LazerWulf: Greetings, true believers!

Joey: You SO stole dat line from Stan Lee.

LazerWulf: So what? I like that opening, and it fits.

Joey: Whateva!

LazerWulf: ((clears throat)) As I was saying, welcome to my second fanfic. Bear with me. I am still new to this. This fic will be about Priest Seth and his reincarnation, Seto Kaiba.

Joey: ((reads fic)) Hey! Dis looks familiar.

LazerWulf: OK, OK, So I decided to make a sequel to my first fic, "How? Why?" when I realized, thanks to the help of Evil StormSister, that my first fic had room for improvement. So I decided to edit it in a way to make it first person, the way I wanted to write my future chapters, and add a bit more of Kaiba's thoughts. I changed it around a bit, but It's the same story from a different perspective.

Joey: Well, at least ya didn't cut ME outta da story!

LazerWulf: How could I? It's your only part, as far as I can see.

Joey: What!

LazerWulf: Calm down! You'll still help me do the prologues, and I might give you some bit parts, but this story is about Kaiba, not you.

Joey: Awww.

LazerWulf: Without further ado, I present to you my first serial fanfic, and a remake of my first one-shot.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is not mine. Don't sue.

The Return of the Priest:

Chapter 1: The Straw and the Camel.

Seto's POV

"Hey, Kaiba! I got a bone ta pick wit ya!" A thick New York accent came out of nowhere.

"Go play with your bones elsewhere, you mutt!" I retorted as I walked toward the blimp to leave. I wasn't in the mood to put up with that mutt. I had just lost to Yugi in the semi-finals of Battle City. I, the youngest CEO in the world, and a Duel Monsters genius, defeated in my own tournament. I was not in a good mood.

"You promised me a duel back in Battle City, but ya ran off. Ya still trying ta chicken out?"

I stopped. I remembered Wheeler's challenge, and how I was called off when Mokuba informed me that Slifer had been played. Why not? I could use a pick-me-up, and defeating a rank amateur like Wheeler WOULD give me a good laugh.

"Alright, Wheeler," I said, turning to face him, "let's duel!"

Our Duel Disks launched their Portable Holographic Generators, and unfolded from the stand-by position to the battle position. The disks' telemetry ((1)) system connected to my company's Duel Monsters database, which registers who is dueling who, as well as what cards are played, and sends information to the PHGs concerning the cards played. ((2)) Knowing which monster is battling which, it also calculates damage and sends it to the Life Point display, which currently was counting up to 8000, telling us that the system would be tracking this duel. ((3))

I drew 5 cards. Not bad, but nothing spectacular: a Raigeki, a SwordStalker, a Saggi the Dark Clown, a Flute of Summoning Dragons, and a Monster Reborn. I guess I'll have to try and psych him out, at least until I get some better cards.

"I'm feeling generous, so I'll let you go first," I said.

"Charity? From Kaiba? This must be a trick." He drew a card, and added it to the 5 card already in his hand and frowned. "I got no monsters, so I'll just place this card on the field, face down. Go ahead and make your move, ya punk!"

As he placed the card in one of the slots on his disk designated for magic and trap cards, a giant holographic face down card appeared in front of him.

"Gladly!" I sneer as I draw a card of my own: Cyber-Stein. Perfect! Now I can defeat Wheeler in just a few moves! If only I had Megamorph. Oh well, this Raigeki will let me destroy any monster he puts on the field next turn, allowing me to attack him directly again. "Just like the novice you are, leaving yourself wide open like that. Now I summon Cyber-Stein!" I shout as I slam a card on the Duel Disk. A hunch-backed, Frankenstein wannabe appeared in the air between us. "And I activate his effect, sacrificing 5000 Life Points to summon a monster from my Fusion Deck, The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!"

A flash appeared, and suddenly a giant, 3 headed dragon, all white, but having a light blue sheen, with 6 solid blue eyes, stood ready, 4500 Attack Points strong, to follow it's master's wishes.

"You might as well go home now, mutt. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, attack!" I allowed a smirk to appear on my face.

This had been all too easy.

"I don't tink so, Kaiba!"

Something was wrong! The smirk disappeared from my face, and reappeared on Joey's!

"Reveal face down card, Magic Cylinder!"

I stood in shock, as his monster's attack was caught by one of two purple cylinders that appeared, and thrown back directly at me from the other one.

This can't be happening! I thought nothing could stop me! How could I have been so stupid to forget his face down card?

I'm surrounded by the white light of the attack I had sent out.

The counter on my disk reaches 0.

The duel is over.

I lost.

For a while, I just stood there, oblivious to the outside world. I knew I would never live this down. I had to get away. I walk to my blimp. I leave orders with my guards that I am not to be disturbed. I move through the halls until I find my suite. As the door opens, I walk in. I try to make it to my bed, but before I do, I just collapse. I couldn't take it anymore. I pull my knees to my chest, and start rocking back and forth...

((1)) Telemetry is the technology used when machines transfer data wirelessly.

((2)) What, did you think that all of the holographic information for every Duel Monsters card ever created was stored in the disk itself?

((3)) OK, so I'm a techno-geek.

Joey: Man, I did dat to Kaiba?

LazerWulf: No, not really. Remember, he's been through a lot. You were just the straw that broke the camel's back.

Joey: So dat's what the title meant.

LazerWulf: Yup! I tried to mention more of what he's been through, like in "How? Why?", but it just didn't fit.

Joey: Where'd I get dat Magic Cylinder card?

LazerWulf: If you remember the epilogue to "How? Why?", you'd remember that this is based on a true story.

Joey: Meaning?

LazerWulf: ((exasperated sigh)) Meaning that, on my GBA Game, (Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition) this is how I usually defeat Kaiba. I have that card in my game deck, and since this story is a recreation of most of my duels, I had to put it in your deck.

Joey: Oh. Why'd ya pick me?

LazerWulf: Because, knucklehead, you're my favorite character.

Joey: Really?

LazerWulf: No, not really. Téa is, but I thought a defeat from you would push him over the edge, which is where I wanted him to go. You are my favorite duelist, though.

Joey: Gee, tanks.

LazerWulf: Was there sarcasm in your inflection?

Joey: Let da readers decide dat for demselves.

LazerWulf: Next time, I'll pick up where I started in "How? Why?" and you'll see a face from the past transformed like you've never seen. Until next time!