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Yo! I have returned with yet another story!! This one is mostly about Shika and Temari, since I don't think I made anything really clear in the other fan fics. This one takes place before A Night To Remember, and starts off after Shikamaru and his team come back with Sasuke. I hope you all enjoy! REVIEW! This will be a chapter production!! Muhahahaha.

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Chapter One: How it all started...

"Temari! From above!" Kankurou shouted from the waiting room.

Shikamaru sighed inwardly. Why did that freak have to go and throw his plan? Was that even allowed...?

Temari looked up, alarmed by her brother's call, and then grew confused. What...?! She looked down. Her eyes widened. Oh, no! She quickly jumped back a few paces to avoid the new shadow.

"You won't escape!" Shikamaru shouted, his hands forming the hand–seal for the Shadow-bind Jutsu.


"What happened?" Kankurou asked from the waiting room, as if expecting Shikamaru to pop up and inform him.

"Why... won't my body move? The shadow couldn't have reached this far..." Temari said shakily, her hands moving against her will to hang at her sides and she straightened up, also against her will.

"I'll show you what's behind you," Shikamaru called, turning his head.

Temari turned her head in time with his and gasped. A thin, stick-like shadow was creeping out of a tunnel in the ground!

"You noticed?" Shikamaru called. "That's the hole Naruto dug and ambushed in the previous match. It's connected to the large hole in front of you."

"No way..." Temari whispered, her head still turned, as his was. "The shadow inside the tunnel..."

"Exactly." Shikamaru looked almost huffy.

It can't be! Temari thought suddenly, her brain being called into action. The shadow from the shirt balloon was just a diversion so he could push me back towards the other hole! She turned her head when he let her, and starred at him. This guy...

Temari, trying her hardest not to, walked towards Shikamaru as he walked towards her, their arms swinging in the same movement. He's going to attack now! she thought, desperately trying to use her will to stop herself, but to no avail. She groaned, trying to hold herself back as h raised his arm. He's going to hit me!

"I quit."

Temari went temporarily bug-eyed. "W-what?!"

"I give up," he repeated. "I used too much chakra, performing the Jutsu so many times. I thought up another 200 strategies, but they all took too much time. One match is enough for me."

The examiner smirked. "Winner: Temari!"

Temari felt her will return to her as he let up the Jutsu. Her shoulders slumped slightly at the sudden weight.

"Aah! What a waste!" Ino shouted in the stands, her fingers itching as if she wanted to kill something. "It was his one chance to become a Chuunin!"

Chouji chuckled beside her. "That's just who he is."

Temari sniffed in slight annoyance and retraced her steps back to her fan and yanked it out of the ground as the annoying blond kid ran over to her opponent and started... well... being loud. The last thing she heard from them before jumping up into the waiting room was Shikamaru's bored voice stating, "Now we are going to walk up the stairs... slowly." She grinned slightly when she heard the loud kid cry, "You're not still pissed about me pushing you before, are you?!"

What an interesting guy, she thought, landing next to her brothers.

A little later into the story...

Dammit, I can't think of a good plan! Shikamaru thought desperately as Tayuya drew nearer. Before he could work up a good sweat, however, she was suddenly swept up in a small tornado, narrowly missing Shikamaru. Shikamaru's eyes widened. What the hell? he thought as someone jumped in front of him.

"Who the hell are you?!" Tayuya shouted, regaining herself as the winds let up.

"I'm an ally of the leaf," the someone said in a smirking, I'm-so-much-better-then-you voice. "Of the Shinobi of the Sand."

Shikamaru went temporarily bug-eyed. His old opponent stood before him, her huge fan spread out behind her, an instant red light. What the hell was she going here?

"So," she said, catching his attention from her new, purple outfit. "Are you just going to give up again? Well, I'm just going to finish this myself, then."

Shikamaru scoffed. "Sorry, but no can do. I can't stand being protected by a woman."

Temari scoffed. "Still babbling about that man and woman crap? I can tell that's Dutch courage, dim-wit!"

"You're with the Leafs now?" Tayuya hissed, raising her flute. "Indecisive, aren't we?"

I should probably warn her, Shikamaru mused. "She controls illusions with the sounds of the flute."

"Got it," Temari said, yanking her fan out from where she had stuck it in the tree.

The demon raised her fingers to begin her music, but was cut off.

"Dai Kamaitachi No Jutsu!" Temari gave the fan one air-breaking sweep as bone-breaking winds filled the space between herself and Tayuya, blowing her back. Shikamaru's eyes widened. Even though he was standing behind Temari, thus out of her range, he could still feel the air-chopping winds as they broke through the space. He quickly raised his arms to shield his face, waiting for it to be over.

That thing can deflect the sound of the flute and inflict physical damage at the same time, he thought as the winds slowly died down. She can attack and defend at the same time! Damn, that's a good move... unlike mine. Dammit.

"Looks like this bitch is hiding," Temari stated. "Or has she fled?"

Shikamaru rolled his eyes at her over confidence. "No. Not possible."

"But I just arrived," she said, smirking.

"After a rough analysis of this creature's fighting style, let me explain out current situation," Shikamaru said defiantly. "First of all, her basic strategy is to use the sound of the flute to apply Genjutsu, then using physical attacks on top of that. I'm afraid as soon as she sees your Jutsu, she will immediately her Jutsus will be stopped. Moreover, the stand is 2 to 1. She's not going to show herself until she's assembled a whole new line of Genjutsu."

"Sound..." Temari murmured, sounding confused.

"Ah, Genjutsu is normally aimed at one's senses," Shikamaru supplied. "Sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste... it traps the victim in chaos. Among these, the Genjutsu that uses sound proves to be the most confusing. For that guy, as long as she keeps her distance and keeps herself concealed, whenever she starts a new Genjutsu, we won't know anything. If we use the sound of the flute to track her down, we'll already be under her control." Shikamaru groaned as he snapped his broken finger back into place. (A/N: Ewww!) "Ugh! It hurts!"

Temari sighed, leaning on her fan, waiting for him to continue.

Not a caring individual, he thought. "If you ask me, we're at a total disadvantage in this situation. At this rate, we'll be forced into an even more difficult situation, so maybe we should first retreat—"

"Who asked for your help?" she asked, interrupting him. "I only asked for you to explain the current situation."

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow as she bit down on her thumb, drawing a line on the folds of her fan with her own blood. Ew. "Don't underestimate me. In front of me... hiding behind the sound of the flute? Too naïve!"

Shikamaru fell back as she waved her fan, muttering, "Summon... Kirikiri mai!" A long, evil looking weasel with a scythe and a bandaged eye appeared before her in a burst of smoke.

Another tornado of wind swept through the trees, cutting and destroying, but Shikamaru didn't see it, as he had his eyes closed and his arms up to shield his face. So, when he opened his eyes, he got a big surprise.

In a hundred foot radius all around the two of them, all of the trees had their tops cut clean off, and, somewhere in the midst of the rubble, was Tayuya, the life crushed out of her by several falling logs.

"Well..." Temari said, leaning on her fan with one arm. "It's the end."

What a tough one. She's a woman even scarier then my own mother, Shikamaru thought miserably.

"What do you think?" she asked, turning and giving him a broad smile.

Shikamaru starred at her for a moment, then smiled back. Well... I guess it's alright. I really need to thank her this time.

Present time: a few weeks later

So, Shikamaru mused, going over these memories in his head, it's no wonder I can't get her out of my head.

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