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Moonlight Shadow

By: Reily Yuy

Chapter one

Kiseki Mourisato ran towards her house in a rush. She didn't want to believe what she had heard was true. It just couldn't be. Kaito Kuroba had disappeared, no one knew where he went to and the police were all ready considering murder. Her best friend and secret crush had left her all alone in a world that was all ready cruel to her. Tears ran down her cheeks and into the wind as she continued her neck breaking speed. Only one person could comfert her in a time like this. The one person who understood exactly what she was going through.

Ran Mouri sat looking out the window in disbelief, a few feet away from her sat Conan Edogawa staring blankly at the newspaper Kogoro held in his hands. One article stood out amongst them all. The one reading "Local high school student, Kaito Kuroba, missing." It was heart breaking to learn that another of her childhood friends had mysteriously vanished. But this disappareance would not affect her as did the disappearance of her crush, Shinichi Kudo. No this would affect another person dear to Ran's heart. Her own flesh and blood.

Conan sat watching Ran, his mind processing all the known data. Something wasn't right about this... and it seemed very, very familiar. Just like when he had been force fed the APTX4869. 'That's it!' Conan's mind cried out, as if he had just solved a great mystery. And in a way he did, not that it was too hard to figure out. He was once known as the the Great Meitantei Shinichi Kudo. That was before he was drugged with a simple pill, known only to a few as APTX4869, or Apotoxin.

'That's how they did it. They got a hold of Kaito and fed him the pill! But why?' As Conan continued to ponder this, a soft knock came at the front door of Kogoro's apartment. His thoughts interrupted, and realizing Kogoro wasn't going to answer the door, Conan got up and answered the door himself. There he was greated with the sight of Ran's cousin, Kiseki, in tears. It was a heartbreaking sight as he had always considered Kiseki as a younger sister of sorts. They had been that close before the Apotoxin.

Kiseki said nothing to Conan as she shot past him to Ran. It was nothing against the kid, but it would be better off for him if she calmed down first. Latching onto Ran, Kiseki broke down into sobs her heart broken. This was the last thing she had needed in her life, with the death of her mother and the disappearance of Shinichi, Kiseki hadn't been able to take any more stress. She was briefly aware of the soothing voice of Ran or the deep, first time affection of her uncle. All she knew that her life was in a state of disarray and she would be lost with out Kaito there to improve her days.

Elsewhere, in a dark room in an unfamiliar house, a young boy sat up in a bed that wasn't his. Looking around he could see nothing, nor find anything that would tell him where he was. He was aware of a spiltting headache and the feeling as if he wasn't himself. When he tried to stand on the mattress below him, he wobbled, the shoulder of his shirt falling down his arm. Pulling it up, he took one more look around the room and gave a cry of surprise. Either everything around him had grown at an alamring rate or he was no longer in the body of a seventeen year old. Aside from all the panic he was beginning to feel only one person came to his mind. A seventeen year old girl he was slowly harboring a crush on.