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Chapter 1

The sad defeat

"Ha! And you call youself strong?" Kanna smirked , "I guess humans will never stand a chance against youkai –ever!" Kanna had been sent by Naraku to give Kohaku a test to see how strong he really was, but he failed. Suddenly Naraku appeared beside Kohaku who was a bloody mess leaning against a tree stump. "So you did fail. Well then I have no use for you seeing the only things you can kill are other humans." Naraku said coldly , "Well I'll be taking back my jewel shard and just because I pity you, I'll give you your life back...or whatever is left of it!" Naraku laughed evilly as he plucked the shard from Kohaku's back. All at once the paion hit in, Kohaku could do nothing but lay there and watch Naraku disapear into the depths of the forest. "Even though I have the rest of my life back, I guess I'll live the rest of it here." sighed Kohaku. Kohaku tried to ignore the pain as he fell asleep.


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