Ti amo

Chap. 3

Silver Daddy


Miroku had left this town years ago. Not knowing he had beared a child. Returning he finds himself stuck between the young girl with his child and Sango.

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"Really?" He asked.

She rolled her eyes, "anything else I can help you with?"

He ignored her and bent down to Dado, "so I did bear a child."

"Don't worry I was jumping for joy too." Li-Ling said; dryly.

He sighed, "how old are you?"

Dado grinned showing two teeth missing, "five! I'm older then Fiore by two years."

"Fiore?" Miroku asked looking up at Li-Ling.

She sighed, "long story," she took Dado, "bed. You'll see him tommorow."

Dado kissed Li-Ling's cheek and hugged Miroku's leg. "Don't leave us, daddy. Silver daddy's so mean."

"Silver daddy?" Miroku asked.

"Yeah, mommy doesn't-"

"OK!" Li-Ling said laughing nervously, "bed."

"Night!" Dado said before running into the hut.

"Silver daddy?" Miroku asked, " and who's Fiore?"

She sighed, "I better tell you before tommorow I guess. You'll leave with a lighter heart. Let's take a walk."

Miroku nodded. But neither of them notice a girl following them.

"When you left...I had Dado. It wasn't long until one of are youngs girls wondered into the forest and found someone badly injured. I was the one to tend to their wounds. He was handsome...but very cold hearted. None of the doctors wanted him. So I helped. It was hard and we often fought but I finally restored his health. The month after he left I was still raising Dado. But he came back once in a while...just to visit he said."

"The next year I realized I had fallen in love again. It took him another year to realize this...but soon I was pregnant with Fiore. His not like you though. He visits and takes care of us once in a while. He loves Fiore more then Dado though. Thats why Dado says his mean. But, honest...he does help me." She stopped and sighed.

"You love him?" Miroku asked. Although it seemed hard for him too.

She nodded, "it isn't fair though."

"What isn't?"

She looked at him, "when you came back...I fell in love with you again." Her hair was blowing softly with the wind...he stared at her and leaned forward. "Don't," she whispered, "I don't...Miroku."

He kissed her and felt the same thing he did when he first did. Warmth, comfort, and when she kissed back he shivered.


When he came back to the hut everyone was asleep. He sat down and started to go to sleep...but he noticed Sango. She was sleeping with a hand next to her. The fire glinted off her hair. Sango, he thought, don't I love her?

He stared into the fire. Is this how Inuyasha feels? He thought, this is nice. I'm stuck in the same position as him. He sighed and decided to go to sleep...

When he woke everyone was gone. He headed out and found them helping out the vilergers. He walked up to Shippo, "what's going on?"

Shippo looked up, "why should I tell you? You don't tell me anything."



He turned around, "morning, Liebe."

She smiled and nodded, "morning, are you hungry?"

He pointed to Inuyasha, Kaomge, Shippo, and Sango, "did they eat?"

She nodded.

"Alright then."

"Wheres Li-Ling?" Miroku asked once he sat down.

Liebe smiled, "with Dado and Fiore."

He nodded and began to eat. "I'll get them if you wish," Liebe said.

Miroku smiled, "maybe later."

She nodded and left.

He had finished breakfest and walked out. He noticed not one of his friends seemed to be up to talking to him still. So he carried on into the forest. "I'm sorry, OK?" He heard Li-Ling's voice say.

"I'm sorry Li-Ling...but if you found Olivdado's dad then there will be no need of me or Fiore." He peered through the trees and saw Sesshoumaru.

"Please!" She begged, "shes my own blood! Don't take her!"

"She happens to be mine too," he said; coldly.

"Father," a quite voice said breaking the argument, "I really want to stay."

Miroku say the girl. She had amber eyes and long silver hair that was tied up into a pony tail. She was young but seemed to be wiser then what you saw. "Hold on," Sesshoumaru said.

Sesshoumaru came right at him and Miroku had to block the blow, "so your Olivdado's father," he said, "a mere monk."

Miroku pushed back, "what are you doing here Sesshoumaru?"

He looked over at Li-Ling who held Fiore, "my daughter."

Miroku stared at him, "why do you want to keep her?"

"I don't think it's any of your business." Sesshoumaru replied.

"Let, Li-Ling keep her." Miroku replied. He kept his ground and never lost eye contact.

Sesshoumaru eyes bored back, "why would it matter to you? She is my young...not yours."

Miroku glared at him, "but she is also Li-Ling's young."

Sesshoumaru glared back, "this is no matter to you. Go before I kill you."

Miroku shook his head, "do you love her?"

Sesshoumaru smiled slightly, "you are foolish...maybe my half-brother got into your head. I would never love a human."

Miroku looked at Li-Ling she stared back he thought he could literally see her heart break, "She loves you. She loves Fiore too."

Sesshoumaru still stared at him, "shes a human...nothing more."

"Why did you have Fiore then?"

"Go away monk," Sesshoumaru said.

"Let Fiore stay."

"Fine your wish of death is my command." Sesshoumaru brought out a weapon and Miroku took into a defense stance.

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Miroku was on the ground. "Good-bye monk," Sesshoumaru said before pulling his arm back.


"Silver daddy!"


"Don't!" They all yelled. A sword came out of no where and blocked Sesshoumaru's attack.