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Chapter 18: Now Do You Believe?

Shikamaru continued to stare at Temari. Shikato and Kibishii looked from one to the other, waiting for someone to say something. They had a pretty good idea of what was going on, they were just waiting for the results.

Finally, Shikamaru spoke. "What are you doing here?" It was a question spoken coldly, or angrily; it was a question born from mortal confusion.

"I came to say that... um..." Temari glanced at Shikato and Kibishii.

Shikamaru, taking the hint, turned to his parents and said, "Mom, Dad, can we talk?"

"Oh, sure, son, sure." Shikato waved it off.

"...Me and Temari, Dad, not me and you guys."

"...?" Shikato raised an eyebrow.

Kibishii, being Kibishii, knew her husband wasn't going to figure this out any time soon, so she dragged him bodily out of the kitchen, giving Shikamaru and Temari knowing smiles as she did.

Shikamaru turned back to Temari once his parents were gone. "...Yes?"

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry," she said quietly.

There was a long silence.

Five minutes worth of long silence. And when you're getting starred at, that's a pretty long time. And Temari was being starred at.

A starred-at Temari is never a happy Temari. And a happy Temari never babbles. But an unhappy Temari does.

And so, babble she did. "I'm sorry, ok, I didn't mean it, but I said it anyway because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say, and then Kankurou said I shouldn't have until I was sure but then my mom said I should take care of them and I really wanted to because, well, they're... you know. And then the tree house, and house arrest, and Baki is Kazekage and... and I'm just really sorry, ok!"

"Um... Temari how long have you gone without sleep?"

"I'm serious, ok! I'm sorry!"

"Um... Ok, let's take this one step at a time..." Shikamaru rubbed his temples as she sat down in Kibishii's vacant chair. "Uh... There's a tree house... and... Um, who's Baki?"

"My old sensei," she answered.

"Ok... um..." He rubbed his temples; he could feel a headache coming on from taking in this much information and not having it made clear. "Ok, I'm confused, what are you talking about?"

So, taking a deep breath, she told him.

And told him.

And told him.

And told him.

And told him.

And told him.

(Insert twenty minute's worth of "And told him")

And told him, until he finally understood.

Shikamaru surprised himself, he'd actually been able to remain fully awake throughout that entire explanation.

Temari sat patiently, waiting for him to comment.

"Um... Oh?"


"What do you mean, you don't know where they are!" Baki shouted at the group of ANBU he'd assigned to watch the Sand nin siblings' house.

"They aren't in the house, sir," the ANBU captain answered.

"How could they not be in the house! Your squad was supposed to watch them twenty-four seven!"

"Yes, sir, but the girl, Temari, ran away and somehow got past our guards, and, with all due respect, trying to contain Gaara is like trying to contain smoke with your bare hands."

Baki glared, pulling at his hat (since no one is sure if he has hair) and being totally frustrated. The ANBU were not in the least bit concerned; they, personally, thought that the job of being Kazekage had gone to Baki's head, and that the house arrest punishment was rather severe. If one were to have stopped by the Sand siblings' house the previous night, one would have seen the ANBU captain himself stepping to the side with a bow for Temari to pass.

The part about Gaara threatening to squish them, however, had been true.

"Sir, it's possible they went back to Konoha, isn't it?" suggested one of Baki's assistants (that wasn't really his assistant, since he wasn't Kazekage, but oh well).

Baki nodded, deciding that this was true (how did he get this job?) and turning back to the ANBU. "Find them! Now!"

They nodded, disappearing in a burst of smoke.

(Meanwhile, somewhere in Konoha...)

"How can you not know where the kid's house is!"

"I never said I did."

"Well then what do you do all night!"

"...I make sand castles."

(Hokage office)

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at the four sand ANBU standing in her office. They, like the smart little ANBU they were, had gone straight to the Hokage office once they reached the village, and asked if she had seen any sand nins running around. "They went home after your village called them back," she answered, mechanically signing some papers.

"And then they ran away again, Lady Hokage," the ANBU captain answered. "We think they might have come back here."

Tsunade sighed, stamping some pieces of paper with the Konoha seal (do they actually have one?). "The only place I could picture them going to is the Nara residence. That's where they stayed for the duration of their previous stay. If you find them there, please inform me and bring them back here."

The ANBU nodded, disappearing in a puff of smoke (again).


"Wait, you ran away?" This piece of news had only just sunk into Shikamaru.


"I thought you were under house arrest..."

"The ANBU members knew me," she said with a shrug. "They just said 'have a safe trip' and 'don't do anything I wouldn't do' and stepped aside."

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow, wondering if this was what the state of the Konoha ANBU had been in when Kakashi had been a part of it.

Kibishii came in again, looking miffed. "Shikamaru, there are some ANBU members here to speak with you. What did you do now? Get drunk with your father and wallow in so-called misery?"


Kibishii stepped back (there's a lot of repeated actions in here, isn't there?) to let a squad of Sand ANBU into the kitchen. Temari waved. "Hey, guys!"

The ANBU captain faltered at the door of the kitchen; they couldn't see the expression on his face, due to the mask, but they knew what he was thinking when he asked, "Temari-dono... why are you so... bouncy?"

"I'm not!" Temari chirped, munching on the bag of Sun Chips she had on the table in front of her.

The ANBU turned to look at each other, then at Temari. "Er... Tsunade-dono asked us to bring you to her office if we found you," the captain said finally. "Do you know where your brothers are?"

"My brothers are here?" Temari raised an eyebrow.

"...That answers that question." The captain, whose name will now be George, sighed. "Please come with us, Temari-dono."

Temari sighed. "Ok, ok..."

(Hokage office)

When they reached the Hokage's office, they (which entitled to Temari, Shikamaru, Shikamaru's parents, the ANBU, and anything else they might have picked up) found the 'young' Hokage on the phone, looking pissed.

"Well you know what, that's too damn bad!" Tsunade was shouting into the phone, ignoring their presence. "They like my village better and I'm gonna keep 'em, so suck on that, Fish lips!" She slammed the phone down and turned to smile sweetly at them. "Good, you found... Ok, you found one of them, but that's still good."

"Thank you, Tsunade-dono," George said, bowing.

Tsunade sighed slightly, going into Hokage-the-serious mode. "Temari, I can't exactly say that your choice to run away was the best one you could have made in that situation."

"He put us under house arrest!" the sand girl cried.

"Yeah, he told me." Tsunade gestured to the phone. "But still... you shouldn't have run away."

"But I–"

"Let me finish," Tsunade said firmly. Temari fell silent. "I said I didn't agree with your decision, but I also don't agree with his desicion, either. Baki had no right to call you back, even if he was the Kazekage stand-in. Sunaga law stats that no one but the Kazekage himself can place people under house arrest, and not for something like staying in a village too long." Tsunade smiled, as if this were good news.

Temari sighed. "Tsunade-sama, you lost me."

"It means that he wasn't within his rights, so you technically weren't under house arrest," Shikamaru said in a bored voice. (Does Shikamaru actually have another tone other then 'bored out of your mind'?)

"That asshole!" Temari cried, gripping her fan. (Reflex)

"Yes… Indeed." Tsunade didn't seem all that phased by Temari's choice of words. She shuffled a few documents on her desk. "Now, as I understand it, the three of you were already put on probation by the council for…" She checked a piece of paper. "Kankurou, for attacking people who called him a fat ass… Gaara put himself on probation to repent and you're on for…" She raised an eyebrow. "Whacking people with your fan and repeated attempts at eye-gouging and scrotem-crushing."

Shikamaru twitched.

"Well, those people in Sunaga are nasty!" Temari cried.

"Anyway, getting to the point, the Sunaga council has asked that the three of you stay here until further notice, to receive psychological treatment and—"

"Stay here?" Temari repeated excitedly. "As in, permanently?"

"As in, until the Sunaga council decides you're done with you treatment."

Shikamaru yelped slightly as Temari suddenly leaped at him, throwing her arms around his neck. "You hear that, Shika-kun? We can stay!"

Shika-kun? "Yeah, that's great," he said with a grin.

"My assistants will show you to your temporary living quarters," Tsunade said, giving Temari a piece of paper with an address. "And, George," she added, "can you see what you can do about finding Gaara and Kankurou?"

"Sure, Tsunade-dono."

(Meanwhile, in the forest)

"These are the Leaf brat's woods," Kankurou said in an annoyed voice, looking around. "I remember clinging to that tree."


"Actually, it's a really good climbing tree, had nice branches to sit on."

"K-K-K-K-Kankurou…" Gaara tugged on Kankurou's sleave.

"What?" Kankurou turned.

He raised an eyebrow.

(Shukaku: HOLY SHIT!)

"ROAR!" the innocent woodland creatures said, coming at Gaara and Kankurou with their claws and teeth barred.

"AAAAAARRRRGGHHHH!" Gaara screamed, running up the side of the tree and dragging Kankurou with him.

Gaara looked down as he clung to the tree koala-style with Kankurou sitting on the branch next to him.

"Now do you believe?" Kankurou snapped at the twitching Gaara.

The End

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