Inuyasha X
Chapter 1
"The end is now the beginning"

Disclaimer: This is the first chapter of my fan fiction, Inuyasha X. In this fan fiction, you may want to know a few things about Inuyasha and Mega Man X games before reading them, but because I don't want to spoil anything, I won't say anything here. If you know some things about both, however, then this should appeal to you a bit more. Note, I don't own Inuyasha or Mega Man X; they are property of their respective owners. Anyway, without further ado, on to the first chapter of Inuyasha X. This particular fan fiction, by the way, takes place after the events of Mega Man X4 from the perspective of Mega Man X, but before X7, and after Inuyasha had acquired the Backlash Wave technique for his Tetsusaiga from an Inuyasha perspective.


Inuyasha: Kagome is an average school girl from present day Japan. She works hard and deals with typical teen issues. However, her life changes forever when she falls down a well and winds up in feudal Japan. Upon arriving, a jewel emerged from her body, which was revealed to be the Sacred Shikon Jewel, or the Jewel of Four Souls. This jewel was used by a priestess named Kikyo to purify the souls of demonic creatures, and it is revealed that Kagome is a reincarnation of Kikyo. After being attacked by a demon, Kagome happens upon a young boy who appears bound to a tree. Kagome frees him, and she learns that his name is Inuyasha. He is a half-demon, who was in love with Kikyo. However, due to a nasty plot from a foul demon named Naraku, Kikyo was killed, and Inuyasha was attacked by Kikyo. Naraku is a very powerful and foul demon, who once was a human named Onigumo. Onigumo was a greedy bandit, who was in love with Kikyo. However, his body was badly burned, so he knew he couldn't have her. Which is why he sold his body to demons, and became Naraku. Naraku orchestrated a betrayal between Kikyo and Inuyasha. After a bit of a rocky start, Inuyasha and Kagome get to know each other. An accident occurs, causing the Sacred Shikon Jewel to shatter, which forces Kagome and Inuyasha to go on a quest to reclaim the shards. Along the way, the come across several people that join them. First is Shippo, a young fox demon. His father was killed by the Thunder Brothers, and Shippo wants to get revenge, which Inuyasha assists him with. Later, they come across a lecherous young monk named Miroku. It is revealed that Miroku's family was cursed by Naraku, and this curse threatens to destroy Miroku as it did his father and grandfather. And later, they come across Sango, a girl from a village of demon slayers. Her brother is forced into killing many of his fellow slayers due to a demon that controls him. He is killed, and Sango undergoes heavy injury. It is revealed that Naraku was behind this, and Sango swears revenge (although at first, she believes it was Inuyasha who committed those acts, which is how they met). The group travels far and wide collecting jewel shards, fighting against many, many demons, and even encountering incarnations of Naraku including the wind sorceress Kagura, Kanna of the Mirror, Goshinki, Kageromaru, and Jeromaru. This fan fanfiction doesn't exactly take place in any particular spot in the Inuyasha universe.

Mega Man X: Mega Man X is a robot with a particular innovation. The ability to think, feel, and make his own decisions. Dr. Cain, the man who discovered Mega Man X, copied his design, and created a series of robots called "reploids". These new robots were widely accepted by people everywhere. However, soon people discovered that because the reploids had human qualities, they could have traits like aggression and hate. When reploids turned on the humans, they were deemed maverick, and thus needed to be dealt with. Which is why the Maverick Hunters were established. Sigma, Dr. Cain's most powerful reploid, was placed at the head of the organization, while Mega Man X remained a pacifist. However, after an encounter with a maverick named Zero, Sigma himself turned maverick. Zero was reformed, and joined the Maverick Hunters. Sigma launched a massive attack on humanity, which forced X to join the Maverick Hunters, and both he and Zero proceeded to destroy Sigma and his minions. Along the way, Zero sacrificed himself in order to defeat an enemy, which allowed X to proceed onward. He defeated Sigma. However, Sigma wasn't destroyed. S igma existed as a virus, and he possessed other bodies. In time, Zero was rebuilt, thanks to the efforts of Mega Man X (who had to face Sigma's assassins, the X-Hunters, in order to acquire Zero's parts). Zero and X fought Sigma once again, yet he was reborn later. Sigma then corrupted a scientist named Dr. Doppler. Dr. Doppler then introduced a special vaccine to the world, which supposedly cured the world of the maverick uprising problem. Dr. Doppler relocated all of the "cured" mavericks to Doppler Town, a supposed Utopia for reploids. Unfortunately, the vaccine was merely a placebo, and Doppler merely collected all of the mavericks in order to build a brand new battle body for Sigma. X and Zero then proceeded to defeat Sigma once again. Afterwards, Sigma began pulling strings with Repliforce, a large police force made up of reploids. There had been tensions between Repliforce and the humans, but they managed to avoid conflict for the most part. However, an accident occurred, and Repliforce members were found on the scene, causing the Maverick Hunters to think that Repliforce had turned maverick, and X and Zero were caught in the middle. Colonel, obviously the colonel of Repliforce, was on the scene at the time. Zero was there as well, and he managed to rescue Iris (Colonel's sister, and Zero's love interest) from the disaster. Zero asked Colonel to disarm, and come with him to HQ, but he refused. This caused more tensions. Soon, things exploded, and the Maverick Hunters were forced to fight Repliforce. Zero had killed Colonel in the line of duty, and was then forced to fight his lover Iris. He was forced to kill her as well. X, on the other hand, had to deal with a spy within Maverick Hunter Base, whom Sigma had planted there. In the mean time, Sigma had corrupted Repliforce's space station, and was aiming the laser weapon on it at Earth. General, obviously the general of Repliforce, sacrificed himself to stop the weapon, and X and Zero defeated Sigma once again. This place takes place at the end of Mega Man X5, where X and Zero fight Sigma Author's Note: I am not following the storyline of the original game in this fan fiction, it will branch off in a different direction. Basically, Sigma had returned again. Sigma had tried to use a space colony called Eurasia to destroy the human population, but thanks to the efforts of Zero, the disaster was averted. However, Zero was found to be infected with the "Sigma Virus". But unlike what happened to other reploids, Zero was becoming stronger, causing some suspicion around Maverick Hunter Base. On the way to Sigma's location, X and Zero encountered each other, and had a bit of a misunderstanding, which caused them to fight, much to Sigma's delight. However, things didn't go quite as planned, and they both remained alive. This story begins near the end of the fight with Sigma...

----End Prologue----

Mega Man X and Zero stood before Sigma, battered and beaten. The renegade reploid was nearing his end due to the long and painful battle with the two renowned Maverick Hunters.

"Argh...if I can't defeat you...then I'll just escape!" Sigma heaved.

"Oh no you don't!!" Zero interjected.

Zero quickly rushed up to stab at Sigma with his Z-Saber as Sigma was about to teleport. The resulting attack managed to short-circuit the proper components to direct Sigma's teleportation, thus creating a rift, sending Sigma to an unknown location. And Zero along with him.

Mega Man X quickly tried to pull Zero away from the teleportation malfunction, but it was too late. Even though it was futile, all he could do was express his worry to Zero.


Mega Man X cried out Zero's name as hefrantically rushed to his comrade's side.But he was too late, and he was then alone as Zero and Sigma disappeared into nothingness, leaving him confused and slightly frightened. Where had his friend gone?

Zero was flung across time and space, unable to decipher where he was. Or even when he was, technically speaking.

"Oh man...where am I? Wait a minute! Where's Sigma? Where's X?" he questioned.

Zero gave a quick scan of his surroundings, but found no sign of Sigma or X.

"I know!" Zero thought out loud, "I'll teleport back!"

It didn't work.

"Damn. I'm...not in the same time stream? What's going on here?"

Zero was, for some reason, unable to teleport to the desired location. He began walking, and tried to assess the situation. He thought out loud, trying to calm himself down.

"OK. I'm in a strange land. A forest at the moment. I've been separated from Sigma and X. I don't think I'll need to worry about X, he should be fine. He'll probably organize a rescue for me," he reasoned. "But what about Sigma?" he questioned.

Just then, Zero happened to notice a fragment of a jewel lying on the ground. He bent over to pick it up.

"What is this thing?" he wondered, "I've never seen anything like it."

Zero attempted to decipher its use, but was unable to make a valid comprehension. All he could conclude was that it resonated a strange energy. At that point, Zero heard some rustling in the forest around him. He heard voices.

"Inuyasha! I sense a jewel fragment this way!" said a feminine voice.

A woman? Zero thought. He continued to listen on.

"Thanks Kagome," said a gruff masculine voice (Zero concluded that must be Inuyasha because he responded to the first statement, and the girl must be Kagome obviously).

"Let's just pick it up and-" Inuyasha replied, before being cut off by yet another person.

"Wait. I see someone has already picked up the shard. He's...strange looking. Red. Covered in strange garments," said the unfamiliar male voice.

"Well then, I'll just have to cut him down to size!" said this Inuyasha person.

Inuyasha leapt through the air at Zero, neither of which knew the extent of the other's powers. Inuyasha drew his incredible Tetsusaiga, and prepared to strike Zero. Zero quickly brought up his Z-Saber. Neither sword gave way.

How come my Tetsusaiga isn't cutting his puny sword in half?! Inuyasha thought.

Why didn't my Z-Saber cut his rusted hunk of junk in two?! Zero thought.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted, "Sit boy!!"

Inuyasha fell down with a sudden impact, confusing Zero even more. Kagome approached Zero slowly, and with a pleading look in her eyes.

"I'm sorry about Inuyasha..." she muttered.

"You mind explaining WHY he attacked me in the first place?" Zero questioned.

Inuyasha, clearly angry that Zero was talking to his girl like that, spoke up.

"Because I thought you were a demon, and because you have a jewel shard, idiot!" he shouted, clecnhing his fists. Zero's anger flared for a minute at Inuyasha's immaturity.

"What did you say you little--!!!" he shouted back, his eyes wincing.

Kagome separated Zero and Inuyasha, as she could easily tell tensions between them.

"Well, let's just start over," she reasoned. "I'll introduce everyone. My name is Kagome," she began, pointing to herself. She then pointed to Inuyasha, and the other members of the group. "The one who attacked you--and is sorry for it--is Inuyasha. The monk over there is Miroku, the girl over there is Sango, and the little fox is Shippo."

Zero, not interested in introductions in the least bit, merely muttered his name under his breath.


"Your Zero?" Kagome replied.

Kagome blinked heavily as she said it. Inuyasha found the name hilarious.

"Ha! Kind of ironic, isn't it Zero?" he teased.

Zero, clearly not wanting to tolerate Inuyasha's behavior, simplysighed and muttered under his breath. It wasn't really his intention for Inuyasha to hear him, but Inuyasha's extra sensitive hearing picked it up anyway.

"You'd best shut up, dog boy. I could've beaten you with my arms tied,"Zero muttered.

"What?!!!?!" Inuyasha shouted back. Kagome stopped them again, and moaned.

"Not again!!"

Miroku, being one of the more mature members of the group, decided to say his piece.

"Now is not the time for anger," he reasoned. "We should assess our situation. Zero, you see, we are collecting shards of the Sacred Shikon Jewel, so they do not fall into the hands of demons, especially Naraku---the foulest demon. The Sacred Jewel was originally one large piece obviously, but due to a twist of fate, it was shattered. Because of the jewel's ability to increase the strength of humans or demons, we must collect the shards to prevent any evil from coming to it. And besides, we have a vendetta against Naraku anyway."

Zero shrugged.

"I don't care about this jewel," he muttered. "I was sent here totally by accident. And the one I was fighting got away..."

Miroku spoke up, because the identity of Zero's attacker intrigued him.

"Who was this man you were fighting?" he asked.

"He wasn't a man," Zero responded gruffly. Miroku then took a second guess.

"A demon?" he proposed.

"Not that either," replied Zero. "His name is Sigma, an evil reploid bent on destroying humanity."

Miroku blinked in disbelief.

"Reploid?" he repeated.

Zero sighed deeply.

"I guess it's my turn to explain. Try to stay with me. In my time, humans have created reploids--mechanical lifeforms with all of the thinking capabilities of humans, or artificial intelligence. Because of this, some reploids have turned against their human creators, either by their own will, or by other means. To counter their threat, the Maverick Hunters were established, and I am one of the top-ranked Hunters. My partner X and I were separated during a fight with Sigma, and he managed to get away."

Kagome was completely fascinated by the outcome.

"Wow...are you..from the future?" she asked.

Zero decided to just give in and say yes for the sake of shortening the conversation.

"I suppose you could say that. But I don't know if it's your future, or a different one."

Miroku, trying to get a clearer answer, spoke up.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Zero breathed deeply, and then spoke slowly.

"During out battle, I stabbed Sigma with my Z-Saber as he attempted to escape, by means of teleportation. Because of this, the teleportation malfunctioned, and threw us into a random location and time, quite possibly another time stream."

Miroku had a look of complete awe on his face.

"That seems like quite a bit to soak in," he muttered.

Inuyasha, not the least bit concerned about Zero's worries, was paying attention to Zero's weapon.

"You call that prissy weapon a Z-Saber?" he teased.

Zero gave him a defiant gaze.

"That isn't important. Are you always this dense?" he replied.

"Why I oughta--!!" Inuyasha screamed.

Zero cut Inuyasha off.

"I gain nothing standing here talking to you. You can take the shard, but I must get going. I need to figure out a way back home," he replied.

"Wait!" Kagome shouted. "Why not come with us?"

Zero had a look of confusion on his face.

"State your reasoning," he inquired.

Kagome had a big smile on her face.

"Well, perhaps we can find our goals together, besides, we could use your help, and you might want ours," she proposed. Zero gave in. "It would sem your reasoning is logical," he reasoned. "Fine, I shall join your group."

Inuyasha, not liking this in the least bit, added a snide comment.

"Fine, but you better pull your weight. We don't want any stragglers."

Zero shot back a challenge.

"If you wish to challenge me, I'll beat the living--"

Kagome quickly cut Zero off, and then sighed heavily with relief as they seemed to calm down.

Man..keeping these two from killing each other is going to be tough!! she thought.

Elsewhere, a strange creature approached Naraku's castle.

Kagura, the wind sorceress, an incarnation of Naraku, noticed a strange creature approaching the castle.

"Who approaches?" she asked with a condescending tone. The stranger's identity was concealed due to a dark cloak he was wearing.

"I wish to speak to one named Naraku," the figure asked.

"And who is it that asks?" Kagura shot back. "Are you man or demon?"

The traveler smiled.

"Neither..." he announced proudly.

"What rubbish," Kagura replied, her voice emanating feelings of disgust. "I should..."

Naraku held out his hand to silence her.

"Hold on a minute, Kagura. I think I may have interest in what this traveler has to say. The miasma doesn't seem to affect him. Traveler, what is your name? And how did you know mine? It is rare that I am at a disadvantage in knowledge," he added.

The traveler stood proudly.

"My name is Sigma. Since my arrival here, I've learned about you from several other creatures I've met...I've come to discuss a deal with you that I believe you may find interesting," he replied.

Kagura was still suspicious of the traveler.

"First explain how you survived the Miasma," she asked.

"It's simple," Sigma replied. His voice was so sarcastic that it seemed as if he were talking to a child. "I'm not human or demon."

Kagura had a look of worry on her face.

"T-then what are you?"

"A being the likes of which you have never seen before!" he announced with a smirk.

Naraku was clearly interested at this turn of events.

"Come in. We shall discuss your deal," he announced.