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"Leave us," the words were uttered imperiously, the eyes fixed on the young girl now cowering against the far wall.

The demon still in attendance bowed his head, saying deferentially, "Yes, my lord," before shimmering out.

Slowly, deliberately, he made his way towards her, his footsteps echoing in the large room.

"You try my patience, Polly," he said aggravation permeating each word.

She said nothing, merely huddled closer to the wall. Wanting to get as far away from him as she could.

He kneeled before her, she whimpered, closing her eyes tight, her body tense.

She felt his gaze, his anger. Felt when it changed, when it became something even worse. When it became something she couldn't fight.

She felt his hand her on hair, stroking it. Gently, soothingly, over and over again, like you'd do to a frightened kitten.

She tried not to, gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, she tried.

But it was useless, her body was treacherous and she felt herself relaxing. She didn't want to, she wanted to resist him, to fight him, to hate him...

Instead she let him lift her into his arms, let her head fall against his chest ... she was so tired ...

The sobs came when she felt the mattress underneath her. She clung to him, her face pressed against his chest.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you," she muttered over and over again, tears streaming down her face.

"I hate you, I hate... you... for not letting me hate you..." she whimpered a few minutes later, her hold loosening as she collapsed against him, exhaustion finally taking over.

All the while he'd smoothed her hair, never uttering a word, just repeating the gesture over and over.

He shifted her now, laying her fully on the bed. Taking in her bedraggled clothing, dirty limbs, and tearstained face.

There was a wound on her upper arm, from a dagger it seemed.

He healed it.

She was too thin, too pale, too meek....

She was breaking right in front of him...

He was breaking her.


The thought should give him pleasure.


It didn't.


He cursed himself for feeling her pain, her torment, her weariness...

He thought he'd ridden himself of them long go... of the bonds that had united him to his family.

Apparently, his tie to her had remained.

A small voice inside him, the one he no longer heeded, told him it would always remain.

Told him he'd never rid himself of his tie to her. Of his tie to him.

They were this generations Power of Three and something's could never be torn apart.

He stood suddenly, restless, this was ridiculous. She had to be punished. She'd deliberately disobeyed a direct order. She'd run from, hidden from, defied him, all in the face of his subordinates.

She was following in his footsteps.

Still, she wasn't him.

She was Polly.

And since the day she'd been born, he'd adored her. All five pounds and four ounces of her.

He began pacing the room slowly.

It was the only way. She didn't see it. That's why she'd run from him. She couldn't understand. By marrying her to Vikonis he'd be ensuring not only a powerful allegiance, but a good stud for her too.

He grimaced slightly at the memory of her reaction when he'd mentioned that particular tid-bit.


"I'll kill myself first!!" she roared, her brown eyes flashing.

"Don't be absurd Polly, I'd just bring you back," he countered.

She threw a vase at him, it shattered at the wall just to the left of his head, "I WON'T," she hissed, "I refuse to have sex with a demon for you!!"

He rolled his eyes, keeping his distance from her so he wouldn't be provoked into grabbing her and shaking the life out of her, "You won't have to have sex with him. His seed will be implanted within you is all,"

"Oh is that all..."

His gaze hardened, "Sarcasm does not become you Polly,"

"No, I guess not, after all that is Chris's forte, isn't it," she said goadingly.

His eyes hardened, "This is not open to negotiation," he responded after a moment, "You will marry Vikonis and bear a child. End of story,"

"He's a DEMON, Wyatt!!!"

"He is one of my most powerful - "

"He's a DEMON!!" she roared again.

"We need this union, it will ensure the obedience of nearly every upper level demon still in existence. And the child will have the power of the Hallowell's in it's blood. It will be the first of the next generation."

She took a deep breath trying to calm herself, "Maybe I'm not making myself clear - "

"You've made yourself perfectly clear, Polly, it is I, that apparently, have not. You will do as I say, not because I am asking but because I am ordering you to. I am the supreme ruler here and you are under my command, my word is law. You will marry Vikonis and you will do so when I say and how I say. Your life is mine to do with as I please..." he paused then added with a smirk, "...and let us not forget the many innocents you wish to save..."

She had paled during his speech, not because of his words but because of the tone.

Wyatt was gone.

His majesty had appeared.

"You wouldn't..." she croaked out, her eyes wide. It was common knowledge that Wyatt allowed one or two sects of unregistered witches to live within the city limits.

The sects were comprised of old friends...

...friends that wouldn't give up the good fight...

... friends that she kept alive with her obedience...

"You know I would, Polly, you know I would..."


He wouldn't.

Not out of any sentiment, but simply because it was good to have opposition, it kept him on his toes.

But she believed he would.

He'd expected her to give in.

He'd underestimated her.

She'd run... with the witches.

He could still feel the rush of panic that had assailed him when he'd realized her destination.

He couldn't protect her when she was with The Resistance.

The Resistance was fair game for any demon. He'd stated it and hadn't gone back on his word.

Not when Chris had joined them against him.

And not now.

He had however, put the word out that she was to be brought to him -- unharmed.

He hadn't counted on her resilience. Had forgotten who she came from, what she knew...

She wasn't just a witch, as some of his demon staff called her.

No... she was the child of a Charmed One. Born and bred into a family of Power. A family of strength. A family that didn't give up.

It had been six weeks since that day.

He'd changed his order eight days ago.

She was to be brought to him -- alive.

And she had been.


He stopped looking down her sleeping form.

She looked like her mother.

Instantly, he pushed the thought away. He didn't entertain thoughts of his family.


"You summoned me, Master Wyatt," a timid voice said from the door.

It was a girl, no more than seventeen.

A witch, captured, made to slave away under the orders of demons, for no wages, no freedom... A lucky one.

"Bathe her and dress her," he said tersely.

She nodded, looking down, "Yes, Sir,"

Silently he left the room. His gaze dark.


Vikonis waited in the meeting chamber, his look impatient. The marriage should have take place two weeks ago, the man, or rather demon, was champing at the bit.

He was leader of his kind and had promised them an alliance with the All Powerful.

"She has been found?" he questioned.

Wyatt nodded once in response.

Vikonis would want the marriage to take place immediately.

Polly was not ready.

I'll kill myself first...

Her words, uttered in anger, seemed much too plausible all of sudden....

He'd boasted he'd just bring her back, the concept of trying and failing was not to be entertained.

He looked at the demon in front of him.

A wonderful specimen; had only betrayed him twice in several years.

He was strong and powerful.

Intelligent too -- for a demon.

He would make a wonderful ally.

"I am sorry," he whispered sadly, truly meaning the words.

Shock registered on Vikonis's face before Wyatt waved his hand and obliterated his existence.

It was a pity.

Vikonis would indeed have made a wonderful ally.

But he was not willing to risk Polly.

Not for all the allies in the world.


"Well..." he prompted several hours later, entering her bedroom, "Did you enjoy your little escapade?"

She was facing the window, her hair hanging loose down her back, her hands folded in front of her.

"No," she said softly, tears filling her eyes as she remembered all she'd seen.

He remained silent, studying her, "I am not angry with you, Polly," he offered taking a step towards her.

She turned to face him, her expression void of any emotion, "Then my prayers have been answered," she said bitterly.

"Really," stated, his eyes furious, he hated it when she was sarcastic, "By whom? I believe I destroyed the prayer answerers years ago."

"Asshole," she hissed at him then smirked, "Not all the prayer answerers were destroyed," she commented lightly.

He glowered at her, "Time outside these walls has made you belligerent Polly," he paused before adding dangerously, "I may have to take steps to rid you of your new found trait."

Her chin lifted, "Bring it on."

He approached her then, took her chin in his hands, "Be careful what you wish for, darling,"

"I'm not your darling," she spit out at him, jerking away from his touch.

"You are my baby cousin, though,"

She said nothing.

"I've decided you will not marry Vikonis," he proclaimed as he turned away from her, walking a few steps.

Still she remained silent.

"The next generation of Hallowell's can stand to wait another few years before it's conceived."

Still she remained silent.

"In fact I have destroyed Vikonis, to make sure he does nothing foolish in an attempt to claim what was promised to him," he waited.




"Say something Polly."


Meeting his gaze, she said firmly after a moment, "I understand now."

He arched an eyebrow, "Understand what?"

"What Chris fought for."

At the mention of his brother, Wyatt's entire demeanor hardened, "Chris - "

She cut him off though, her eyes on a distant spot, her voice soft, "I kept telling him if he'd just move in here, you wouldn't hurt him. I insisted that you had your reasons for what you were doing. That you loved us. That we were family and it was our job to stick together."

"It is. Polly - "

"You kill, Wyatt. I suppose I knew that... but I'd... I'd never seen it. It had never registered that you... you murder people. Innocents, witches, mortals, children... you kill, Wyatt. And by sticking with you... by standing by your side I... I condone it," her voice caught as tears pooled in her eyes.

She turned away from him, her gaze going out the window again.

"Polly, Chris's defiance has nothing to do with the policies my regime enforces. He just wants to prove that I can't govern him - "

"No Wyatt, I believed that before, but I don't anymore," she said firmly, not facing him, "Chris saw, he knew, and did what I should have done. He did what our mother's would have done. He fought for the innocents, he fought against the evil that would destroy a world that, yes wasn't perfect, but was balanced; it had black and white and gray. He fought the evil that would claim it was all gray, the evil that destroyed the balance and dispersed chaos throughout the world," she turned suddenly to face him, he eyes ablaze with knowledge.

"...and that evil is you, Wyatt."

He almost gasped. He didn't, of course. The source of all evil didn't gasp, but he almost did.

Because her words almost hurt.

"You're wrong - "

"No, I'm right. I'm right because I finally see. You locked me away behind these walls, shipped the younger children off to Magic School, sent Grandpa away to Europe -- you made it so we couldn't see. Sure we knew, we heard, but it's nothing like being out there in this city, like watching staving mothers kill their children so that they won't have to starve to death," she took a ragged breath, "And you know why they're starving Wyatt!! Because they won't register with YOU. Because they refuse to submit to YOU!!!"

"Exactly if they would do as they're told they're children wouldn't starve!!!!" he roared.

She shook her head sadly, blinking back the tears, "Chris was right, you are too far gone..."

"Chris is a spoiled brat that's throwing a temper tantrum because I won't let him have his way!!"

She smirked slightly, "A temper tantrum that's lasted four years..."

He glared at her, "He's got spirit, I'll give him that..."

"Is true?" she asked suddenly, all humor vanishing from her face, "Is it true you killed Bianca?"

"Who told you that?" he spit out.

"Answer me and I'll answer you," she challenged.

"I didn't kill her. She died while in a battle..." he paused then added with a careless shrug, "...it happens."

Her features formed into a mask of disgust as she lunged herself at his face, her fingers clawed, "You asshole!! You cold-hearted, insensitive jerk-off..." she screeched.

He grabbed her wrists, saving his face from her nails, but it didn't stop her thrashing.

She wanted to draw blood. And he didn't want to hurt her, so they were pretty much at a standstill.

"Stop it, Polly, stop it..."

"...you freakin bastard!! He loved her!!!" she continued.

"STOP IT," he growled out, forgoing not hurting her for getting her still. He subdued her rather harshly and then pinned her against the wall.

"Listen to me Paula Prudence Hallowell," he hissed in her face, "I did NOT kill Chris's girlfriend. I would have healed her, but she was dead by the time I got to her. Had she not stuck her hand in my back and done whatever the hell it is Phoenix's do, I very likely would have gotten to her in time, but alas whether you like to hear it or not, people do die in battles. However, her death is not on my hands," he tightened his hold just a little, "And count yourself lucky that I'm in a good mood today, if I wasn't I'd have you lashed for those words," he whispered his voice deadly serious.

She shivered slightly.

Wyatt had had her lashed only once before. He'd just moved her into the Tower as she called it, and she'd demanded to go home -- in front of his demon lackey's.

He'd done it to make a point.

Five lashes.

Then he'd healed her.

There weren't any scars but the pain...

She'd never done anything to incur that kind of anger again.

Suddenly she didn't care.

She had pain fresh on her mind. The pain going on outside these walls.

"Maybe her death isn't on your hands Wyatt, but there are hundreds that are."

He released her, before he did something he'd regret later.

"You're drenched in blood, Wyatt..."

"I have a meeting," he interrupted, "You'll come down for dinner, Polly,' with that he turned and began walking to the door.

He was almost to the door when she called out to him.

"What?" he hissed turning to face her.

"You didn't hear a word I said did you?" her voice was sad.

He sighed, "I heard you Polly. The city is a dangerous place and there are a lot of things that go on, that aren't exactly.... proper. But that's why I keep you here where it's safe. You don't need to concern yourself with what goes on outside here. It isn't your problem," he paused, then smiled at her, "All you need to do is be dressed and in the dining room for dinner, okay?"

She met his gaze and nodded slowly.

"Good," he proclaimed before leaving the room.

She turned slowly to face the window again.

She loved Wyatt. He was her older cousin.

Chris had been her best friend.


...he'd been her confident, her supporter, her hero.

He and Chris had never had a stellar relationship. When she was with them, they got along famously.

Otherwise, the sparks flew.

Each thought the other was the favorite and no matter how much she tried to prove to them otherwise, nothing worked.

He's the twice-blessed child, the powerful one, the perfect son, the perfect witch -- the favorite.

He's the baby, the sweetheart, the charmer, the perfect little boy -- the favorite.

It was ridiculous, she saw it, she tried to get them to see it. She couldn't or rather they wouldn't.

Still though, they were brothers and god-forbid you had a problem with one cause the other wasn't far behind.

They picked on each other non-stop, if someone else did it, they were in for a beat down.

And you'd be hard-pressed to find a more formidable twosome.

It had changed though, when Aunt Pip had died.

Everything had changed.

Neither brother was ever the same again.

Wyatt had taken charge. Chris had resented that.

Her little sisters and Paige's little boy had been sent to magic school. They were still there.

Her sisters would thirteen and eleven now. Her little cousin, twelve.

Wyatt had mentioned moving Lee into the Tower.

She hoped he wouldn't.

Slowly she moved to her desk, sat down at the seat, and paused a moment.

Tears filling her eyes.

Very slowly she pulled out a drawer, pulled it all the way out. At the back panel she pushed in one side and the other popped open.

Removing the board she pulled out a vial of potion.

Chris's last gift to her.

He'd shoved it in her hand after a particularly ugly fight.

...use it when you finally see what the hell's going on right in front of you...

He'd hissed at her, before orbing out.

She hadn't seen him again. He'd gone to the past. With Bianca's help.

Attached to the vial was a slip of paper with a spell on it. The vial itself contained what was probably the last telepathy/empathy power blocking potion in the world.

Wyatt hadn't wanted that particular potion spreading, so he'd burned that page of the book.

And passed a few laws that made the purchase of a few of it's ingredients illegal.

She fingered the bottle, reading the spell.

It was good.

Chris was a good spell writer.

A tear freed itself and fell down her cheek.

Followed by a few more.

She'd been wrong. Nothing made what Wyatt was doing justifiable. He was a monster, and Chris'd been right, she'd refused to see it, hadn't wanted to believe it.

And because of that, she was as responsible for the deaths going on as he was.

But things had changed.

She knew now.

And she couldn't not do anything about it.


"You never answered my question. Who told you I killed Bianca?" Wyatt asked across the dinner table later that night.

Her fork clattered as she dropped it, her eyes nervous, she'd drunk the potion before coming down and was so anxious she could hardly eat, "Davie. Remember him..."

Wyatt too set his fork down, "Shelia and Darryl's oldest, right?"

She nodded, "You killed his sister and fiancée, and had a hand in the death of his parents."

"Did I?" he asked casually, resuming his meal.

Her eyes flashed, "They were our mothers' friends, Wyatt!!"

He shrugged, "Then they outlived their usefulness when our mothers died."

She threw the steak knife at him, aimed it at his head.

He stopped it in mid air, eyed it curiously, "Good throw," he said, before letting it drop to the table.

She was silent again.

"Wyatt?" she asked hesitantly, after a few minutes.


"Would it... is it okay if... I..." she stuttered, "I want to go to the manor tonight... after it closes... would you... can I... will you let me go..." she finished uncertainly.

He studied her, "What for?"

She shrugged, "I..." she let tears fill her eyes, "I want to sleep in my mom's room, tonight," she whispered the words then looked down.

Waiting for the verdict.

"You'll have to have guards with you," he said.

She nodded, having known this, "I know... I just... please Wyatt..."

He stood and crossed over to her, lifting her chin with his hand, "If it were anyone but you I'd say no, Polly,"

She nodded, keeping the sad meek expression on her face.

"You have to be out of there by eight tomorrow morning."

"So I can go?" she asked, letting her eyes light up.

He nodded, amused, "You can go."

"Oh thank you Wyatt! Thank you," she exclaimed and stood.

Then she threw her arms around him and hugged him.

To him it was a thank you hug.

To her it was goodbye.

She hugged him tight, her eyes closed, for a moment forgetting who he'd become and what he did.

Remembering only who he'd been.

They pulled apart and went their separate ways.

He gave orders that she was to be taken to the manor, she went to her room and packed.

Had anyone been looking they would have seen her pack much more than an over night bag.

But no one was looking.

Wyatt seemed to have forgiven her readily for her escapade as he called it.

Of course, it could have something to do with the fact the she was pretty sure she'd scared him shitless when one of his demon lackey's had carried her in almost unconscious and covered in dirt and blood.

She'd put up a good fight, used powers she'd forgotten she had.

He'd healed most of her as soon as the demon had set her down, at which point she's run from him in terror.

That had shaken him.

She'd seen that.

So had his demons.

He'd vanquished nearly all of them.

She'd never run from him before. Ever.

Even after the lashing incident she hadn't feared him. She'd been angry and hadn't wanted to go through that again, but hadn't been afraid of him.

At that moment though, all she'd known was that that the Source of All Evil was standing above her.

She wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

Then he'd touched her, gently, like Wyatt.


Sighing, she shimmered to the manor.

She appeared in the foyer, and waited for the demons to shimmer in after her.

As soon as they did, she froze them.

"Small of mind

big of woe

the pain you've caused

now will you know."

She said the words softly, it was a pretty average vanquishing spell. She'd heard it in a story once.

Wasn't sure if it would work on just any demon...

It did work though.

As soon as she finished, the demons burst into flames.

She sighed, taking her time to go up to the attic, after all she hadn't been in the manor for almost a year.

Everything looked the same and yet so different.

It didn't look the same because it was... but because it was preserved that way...

It was creepy and she ran the rest of the way.

In the attic the books spot was roped off, she glanced at it quickly, before going to stand in front of the symbol.

That symbol represented her family.

Turning around she scanned the attic. It didn't even deserve to be called that anymore.

It was a showroom and nothing more.


Bianca had died here.

She hadn't known the woman well, only as a body guard.

But she'd loved her, because Chris had loved her, so she must have been special.


She'd memorized the spell. She had a lot of spells memorized.

"I call upon the ancient power

to help us in this darkest hour

let the book return to this place,

claim refuge in it's rightful place"

Almost instantly the book materialized and dropped onto it's stand.

She began flipping through the pages, but couldn't find it.

"Where is it, where is it..."

She didn't find it, she did however find a torn edge.

"Shit" she said, slamming the book shut.

Think of something, think of something...

She told herself urgently, someone was bound to notice the book was missing soon.

She opened it again to where the page had been tone from, she murmured as she ran her hand over the edges,

"Let the object desired return

so that it's existence may be re-firmed"

"Yes!!" she exclaimed as the page formed itself in the book, she ripped it out, scanning it quickly.

She arched an eyebrow when she was finished, commenting, "Pretty good," before stuffing it in her pocket and reciting the spell.

"Hear these words, hear this rhyme,

heed the hope within my mind,"

A demon shimmered in, "What the hell - " he began.

She froze it...

"...send me back to where I'll find..."

Another came, she froze that one too...

"...what I wish in place and time"

The portal opened just as the demons unfroze and more shimmered.

It was now or never.

She took a deep breath and rushed into it as they began to throw energy balls at her.


"What the hell..." Paige trailed off as the far side of the attic began to glow.

"What?" Piper asked looking up from the book.

"Look..." she said pointing.

"Uh-oh," Phoebe said coming to stand by Piper.

A dark haired girls with a bag slung over her shoulder stepped through their wall.

"Uh-oh is right," Piper agreed, after a moment she added, "At least she doesn't look evil,"

"Looks can be deceiving," Paige offered.

"Are you evil?" Phoebe asked.

Polly just stared at them...

... her mom...

... her aunts...

... alive...



"You're so young," she said before flinging a hand over her mouth. Her eyes brown eyes wide.

They processed this statement before they all rolled their eyes.

Paige groaned, "Oh no,"

Phoebe nodded, "Not another one,"

"Another what?" Polly asked taking a step forward.

"Another future person," Piper responded, then added warily, "You're not here to kill Chris are you, cause if you are I'm gonna hafta to blow you up."

Polly smiled and Phoebe and Piper froze -- she seemed... familiar.

"Do you always have conversations with possibly evil people that step through your wall?'

Paige shook her head, "No, but you don't seem very evil and last time we had something step through that wall it was from the future and the time before that it was from the future too. Of course the it turned out to be my nephew but..."

Polly laughed, "So you think I'm from the future?"

They nodded.

"Good guess..."

"Yeah well that's us, good-guessers. So who are you and what do you want?" Piper asked.

Polly blinked a little, the smile sliding off her face, "Is Chris around?"

The sisters exchanged looks. Piper stepped forward, "You're not going to try and kill him are you?"

"The last girl from the future tried to kill him," Paige offered.

"I'm not going to kill him," Polly said softly.

"Or try to," Phoebe added from behind her sister,

"Or try to," Polly confirmed.

"Ok, CHRIS!" Piper called.




"CHRIS WE NEED YOU," she tried again.

The orbs appeared and his frustrated voice fill the attic, "I just left here, guys..."

"You have a visitor," Piper interrupted him, motioning towards the girl, who'd dropped her bag to the floor.

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened, "holy shit!" he exclaimed.

"Chris!" Piper chastised.

"Wha - How did... Are you... How..." he stuttered taking steps to her,

She smiled, her eyes moist.

She'd missed him so much.

"Chris..." she whispered, before throwing herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, and closing her eyes tight.

He didn't hug her back though.

"What are you doing here?" he finally got out, pushing her away.

She stared up at him, her eyes shocked, hurt evident on her face, "What's wrong?"

"What. are. you. doing. here?" he asked again, enunciating each word, his tone impatient.

"I came to help you - " she started, hesitantly, taken aback by the anger on his face.

"HELP ME!" he hissed sarcastically, cutting her off, "NOW you want to help me??!!"

"Chris - " she began, he didn't let her finish.

"NOW!! When I've been here for almost a year. When I've already formed alliances, when I've adjusted to treating my mom and aunts like peers!!! NOW!! you want to help!!!"

She walked towards him, "Chris I know - "

"NO," he said taking a step back, "...you don't KNOW anything! I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen to me, you wouldn't believe ME."

"Chris I'm sorry..."

He shook his head, "Sorry for what? For calling me a liar!? For doubting me!!? For choosing him over me!!!?"



Polly opened her mouth to yell back, but her aunt spoke first, "Could you two stop please. Wyatt is napping and I'm sure he can here you from downstairs."

The sisters looked at the two warily.

"Maybe we should head downstairs, where you can tell us who you are and you can tell us why you're angry at her," Paige said helpfully.

Nobody moved.

Polly took a deep breath, looking away... hating herself for the tears that filled her eyes, for not being able to stop them.

She'd known Chris had been angry, but she'd expected him to be happy to see her.

"I didn't choose him over you Chris, I would never do that. I was scared and the things you were telling me..." she paused, looking back at him, "I didn't want to believe them."

He glared at her, "I needed you,"

Tears filled her eyes, "I'm so sorry, so sorry, Chris. I just... he... I couldn't..." she swallowed hard, trying to hold back the tears.

He walked to her, reaching out to gently touch her face, "And now?"

She hiccupped, "Now, I know."

Instead of feeling pleased, of being happy that his little cousin was on his side now.

Chris felt an overwhelming wave of sadness wash over him. Because he knew, that for her know, she must have seen.

And the thought of his precious Polly seeing the things his brother did, the things the boy she'd worshiped was capable of, made him sick.

He pulled her into his arms now, hugging her close, "I've missed you," he whispered.

She clung to him, hiding her face in his shoulder, "I've missed you," she murmured back.

They stayed like that a while before he pulled back, and asked, his eyebrows arched, "How did you get here?"

She laughed lightly, pulling out of his arms, "A spell of course,"

Chris opened his mouth when Phoebe spoke, "So who are you?" she asked, looking at Polly.

Already knowing the answer.

Polly looked at Chris, her eyes questioning.

He shrugged, "They know who I am, kinda had to tell or risk ceasing to exist. That's me actually in there..." he said pointing to Piper's extended belly, "I'm four months away from being born."

Polly grinned, "Cool..."

Paige sighed, impatient, "Well..."

Chris looked at them, soaking in the expectant expressions, "This is my cousin, Paula Prudence Hallowell," he paused, "Phoebe's daughter."

Everyone was silent for a moment, before Phoebe squealed and ran over to Polly, throwing her arms around the girl and holding her tight, "Ooooooh I knew it! I knew it! As soon as you smiled, god you look just like my mom..." she pulled back, "... who's you dad huh? Do you know when I meet'm? I love the name Paula... another P and I named you after Prue, that is so something I would do. Of course I did do it or will...Oh you're just so pretty and you don't seem at all neurotic like Chris..."

"Thanks Phoebe," Chris interjected as he peeled her off his cousin, "And stop asking Polly stuff, she can't say much."

"Polly?" Phoebe asked, still grinning.

"It's my nickname."

"It's perfect, you're perfect..." Phoebe gushed, her eyes loving.

"you're pretty perfect yourself mom," Polly said softly.

The two stared at each other.

"Hate to break up the mutual adoration society you two have going, but could we please go downstairs so you can tell me what's been going on and how you used a spell that I ripped out of the book," Chris said, grabbing hands and pulling them towards the door.


"This is amazing," Polly prattled out for about the fifth time. She was walking around the kitchen touching this and that and exclaiming how wonderful it was to be back in the real manor.

"Yes, yes I know. Can I have some answers please?" Chris said exasperated.

She grinned at him, "Glad to see you've developed your patience skills here in the past."


"Okay, okay. I used the object of objection spell turned it into the object desired and poof the desired spell appeared in the book," she said cheekily as she pulled out the sheet from her pocket, "Then I tore it out, read it, and stepped through the portal."

Chris arched an eyebrow, "Not a bad little substitution you did there."

She grinned, "I was listening all those years too, ya know," she said.

His look hardened a little, "I know you were listening," he said.

Polly's smile died, "It's almost like he didn't grow up in the same house as us," she said sadly.

"Did Wyatt... did he... hurt you?" Piper asked fearfully a few moments later, when the silence had stretched.

Polly looked up quickly, surprise evident on her face, "No," she assured, "Wyatt wouldn't... I mean... he would... but only in extremely extreme cases..."

Piper didn't look reassured, "We're working on finding out who turns him," she offered.

Polly looked hesitant, as she looked at Chris, her eyes almost fearful, "I... I heard about... I'm sorry about Bianca..." she finished softly.

Chris's eyes slid shut as he blocked out the image, "I'm going to make sure it never happens," he whispered after a moment.

And the conviction in those words sent chills through all four women.

Almost instantly, blue orbs appeared at his feet.

Blue orbs that formed into a tiny blonde haired toddler with his arms outstretched, "K'w'iss, K'w'iss..." Wyatt said, bopping up and down on his little toes.

Chris opened his eyes and looked down at his brother, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be napping?" he asked as he scooped the boy up into his arms.

"Is that..." Polly asked, her voice hushed.

"Yep, this is Wyatt, circa 2 years old," Chris said now grinning as the little boy began playing with his face.

"He's so... cute," she inflected the word with something near horror.

Piper scowled at her, "Of course he's cute and he's sweet too and I plan to keep him that way..." she said, taking her baby out of Chris's arms.

Polly followed the baby, watching his chubby little hands flail and his bright blue eyes twinkle; his golden hair shimmer and his little feet kick.

He was a baby.

An innocent.

A surge of protectiveness surged in her so strong she clenched her fists.

Something, got to that little boy. Something that made him believe life was lived best by those who held power. And not just any power -- absolute power.

It wouldn't be evident until after the death of his mother. But if she thought about it, she'd see.

He'd always been that way. Singing the virtues of power.

Aunt Pip would scold him, tell him that just because a demon was powerful didn't mean he should get to live.

Wyatt would agree.

But only because, by killing the demon, his mother was showing superior power.

Something, would teach the boy that.

And looking at the innocence in front of her, a child who had no idea he would grow up to kill, to murder, to destroy, she was determined that he would never learn that lesson.

He would never learn to value power over humanity.

Tearing her gaze away she locked gazes with Chris and found in his eyes the same promise.

Together they'd save him, they'd protect him... just as long ago, before the world went to hell in a hand-basket, a blonde haired boy had protected them.