek out the lover who scorned them...ie, little Tara must like being with Willow, little Anya must bond with Xander, Darla with Angel, and Dru with Spike.
- The four little girls forming a 'club.'
- A little cat fight.
- Someone kicking an adult in the shin.


- Little Tara developing telepathy.
- Tara talking about her mommy and daddy.
- Tara and Dru bonding.
- Darla being overprotective of Tara.
- Anya teaching the others about sex.
- Anya having a little 'boyfriend.'
- Anya and Darla fighting.
- Darla bossing adult Buffy around.
- Dru still having her visions.
- Darla still having super strength
- Little Anya being able to grant wishes.

Author's Note: To accommodate the plot for this story, the timeline's going to need to be tweaked a little. Tara found out that Willow was using magic on her just before Xander jilted Anya at the altar and just after Darla staked herself. Dru's return to Sunnydale took place a couple of weeks before that. This story takes place in Season Six of Buffy, just after Xander jilted Anya. Connor has already gone to Quor'toth.


"Quiet." Xander's voice was deadly serious as he waved his friends silent. "They can smell fear."

Moving as silently as a wraith, Buffy pushed open the door to the bedroom Willow and Tara had shared, the one that had belonged to her mother.

She, Xander, Dawn and Willow breathed a collective sigh of relief when they saw than their problems were all sleeping, three blonde heads and one dark lined up on the pillows, each cherubic face looking completely at peace with her world.

Not wanting – or daring – to wake them, the blonde Slayer closed the door gently before turning to her friends, a fierce expression on her face.

"Now," Her voice was cold with anger, do any of you want to tell me exactly how this happened?"

The previous night.

"Men suck!"

"Not just men."

"Gone. All gone. All alone in the dirt."

Had Anya and Tara been sober, they would have noticed that their companion was more than a little odd, even by their standards, but after you have been dumped at the alter by the man you loved or found out that your girlfriend has been controlling your mind, you can hardly be expected to think rationally.

Neither Anya nor Tara were sure how or why their night out – loosely translated as the drowning of their sorrows with enough alcohol to float a small ship – had progressed from the Bronze to the back garden of the Summers' house or how the said companion had managed to become a part of their circle, but they had been drinking and commiserating with one another for a good three hours.

"Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life." Anya complained, wiping her eyes with the veil she couldn't bring herself to take off. "I was going to get married to the man I love, the man I thought loved me and he dumps me, just like that. Like he doesn't even care."

"She pushed into my mind, she took away my memories, just to suit her." The normally gentle Tara was furious. "She violated me."

"I was with him for more than a hundred years. He was my prince, my knight, my love, my everything, and he chose his enemy, someone who hates him over me. He offered to kill me for her."

The former vengeance demon and the witch stared wordlessly at her for a few minutes, expressions of awe and sympathy on their faces.

"You win." They chorused.

"Why are we doing this again?" The initial cloudy headedness following Tara's multiple shots of who knew what was beginning to recede, only to be replaced by a thumping headache.

"To talk to my Grandmummy." The dark haired young woman told her happily. "Her prince left her too."

Drusilla couldn't remember when she'd met humans this entertaining.

The two young women, intended at first for a meal, had proven to be the most sympathetic audience she'd ever had.

Nobody else had ever really listened to her ramblings, not even Spike.

She hissed under her breath.

Damn Spike!

Perhaps she'd adopt these two girls, make them her children, so that they could be friends forever.

"Are you sure we're doing this right?" Tara asked, massaging her temples to get rid of her headache.

Anya just giggled, apropos of nothing.

"We're going to talk to Grandmummy." Drusilla said childishly, her dark eyes lighting up. "She can help us."

In their inebriated – and in Drusilla's case, insane – state, none of them knew exactly what they were supposed to do but between them they were confident that they had a fair idea of how to proceed.

Sitting in a circle, they had chanted words vaguely resembling those of the spell Tara had suggested while Drusilla tossed rose petals liberated from a nearby flowerbed in the air whenever she felt it was warranted.

"Drusilla?" A shimmering form in white frowned at the dark haired vampire. "Have you lost what's left of your mind? What are you doing?"

"Grandmummy!" Drusilla beamed ecstatically.

"This is your grandmother?" Anya's tone was incredulous.

"What is this?" Darla had no idea what was going on in her insane grandchilde's mind and she had a feeling that she didn't want to know.

"Our princes have left us." Drusilla wailed, flinging an arm around Anya and almost squeezing the life out of her. "And so has her princess." She gestured towards Tara, who had been preparing to object. "They turned into toads!"

"Lousy jilting toads." Anya elaborated resentfully.

/And I thought being dead would mean some peace. / Darla thought, exasperated.

"What do you expect . . ."

"Hey!" Dawn poked her head out of her bedroom window. "Some people are trying to sleep in here."

Starting guiltily, the three culprits sprang apart, breaking the fragile bond of their circle.

Dawn gaped open mouthed at the four little girls, no more than five years old stared up at her.

There was only one thing to do in a situation like this.