Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Including, the idea for the title. I got the idea from the story written by Judy Blume . I may make up a few names that you don't reconise though. I'm not too sure yet.

Are You There God, It's me, Vada?

Dear God,

My best friend, Thomas J. died and it is all my fault. He went back to find my mood ring and got stung by a whole lot of bees. At first I thought that he deserved it. But now that I found out that he did it for me, I don't know what to think. I mean wow, it was just a stupid mood ring. I'm sure I could have found a new one. One that was even better. What hurts me the most is that I never got to tell Thomas J. how much he meant to me. I know that he knows knew that he was my best friend, but was that enough?

His funeral is tomorrow. I'm not going. I cant say good-bye that easily

I'm not being disrespectful, am I? Please God, Help me to get over this. If you do, I'll never ask you for anything again.

-Love Vada-

I put my diary in my night stand and tried to get some sleep. But it was hard. I kept wondering why God would let something so bad happen to Thomas J. Not only him, but to my real mother also. I decided that after that night I would do my own research and try to find out if there really was a God. I knew that there is, but I think that I new project would help me to deal with Thomas J's death. Just to reassure myself that Thomas J and my mother where safe.