Who are you calling small?

Chap1 Short stuff

Ron looked at the bubbling contents in the cauldron thinking back to the horrid event of being partnered with Maulthoy.


"Ron Weasley you will be paired with Draco Maulthoy," Pro. Snape said.

"Excuse me did you just say Maulthoy?" Ron asked.

"Yes if you were listening you would have heard that,"

"Pro. Snape can't you just put Ron with us?" Harry asked.

"No this is a two people project not three," he said, "argue any further and house points will be deducted."

"Great," Ron sarcastically said.

End flashback

Ron looked over to where Harry and Hermione were working. Ron saw Harry look up to wave at him, which made him even more disturbed with his partner.

"Look Weasel if you aren't going to do the work then you don't get the grade," Maulthoy said.

"I don't care," Ron said.

Looking up at the cauldron again Ron saw Maulthoy put in something that wasn't supposed to be mixed in with the other ingredients.

"You don't put that in Maulthoy," Ron said.

"Like you would know,"

"I would because it says here you put pixie wings in then you mix it, you don't put fire seeds in first you put it in after," Ron said smiling proudly.

"Fine then you do that then," Maulthoy said moving out of Ron's way.

Ron put in the pixie wings then mixed the ingredients together. He looked at Maulthoy with a smile on that said I told you so. Suddenly the cauldron began to bubble wildly some of the liquid spilling on the floor. Everyone turned to look at Ron as the cauldron was going wild.

"Look what you did stupid," Maulthoy said.

"This was all your-,"

Before Ron could say anything there was a huge explosion. When the smoke cleared everyone was on the floor the whole room was messed up green goop splattered everywhere. Harry and Hermione got up from under the table.

"Where is Ron?" Harry asked.

Opening his eyes Ron rubbed his aching head. He would get Maulthoy for making such a mistake with the formula. Good thing he listened this one time so he wouldn't have a bigger reaction then an explosion. He hoped everyone was okay. Ron looked up to see everything was fifty times bigger then it was supposed to be. Thinking Ron thought the explosion must have made everything bigger in size.


Ron heard someone calling his name so he answered but nothing happened because the person kept calling out his name. Getting up Ron went to look to see where Hermione and Harry were. As he was walking he saw all these big feet he wondered who the feet belonged to.

"Ron! Where are you?"

"I am right here," Ron squeaked.

"Hermione did you here that?" Harry asked.


"Never mind,"

Confused Ron looked up to see Harry and Hermione towering over him. He then smacked his forehead everything was so big not because of the explosion but because he was so small. Realizing that he figured out that the explosion made him shrink in size. This was bad because no one could hear or see him. How to get their attention?

"This all Maulthoy's fault," Harry said.

"Don't pin it on me it was Ron's fault," Maulthoy said.

Ron stood there thinking for a bit just wondering how he would get them to notice him. He heard a stomping sound as a foot came toward him. Ron jumped out of the way before he was squashed.

"We will have to contact Ron's parents to tell them," Pro.Snape said.

Ron didn't want his parents to know especially his mom because she would get so emotional. Ron wished he had something to get him up on a table. Sticking his hands in his pocket he found his wand. Taking it out he saw it shrunk with him too. He pointed the wand at himself saying windgardinleviosa (An: sorry for spelling). Slowly Ron lifted off the ground until he could grab the edge of the table. Once he was on the table he used his wand to make a small fire on one of Hermione's papers.

"Do you smell smoke?" Harry asked.

"Yes and it is coming from-my paper!" Hermione yelled.

"I'll fix it," Harry said taking out his wand to put out the fire.

"Who could have done such a thing?" Hermione asked looking at her burnt notes.

"I don't know," Harry said.

Harry looked at the table to see what could possibly cause the fire.

"Hermione come and look at this!" Harry yelled.


"It's Ron," Harry said.

Hermione was so surprised she didn't say a thing she just stared.

"Ron what happened?" Hermione asked.

"I guess the explosion made me shrink," Ron answered.

"Pro.Snape we found Ron," Harry said.


"There," Hermoine and Harry pointed.

"Well this is interesting,"

"How will we change him back?"

"I don't know really but I will have to find an antidote," Pro. Snape said, "in the mean time keep Ron off the floor."

"O.k. sir," they said.

Ron looked out from Harry's shirt pocket everything was so big. Looking around Ron saw they were heading to lunch, which was good because Ron was hungry. As Ron was placed on the table he ran to one of the tray's holding the food but was stop by Harry's huge hand.

"Move your gigantic hand out of the way," Ron yelled.

"The rules of eating is-,"

"There are rules now?"

"Yes there are," Harry said, "you can't just run over and eat. See someone might accidentally pick you up and eat you so I will give you some of my food."


"Listen to Harry Ron it is for your own safety," Hermione said.

"Hey guys," Ginny yelled as she sat next to Harry.

"Hey Ginny," they said.

"Have you seen my brother?" she asked.

"Yes he is right there,"

"You are saying he is – wow Ron you are a shortie," Ginny shouted.

"I know that Ginny," he squeaked.

"How did that happen?"

"An explosion in potion class," Hermione said.

"All Maulthoy's fault," Harry said.

"I see," she said, "how will he be changed back?"

"Pro. Snape is trying to figure that out," Hermione said.

After lunch they headed to the qudditch practice. Ron knew he couldn't practice because he was too small for his broom. Ron was taken out of Harry's pocket and placed in Hermione's hand.

"Whatever you do don't drop him," Harry said heading to his team.


From Hermione's hand Ron watched the practice. Everything was going all right until Ron spotted Maulthoy down below. He was holding a wand at least that is what Ron saw. Lifting the wand Maulthoy pointed it at Harry.

"Hermione Maulthoy is going to ruin the practice," Ron squealed.

"Ron are you saying something?" Hermione asked leaning in to listen to Ron.

"Yes Maulthoy is going to do something," Ron shouted.

Hermione brought out her wand yelling expeliarmus that made Maulthoy's wand fly from his hand.

"Nice eye Ron," Hermione said.


After dinner they headed to the Gryffindor tower to turn in for the night. Run was placed on the nightstand next to Harry's bed. Harry went over to one of the beds and turned it small placing it next to Ron.

"If you can turn that bed small can't you turn me back?" Ron asked.

"The spell only works for objects not people," Harry said removing his glasses.

"Oh, goodnight Harry," Ron said.

"Goodnight small fry," Harry chuckled.

Ron went to sleep then woke up.

"Wait a minute who are you calling small fry?" Ron asked angrily.

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