AN: This will be my first attempt at a Furuba continuation so please be gentle on me.

Summary: Set after the anime; Tohru's memory was erased. She becomes lost to the Jyuunishi as she moves on to find happiness elsewhere. Until one fateful day brings them together again, with consequences for everyone and everything. This story features all the characters of Furuba, especially Tohru x Yuki/Akito/Hatori and OC (imagine a younger version of Hatori).

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket... I wish I did though. The lyrics used are form Peter Gabriel's song 'I Grieve.'




I grieve for you,

And you leave me.

So hard to move on,

Still loving what's gone.

They say life carries on.

Carries on and on and on and on...



There was no pain. Only darkness. She didn't want this to happen, she didn't want to forget! Why were they allowing him to do this to her? What had she ever done to make him hate her so much? She wished she knew, wished she could understand so that she could set things right. But there was no hope... No hope.

She had tried her best to make him see what she saw in the world; what she saw in the hearts of the cursed Jyuunishi. It was too late. Her memory was being erased and there was nothing she could say or do in retaliation. She would have to obey and forget--forget everything she held dear to her heart. Yuki, Kyo, Shigure... Everyone.

A single tear travelled down the curved expanse of her pale cheek. A warm familiar hand pressed itself against her eyes, secretly brushing away her tear and hushing her quiet sobs as it was placed gently over her eyelids.

"Thank you Honda-kun, everything is going to be all right now." His voice. His low, beautiful, calming voice; oh Kami-sama, she had fallen in love with it, with him! But she had never told him, and now...

"I don't want to forget, I want to remember..." she whispered in a desperate plea.

A shocked silence had fallen over the room before a bright light flashed around her closed eyes, before everything around slowly began to fade into a mist of lost memories and a broken heart.



"Tohru-san? Tohru-san...?"

She frowned slightly as the strange daydream was pulled away from her by the insistent calling of her secretary. She looked up from the expensive oak desk towards the concerned face of her friend and employee. "Yes Kinawa?"

Kinawa smiled hesitantly, "Is everything all right?"

"Everything's fine," she replied softly, sighing under her breath, "Did you want something?" She asked quickly, changing the subject.

"Yes, could you please pick up line four, your husband is waiting to talk to you," she nodded as Kinawa left the spacious and luxurious office.

The heavy door closed behind her and Tohru breathed a sigh of relief as she sank back into the plush black leather chair. She braced herself, shaking away the strange daydream and reaching for the cordless phone that lay quietly on the desk before her. Closing her eyes briefly, she punched the number four and cradled the phone against her ear.

"Moshi moshi," she started quietly.

"Tohru, where have you been? Are you all right? I've been waiting on hold for fifteen minutes and before that I tried your cell phone but you didn't answer," her husband's soft, low voice filled the delicate folds of her ear, bringing a delightful shiver to travel down her spine. She smiled, suddenly eased from the tension she felt prior to hearing his voice.

That daydream had left her feeling...

"I'm sorry, I'm fine" she replied steadfastly, "I got so caught up with work that I didn't hear the cell phone ring, I'm really sorry" she babbled on, hoping to throw him off her uneasiness.

But she was in no luck.

"What's wrong?" He asked slowly.

"Nothing... It's nothing," she assured him, sighing for the tenth time that hour.

"Was it that dream again?"

She had to smile again; how could he know her so well? "Uh-huh, but it's ok, I just didn't get much sleep last night and there's so much to do in the office but I'll be fine!"

His voice lightened at her cheerful response, "I understand, I'm having the same problems," he paused, "Why don't you come to my side of the building and we'll go out for lunch?"

She looked at the digital clock on the wall and started to tidy up her desk as she placed the phone between her ear and shoulder, "I would love to, but there is so much I have to do here, I'm sorry. Another time?"

"Ah right, well then I'll see you at home tonight."

"Sure, and I'll have Nagi-chan pick up Toshi, so you don't have to worry about that."

"That would be a good idea," he exhaled slowly before continuing, "Oh and, uh, I have a surprise for you as well," his whispered softly as his voice grew deeper and inviting.

Tohru resisted the urge to laugh, "And what surprise is that?" She asked cautiously, grinning to herself.

His baritone laugh sent a tingle of pleasure through her body, "You'll have to wait and see, won't you?"

Tohru pouted secretly, "All right, I'll see you tonight then, and it better be a good surprise!" She heard another rumble of laughter before a faint click indicated that he had disconnected the phone. She placed the phone back on her desk and sank back into her chair.

"I don't want to forget," she mumbled to herself, remembering what she had said in the daydream. That dream had plagued her for many years. She could remotely feel a delicate yet powerful hand on her head, painfully pulling at the roots of her hair. She didn't know what it meant; didn't think she wanted to know. All she knew was that it heralded pain, great pain and loss and... Sadness.

Tohru caught sight of the piles of files that decorated the oak wood desk and felt another sigh escape her parted lips. She stretched a heavy arm towards the endless mountain of paper and prayed for the day to end soon.



Nine years... Nine years had passed since the loss of Honda Tohru. But he was still alive. He didn't know why the curse had not taken his life. It was as if Kami-sama was waiting for him to do something before releasing him from his burden.

But what? What did he have to do? After he ordered the girl's memory to be erased, things between himself and the other Jyuunishi went from bad to worse. Her words had changed him, but only slightly. The Jyuunishi no longer respected him, no longer cared about his welfare. But they still feared him, oh yes, they still feared him; their powerful, mighty God. They would always fear him and his actions.

Yet they still cherished the memory of that stupid, foolish Honda Tohru. He thought they would forget her and move on but none of them were willing to let go of the memories of her. A year after she had left Fukushima, he thought of telling Hatori to erase their brooding memories, but then felt disinclined towards taking such an action. It was unnecessary. After all, he enjoyed their silent torture, he enjoyed teasing them of her memory; just as he was doing now.

"Do you miss her Shigure?" He questioned in a light, sugary voice to the writer kneeling beside him.

"Miss who?" Shigure answered blankly.

Akito bristled inwardly with anger; how dare he forget! "That stupid girl, what's her name, Honda Tohru?"

A moment of unearthly silence fell between the pair. Akito could feel the shoulders of the dog tense. He curled his lip in disdain, still amused. He would let them get on with their daily lives but every once in a while during the past nine years, he mentioned her name to see what reaction he could get from his cursed Jyuunishi.

"I missed her a long time ago," the weary response came.

"And now?" He coaxed softly, twisting his words into the perfection of cruel sweetness.

"She will always be missed Akito," Shigure replied, "Nevertheless, she will always be a memory."

"Are the preparations done?" Akito asked, deducing that he would get nothing from the pesky dog this day and so changed the subject swiftly. Perhaps Hatori would be a more ideal man to torture about Honda Tohru; after all, it was she that brought the cold doctor into the bright rays of the sun, thawing him and filling his heart with her giving love.

"Yes; the entire town seems to be talking about it."

"And the guest list? I presume that only the finest families linked to our businesses will be invited. I don't want street filth anywhere near our property like before," he remarked menacingly, insinuating Tohru's presence at the Honke many years ago.

Shigure smiled, not perturbed in the least, "Everything has been co-ordinated to your preference, Akito," the dog slid a sly glance towards the younger man, "Though I'm not quite sure what to make of all this."

"You think too much Shigure," Akito said softly, turning his gaze towards the small white bird pecking his finger. He would never reveal his true intentions, but he had gradually been growing an interest in the outside world, in the world of business and finance. Such thoughts never bothered him before but as the years passed without his death, he felt more and more restless for knowledge about the outside world.

That was why he was doing this. What Akito did not realize, was the unimaginable pain an heartache this affair would cause many of the Jyuunishi; especially himself.




AN: There will be more coming your way soon, hopefully tomorrow. In the next chapter, it will be longer and I will have Tohru meeting the Jyuunishi for the first time in nine years (imagine their reactions) and you'll also be introduced to her husband. Don't worry though the pairing is half decided, but I would really like your opinions so please let me know.