N.G; This is a fic based of betrayal hope you like it.


You know some times I hate you.

I don't understand why.

You were my best friend my heart my soul my power.

The girl I loved.

The girl inside my heart


How could you leave us friend?


Was your heart as cold as raven says?

You were a new friend I had just begun to know.



People come and go.

I know I sound heartless when I say it but its true.

Bleak but true. I saw it coming. A mile away.

You gave new meaning to the word betrayal

For all of us.


You know that sinking feeling in you stomach

When you hear that certain music in a movie?

You know what's next and if its good or bad.

And after what happened,

I wished we could have heard the music.


I erased your name from the titan database today.

And put it with the villains

Under Slade's apprentice

Some how I can relate to you.

I could be in that spot instead.


You don't deserve any excuses

For things that can never be undone

I hate my self,

I love you all

I'm sorry

Sometimes that's all that can be said.


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did you see the symbol? 5 lines for the the titans because they only think there are 5 titans 6 for terra she thinks there are six.