To such faithful and appreciated friends

It is with much sadness that I write this final farewell for a girl so talented that it hurts to think of such wonder and beauty suddenly devoid.

Adrienne Turner was beautiful. In every sense of the word. With such love for life.

As many of you can appreciate, she loved to write, about love and overcoming. Her favourite story was this one, and she would spend many nights sat at the computer typing away. She never wrote for regognition, or reviews, but you should have seen her face at the wonderful responses you all wrote. I was lucky enough to be the one she came to, her 'snark muse', and it is through her that I have gained my own appreciation of the written word.

Adrienne was a blessed soul. She was pretty, alarmingly so, with a kindness that could never be dampened or destroyed by the harshness of reality.

She asked me to post this, was worried that you would have given up on her, she wanted to give you a reason why things were left unwritten.

It with an ironic sense that I tell you this, that our wonderful friend Adrienne Turner, died of cancer on the fourth day o f May, in the year two thousand and seven.

In time, in the future, when you think of this story, think of her and wish her well wherever she may be.