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'blah'-somebody thinking

Chapter 1

The Trap

#revised version#

A world without danger plays

In Lyoko…

Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, and Aelita were in the polar region, fighting about 5 crabs, 8 blocks, and a megatank. All of XANA's monsters were blocking the way to the activated tower, so Aelita couldn't get in.

"Yumi, watch out!" Ulrich yelled as Yumi got hit in the arm by one of the crabs.

"Yumi, you just lost another 20 life points! You only have 40 life points left! Two more hits and you'll be devitalized," Jeremie said, worry evident in his voice.

Yumi shook her head as the pain dulled away in her arm. "Okay Jeremie," she answered, already throwing her fan at another crab.

While firing a laser arrow, Odd saw this as a good chance to ask Jeremie a question. "Hey, Jeremie," Odd called out.

"Yes?" asked Jeremie.

"Just to know, how many life points do Ulrich and I have left?"

"Odd, you have 80 life points, and Ulrich you have 70 left."

"Wow, I have more life points than the 'so-much-better-than-me' Ulrich?" Odd said while performing a twist in mid-air in order to dodge a laser. There was a sly grin on his face as he teased his best friend.

"Don't get used to it," Ulrich retorted.

"Oh, of course your greatness."

Ulrich stabbed a crab right on the XANA symbol before jumping off as it exploded, already running towards two crabs that were going towards Aelita.

Odd spotted a block starting to move toward Aelita and shouted "Hey, ugly!" The block looked at Odd. "Yeah, you!" It twirled the block that served as it's 'heard' quickly before powering up and shooting a laser at Odd. He jumped in the air as the laser whizzed right under him and shouted playfully, "Ha, you missed!" But he stopped when he realized what color the laser was. It was green.

'What's up with this block?' Odd thought as he ran a circle around the block, dodging lasers. 'Maybe I should destroy it before it hits somebody. From the looks of the color of that laser, it could be infected. The last time I checked, their lasers were red.'

Finalizing his decision, he stopped running a circle around the block, quickly took aim and shouted, "Laser Arrow!" The arrow was a direct hit, and the block stumbled slightly before blowing up. But when it exploded, a blue XANA symbol appeared on the ground where the block with the green lasers had last stood.

'Oh great,' Odd thought in distress. 'I probably shouldn't have destroyed it!'

Quite suddenly, the activated tower disappeared.

The purple-clad warrior's eyes widened in fear. 'No, don't tell me it's a trap! A trap that I activated!'

The blue XANA symbol glided silently across the ground. Panicking, Odd looked up to see where it was going. His eyes only grew wider as he shouted, "AELITA! RUN!"

Aelita, who was looking confused and surprised at the spot where the 'activated' tower was, saw it coming, but it was too late. The blue XANA symbol stopped abruptly right under her. She gasped in alarm when she couldn't move at all; it felt like she was glued to the spot.

"NO! AELITA!" Jeremie yelled in horror.

The blue XANA symbol started to glow eerily, like it does when it's about to attack…




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