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Summery: Kaito Kuroba has gone missing and it seems the Kaito KID has as well. This leaves Kiseki heart broken and alone with only her cousin Ran to comfort her. Meanwhile it's a race between the Phantom Thief Kiseki and the Black Organization to find the Pandora Jewel. So what do Conan and Ran have to do with all of this?

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Moonlight Shadow

By: Reily Yuy

Chapter three

"Another kid?! Ran we can barely take care of Conan and Kiseki!!" Kogoro yelled, completely frustrated with prospect of yet another kid living under his roof.

"But dad, he's Conan's brother! We can't just take care of Conan and not Edward!!"Ran yelled in return. Her father was being absolutely ridiculous about the whole thing.

"No more kids! No more I've had enough!"

'Ho boy.... Looks like Richard means it this time. But what will we do then??' Conan thought staring at the on going arguement between Ran and her father.

"But dad-!" Ran started to protest.

"No buts Ran. We aren't doing it. I'm sorry but the kid will have to go else where."

Ran's eyes widened, he couldn't possibly mean it! Seeing the look on his face, she knew he did. Narrowing her eyes, Ran stood to say something but was quickly cut off by the soft voice of her cousin.

"I'll leave then."

"WHAT?!" the loud cry of exclamation from the four people in the room, minus Kiseki, could be heard out on the streets. Surely Kiseki was joking.

"Kiseki you're family you can't go!" Ran pleaded.

"And Edward is Conan's brother. I would rather leave if it meant that the two could be together. Besides, it's not like I don't have a place to go," Kiseki continued, ignroing the look of disbelief on her uncle's drunken face.

Kaito could feel him self panic, she couldn't go! She was the whole reason he agreed on this crazy idea in the first place!! Anxiously he looked towards his "brother", begging him to come up with a way to keep her here. But seeing the faraway look on his face, he realized there was no hope... That was unless Kogoro changed his mind. No one in that house was holding there breath waiting for that to happen.

"Kiseki-nee-chan you can't leave! I'll hate you forever if you do!" Conan yelled, stomping his foot. Okay so it was beyond childish, but what choice did he have?

Kiseki gave a small smile and patted is head, heading towards Ran's room where she was currently bedding. "Well then... you'll just have to hate me kiddo."

It was time for dinner by the time Kiseki had finished packing the stuff she had brought with her. She gave a sad sigh, wishing her uncle could be reasonable for once and not an arrogant ass hole. It would be her last dinner here... her last dinner with Ran, her last dinner with Conan... her first and last dinner with the young boy posing as Conan's brother. She hated to leave here as she had gotten use to the crazy schedule and fighting that often was heard. She hoped Conan would forgive her in time for living him... he was just like the little brother she had dreamed of having and sure his brother was the same. Just like her beloved Kaito...

"I can't believe you! You're just going to let your neice sacrifice living here so you don't have to take care of four kids?!" Ran was furious. So furious she hadn't even started on dinner yet.

"Hey it was her choice! Besides I'm a detective Ran and I can't risk having all these kids here just to have some one try and kill them because I put them away!"

Ran sighed angerily, he was right to a degree... "But still! Kiseki and I could take care of the boys and you wouldn't have to do a thing but your precious detective work and drink."

"Really?" That got Kogoro's attention. Not have to care for two snivling trouble makers and just work and drink??? There had to be a catch. "What's the catch?"

"No catch. Just let Kiseki and the boys stay here with us and you'll hardly know they're here."

Kogoro thought this over some, four kids in the house to give him hell, as oppsoed to taking care of Ran and two snot-nosed brats by himself and not being able to drink..... "You've got a deal Ran. Kiseki and the boys can both stay!"