Home is where the monsters are

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Okay, a little explanation... In Kevin Ryan's novel Anna feels deaths pull and decides to not fight it and just die. Somehow, that seemed out of character to me. She could have lived but she decided to die. Anna was a fighter, no way she just gives up. So anyway, on with the fic I guess!

Anna blinked her eyes open, feeling sluggish and dizzy, she winced at the pain that followed. Van Helsing was still on top of her, and the werewolf weighed a lot. She tried to push him off, but all she could manage was to weakly brush at him.

He then sat up on his own, and eyed her, and she saw the needle sticking out of his side, empty. Carl came running in, and pulled the stake out, ready to do what was necessary. Anna felt a jolt of fear, as he rushed foreword and Van Helsing didn't move. At the last second the werewolf turned, all muscle and fur, and grabbed Carl's wrist. He pulled the needle out and turned to her, Carl dropped the stake.

"She's dead!" he said mournfully, Van Helsing turned back to her, confusion in his lupine eyes. He reached a big paw and poked her, she gasped lightly at the searing pain it caused. He turned back to Carl as the beast melted away to a man.

"Carl, she's not dead, but she's hurt. I need you to go and see if you can find my coat." He said and shook his head, Carl nodded and took off.

"I have to tell, to tell you, before I..." Anna whispered, Van Helsing bent closer, her eyes fluttered dangerously.

"I love you" she said as her eyes drifted closed.

"Anna? Anna! You need to stay awake! Anna!" the monster hunter shouted. Muttering, he asked her unconscious form for forgiveness, and ran his hands down her body, looking for injuries. He felt something wet and sticky underneath her armpit, and when he pulled his hand away, he found it bloody.

"Found it! And your shirt as well!" Carl shouted from across the room, he came at a stumbling run.

"Your shirt is ripped rather badly, but I thought it might have some use" he stopped when he saw the blood.

"Is she all right?" he asked wide eyed, Van Helsing fumbled with her corset fastenings.

"How do you get this thing off!" he shouted, Carl handed him his coat and bent over Anna. With Gabriel watching him like a hawk he undid all the buckles, and gently pulled the corset out from under her. Carl smirked and held it up like a trophy.

Gabriel carefully wrapped his shirt around her, to support her ribs and stop the bleeding as best he could, then covered her in his coat. He gently scooped up the broken Princess. Her right arm was broken, the bone had pierced the skin, Carl placed it gently in her lap.

"All right, now we just have to find a way out of here" Van Helsing commented, he nodded for Carl to lead the way.

"So how are we going to get out of here?" Carl asked as he started down the stairs. Gabriel stopped,

"You don't know how to leave?!" he shouted, Anna winced and pressed her face into his chest. Gabriel growled and stepped toward the little Friar.

"Well I did see a sort of door like thing in the hall in the other tower..." Van Helsing glared,

"Right, um, this way"

Gabriel wandered after Carl, worrying mostly over the amount of blood Anna must have lost. They stepped out into the torrential rain, he held her as close as possible without hurting her. It didn't help as much as he would have liked, they were still soaked by the time they got to the other tower. Another trip in the rain was coming up, with a sigh he followed Carl onto the next bridge. Anna shuddered and whimpered, and he heard the Friar mumbling and complaining about his wet robes.

Van Helsing glanced down at his 'trousers' and shook his head. He was barefoot and wearing shorts stumbling around in the rain at a vampire's castle. He was carrying the Princess of the gypsies who he had almost killed while he was a werewolf. Leading this expedition was a little Friar (not to be confused with a monk) who spent most of his time inventing weapons to destroy evil with. He began to chuckle as he followed his friend, finding the entire situation ludicrous.

'Maybe I'm dreaming' he wondered, looking down at Anna's mop of dark hair. He smiled slightly as he thought of her and the last thing she had said to him. Gabriel decided if it was a dream, he didn't want to wake up any time soon.

He was so lost in thought he nearly ran over Carl who stood looking at a smooth section of wall. Gabriel blinked and critically studied it, nothing stood out to him. Carl, however, found it rather intriguing, mumbling to himself he paced the length of the 'door' running his hand along it.

"AHA!" he shouted, pointing triumphantly to a little hole in the wall, a Latin inscription forming a ring around it.

"It says we need the dragons key" he stated happily, staring at Van Helsing, who frowned and stared back.

"What's a dragon key?" he asked, shifting Anna, who growled unhappily and moved back into him.

"I don't know" the blond answered, scratching his head. He caught sight of something on Van Helsings finger and it clicked.

"Your ring! That's the dragon's key! Dracula is taken from Draguila, meaning dragon! Remember you told me on the way over that he said that was his ring!" he danced around happily. The monster hunter considered and with a shrug moved to the wall.

He placed his precious burden down carefully and slid the ring from his finger. With slight hesitation he handed the link to his past to Carl, who enthusiastically slid it into the hole.

The ring began to turn, until a loud 'CLICK' was heard, echoing in the stone tower. The wall split down the center, slowly sliding open, Carl and Van Helsing watched stunned as the suddenly found themselves looking into Castle Frankenstein.

Carl turned to Gabriel with wide eyes, he blinked and turned back.

"Well then, that explains a lot!" he walked into the abandoned eerie room, and turned to see Van Helsing coming after him, Anna secured in his arms once again. His ring back on his finger. The wall slid closed behind them with a dull thud and another loud click.

They stood in the gloom for a moment or too, both running the events of the evening through their heads. Gabriel suddenly felt very tired, and wearily started his way out of yet another castle.

Carl followed with a sigh,

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this!"

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