Lost Brothers

Chapter 1

This is a very common crossover. (If not, why not?) So I won't tell you now, you have to find out by reading. I've set the beginning of this story during the final few minutes of "The Lost City." The premise is simple:- What if Earth had some help before SG1 activated the Ancient's weapon?

Lets' find out...

Legal Bit (or Disclaimer, what ever you prefer)

I own neither of the two shows that feature the plots or characters used in this story (oohh, lot of fancy words there isn't the?).

Major-General George Hammond almost smiled 'Hold your course, we're going to take them with us.'

'Sir, a ship just appeared on the other side of the fleet. It's huge, I've never seen anything like it before.' George glanced over the sergeants shoulder and forced himself not to gasp, the sensor didn't give any indication of shape but the thing was the size of a city. It would of even dwarfed Anubis's original mother ship.

Around five minutes ago, far outside the range of earths sensors a fleet of two hundred or so rusty ships dropped out of hyperspace. While most were slowly pacing, recharging their spent reserves and drifting closer to each other for safety the largest and most powerful gently swung it's bow towards a single white dot at the centre of the solar system. Like an old man it seemed to do everything so slowly. For a moment it stopped and was still. With an almost pregnant pause the thousand yarn old warship waited. The silence of deep space was suddenly shattered as the old ship lunged into and then it passed light speed. Leaving the ships and its age behind as it readied its self for combat.

It took four minutes to travel the distance across the elliptical plain and almost another one to slow down enough to fight. From the pedestal on the ships circular bridge the blue uniformed, white haired commander looked to Omega. 'Launch all Vipers, arm main weapons and bring us to bear on the largest ship.'

'Viper orders sir?'

'Defend the planet from attack and render aid to any ships or fighters from the surface.'

On board Lord Anubis's command ship Harak stared at the screen, the Tau'ri had a huge ship at their disposal and it was coming for them. For a moment he reasoned that one ship against this fleet could do nothing then several dozen points of blue light flared out from the two pontoons on ether side.

Starbuck felt the familiar rush and G-forces of launch 'Apollo, are we sure that these guys are attacking Earth?' he was answered by one of the many crescent shaped fighters firing at him, 'never mind.'

With a quick roll and a dive he found the fighter had over shot him, taping the control stick he blasted the unfortunate target into shrapnel. Quickly he found another target this one was different to the first as it had three engines, of which only the top one was working. It was dodging one of the engineless fighters while trying to hit another with some kind of projectile weapon. Glancing at his sensors Starbuck saw that the one in the middle had two pilots, both human. The other two had one pilot each and they were both human and had some kind of parasite with them

'All Vipers, I think the ships with engines are earth's fighters try not to hit them.'

'Frack!' Boomer was a hairs breath from blowing one of the three engine fighters to scrap. Looking for a new target he saw a smaller picket ship attacking the largest pyramid while being shot at by the larger fighter bombers that were swarming the place 'Form up Charlie we're going in.' squeezing his accelerator as hard an he could Boomer headed towards the harassed ship.

The Prometheus was the little kid standing up to the local bully, and like all brave little children was getting a bloody nose. Its shields were flickering on an off and its turrets were firing wildly. One gun locked and tried to track the two white darts coming at it, it couldn't.

The darts out distanced the death gliders that were following them and passed the Prometheus harmlessly. The gun still tracked them and watched as they approached and then passed the seven Al'cash following it, this time they were not harmless. Each spat a handful of lasers into each ship, causing explosions and leaving devastation. Almost on the spot the two ships switched nose for tail and sped back tackling head on the following death gliders before powering off at impossible speeds.

The gun turned its attention back to the capital ship. Which was firing after the long gone darts. A short burst from each turret on board brought its attention back for a fleeting moment.

Zar'ak was one of Anubis's best pilots and even he had trouble hitting these new things. He spoke to his group. Knowing that they couldn't hit the little ones perhaps they could take on the larger and disable it.

The death gliders swung around and headed for the larger, off white, ship. For a moment he thought they had had a chance.

One of the Galatica's guns slowly turned towards the six crescents. Without so much as a flinch it fired six shots and then scanned for some new targets.

The Galatica watched as the brave little ship tried to damage the larger, meaner one. In this scenario the Galatica was the big brother who didn't like bullies. Swarmed by ineffectual crescent fighters it stalked the command ship. Its movement was the long stride of a young man eating up the distance between the two enormous ships.

The pyramid threw pulses of energy at it, the shots boiled off ancient armour plate and scorched sections of the Galatica's hull, shrugging off the damage it responded in kind. Great lasers scorched the space between them. The pyramids shields reacted like paper hit with a hammer, the first laser sliced a spine off the bottom exo-structure. The second cored the pyramid's centre leaving a gap you could fly a viper wing through. The third blew the base of the ship apart. A fourth was not needed.

All sides stopped in awe as the Galatica glided in between the smaller ship and the remaining pyramids. As one the pyramids turned their attention to the old ship.

Far beneath the planet Jack O'Neill had finished charging the living energy weapon. Looking at the sensors he saw all what had just happened, he could even see the fleet slowly approaching the solar system. For the briefest of moments he wondered who they were, then it came, knowledge of the Ancient's history. Their long lost brothers and their discovery of this galaxy. Earth was their first colony then they discovered Naquada on this world. It was the catalyst that pushed the Ancients to the level of technology they had before the fall. Mining this world they removed all the natural deposits of Trinium, Naquada and anything else they needed. Before they found that element they used the same ships and technology as these new comers. All this flashed trough his crowded mind before he adjusted the weapons orders and realised them.

In space the blobs of living energy danced around the two wedge shapes ships and spread into withering columns, filtering from one Goa'uld ship to another destroying each with little difficulty.

In the wake of the battle the years seemed to return to the Galatica but there was no weakness. It pulled the age over itself, the innocence and helplessness a cover to hide the raw power that it, the oldest of the Battlestar's, had.

General Hammond was standing at the front of the bridge, from here he could see the scars and damage that the huge ship had sustained. He was amazed, burns, scoring, whole bulkheads had been replaced and then replaced again. Most of the recent damage looked to have been repaired on the go and done as quickly as possible.

'General, the president is on the radio.'

Taking a few steps back George was able to look at the monitor 'yes sir?'

'Good work up there George, pass my congratulations and thanks on to SG1. any idea who that ship belongs to?'

'Not yet sir But I intend to find out.'

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