Lost Brothers

Chapter Five

Rachel skipped down the corridor, being chased by her two brothers. They had another five minutes before brake was over. Once the two brothers had tickled her into submission they made their way back to the classroom. They all sat at their own desks, one of the brothers started a game and it wasn't long before the other joined in with his computer.

Rachel on the other hand liked watching history more than playing silly boys games. One day she hoped to be on one of the SG teams that lived with other races, because it would be cool. She told the computer (who she called "Cammy") to show her the logs of the first SG team, and probably the best SG-1.

More than fifty years ago they stepped out into the universe. Making new friends and enemies every day. Still, after all this time, no one knew all of the gates the ancients used and no one how much was they left behind. That was the point of the colony fleets small groups of ships and people sent out to explore for years at a time. Now their feet was heading home, for the first time in ten years. Rachel was so exited despite the fact it would take another eight years to get there.

Again she looked at the screen, her Grand-dad and Grand-mum smiled back at her. They were still alive and living in Minnesota in an old log cabin. Two of Earths greatest heroes, them and great Uncle Danny who lead this fleet.

Her brothers always thought of war, they wanted to be out there in the pilot seat of a Mk IV destroying Cylon raiders or Wraith ships. Their hero was the warrior grand parents, stopping bad guys.

Slowly the others came in just ahead of Aunt Cass. 'Everyone back?'

As one they replied 'Yes Mrs Fraser.'

'Good, everyone look at your monitors.' They all changed to the same thing. Aunt Cass had never told them how she made the screen change like that but Rachel guessed she was really a witch and did it with magic.


It was the end of the day and every one was "ringing" off to their own ships. Rachel stood back while her turn came up. 'I'm calling mum,' she said to her brothers, 'Sam wants me to play with her at her place.'

'See you later Ray.' And they vanished in the beam of light. She quickly called her home and then Sam's to say that it was all right before getting on the platform.

When she got their she sat down with the others, waiting for the next lesson.

Dawn looked at her charges, with the galaxy safe from slavery by other worlds they could turn their attention back to the older enemy. In front of her were the four slayers in training. Her own daughter, Samantha. Samantha's best friend, Rachel and the twins, two girls named Lizzy and Becky who no one, not even their parents could tell apart. They were the only slayers with the fleet, and not that difficult to deal with. As long as the slayer line grew earth was save from just about every angle.


Jack smiled, somehow both himself and Carter had survived the last twenty or so years of enforced retirement. Now for the first time in those twenty years they could meet their children and grandkids. And it would be a laugh to see Danny and Cassy again. They sat outside the local ring platform, fortunately the locals knew who they were and didn't bother them. Then the rings flashed up as a white light, that had probably been bounced around the satellite signal boosters, touched down.

even people stepped down. The oldest, who had gone bald years before going off to the stars was Daniel helped the blond haired, elder, lady (who was still much younger than Danny) down. Who then ran and hugged Carter, then their adopted daughter kissed him on the cheek.. Their son looked older as did his wife but what surprised them the most was their three grand kids. They really had grown up.

Rachel had "the look". The same stance the same expression as Carter but with long brow/red hair. Jack almost cringed, another mad scientists. Tim and John were the other end of the spectrum. Both walked with a psudo-millertary gait. They hadn't grown out of the "guns are cool" phase. With a smile he knew that all three where his grand kids and he loved them.

Together the family got into the short range shuttle to head home.

and there's a happy ending for all