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Chapter 2

Help, Thanks, and a Hint of Love

Videl had done a pretty good job of holding them off…NOT! When Gohan got there, she had 3 guns to her head, and she couldn't move without risking getting shot. And if anyone else moved, she would get shot. No win situation? Not once Gohan got there. He didn't land right away; instead, he floated, figuring out a plan. When he did land, he landed right behind the main guy holding a gun, knocked him out in a single blow (and this was a pretty big guy), and said, "Anyone else?", at which point the other guys dropped their guns, and turned and ran… straight into the cops.

"Thanks again, Saiyaman!" the police chief said, while handcuffing the three guys.

Videl turned to 'Saiyaman', and said, smiling, "Thanks for your help."

"N-no problem," Gohan said, blushing. Videl giggled a little. "What's so funny?" Gohan said.

"You're blushing!" Videl laughed a little more, turning around and tapping Gohan gently on the chin and walking away.

heh… I think she likes me. Gohan thought, blushing harder.