Sleepless Night Before hand: This is a short 7 page story that just popped in my mind after finishing "Walk This Way". Also, the first part (before the title) is in Syaoran's P.O.V. Syaoran? Yeah, Since everyone here seemed to spell it that way I changed "Shaoran" to "Syaoran". I'll write a sequal to this storyline if I get 10 or more positive reviews. Well, enough babbling. Here's the story.


It was quiet. That's all there really is to say. I don't know why I'm waiting, all I know is I feel her coming. Who? Sakura of course. My Cherry Blossom. I can feel it. Her pink aura is getting closer and closer. Soon there is a shadow at my window. I close my eyes, knowing who she was. I hear the window creep open and a few footsteps in my room. I keep my breath even.

"Syaoran?" She ask, but I don't answer. "Sorry to barge in..." Her voice is in a whisper and I keep my breath even, ever so even. "I can't sleep... Its been two days now."

I can feel my face grow hot as she slides into bed with me, yet still I keep my breath calm and even. Her arms encircle me and I feel her head rest against my chest. I was sleeping on my side.

"I'm sorry.. I just think I can relax with you like this... I'll leave before you wake up..."

I open my eyes and stare across my room. Just vaigly I can make out her light brown hair at the bottom of my vision. She was asleep, and for that I was thank full. Slowly I reach my arm around and embrace her. Most guys would take advantage of a situation like this. I was different. That was why she probably came to me. I mean, we are all like this aren't we? Laying in bed just wanting to embrace something warm. At least I am. Every night I long to hold her like I am now. She just needs comforting, I know. But somewhere in my heart I long for hers. I want to be able to hold her like this every night, not just when she had insomnia.

I sigh. She probably came here because Touya was being over protective of her again, probably sitting up with her. Tomoyo is already asleep by now. Hell, it's one A.M. now. She wanted her brother to sleep and didn't want to bother Tomoyo. That's why she's here. I must be some sort of 'last effort' or something. I close my eyes and willow in my own self-pity. 'She isn't here for me' I tell myself. 'She just needs someplace quiet to rest. That's all, don't fool yourself.'

I embrace her tighter. ' yet if only...'

Sleepless Night

Syaoran woke up slowly the next morning and rolled over onto his back. The ceiling was just as it had always been. The cracks and patterns were all just like they were last night. The only difference was, "Sakura" Syaoran looks to his left to see a small indention in his bed where she had slept. "Its going to be a long day."


"Sakura-san?" Fujitaka asked as he peeked into her room. "You awake?"

Sakura sat up almost instantly. "Of course."

He entered the room and sat down next to his fifteen year old daughter. "Did you sleep at all?"

"Five hours."

Her father smiled. "Well at least its getting better then, huh? Its been two nights since you last slept. "You going to go to school?"

"Un." She nodded happily. "I feel a lot better now."

"Okay then." Fujitaka stood. "Breakfast will be ready in a few minuets."

"Hai." She smiled as her father left the room. When the door closed Sakura looked down at the sheets she was under, wishing she could smell the sweet scent of the person she longed to be with.

"Ohayo, Sakura." Kero greeted as he flew from his drawer / room. "Sleep well?"

"Actually yeah!" She answered as she hopped out of bed. "I feel ready for the day!"



Syaoran waited patently for her to show up. She always took this path to school, why should today be any different? He looked at his hands and smirked at the skateboard Sakura had given him for his birthday last year. The top was green with a black and white ying yang on it. Almost like his suit he wore when fighting Clow cards. The bottom had a picture of Firey , His favorite card. He always did like fire. His smirk changed to a grin.

The sounds of skating entered his ears and he dropped his board on the ground and stepped onto it. Skateboarding was one of his favorite things to do in Hong Kong. That is, when he wasn't training or running from Mei-ling. Actually he used his board to get away faster. She could be such a pain.

Syaoran started by pushing with his right foot and gained speed as the incline came up. At the last second he kicked the back of the board and went airborne, perfectly catching the rail between his wheels and grinded all the way down, shooting out right in front of Sakura, scaring her out of her mind.

"Hoooeeeeee!!!!!!!" She turned to glare at Syaoran. "Don't do that!"

Syaoran smiled and skated over next to her. "Did you sleep last night?"

Sakura blushed lightly and looked down. "Um, yeah."

"That's good." He smiled warmly at her. "We better get to school though."

"Hoe!" She started to skate again and Syaoran followed slightly behind her.


'Here I am again,' Syaoran thought to himself. ' In class, Staring at the board like I'm paying attention. I know what I'm really doing. Thinking about her. Why is it that I just don't tell her how I feel? .....Why not just answer the question on why I'm talking to myself? I'm getting nowhere fast...' Syaoran blinked suddenly as a note flopped on his desk. A second long glance at the teacher told him it was safe to open, and that he did. The message, however, confused him slightly.

Your eyes are glazed, thinking about her again?'

The boy looked up and saw Tomoyo look back slightly and make eye contact. ' Figures.' Syaoran thought to himself as he wrote his reply. ' How can one friend be so perceptive and the other so dense? Everyone knows I like her, BUT her!...Still, the bets on how long it takes until I crack is going a little to far....' He flicked the paper expertly onto Tomoyo's desk. Fortunately they had kept the same seating arrangement for a while now. Being on the very back had its advantages after all.

Tomoyo unfolded the paper and read the answer, which was written down quite sloppily.

Your eyes need checked. Maybe glasses?'

Tomoyo giggled and slid the note into her bag. Syaoran just snorted and went back to the magna strip he was working on when he didn't feel like listening to the teacher.


What time was it again? Syaoran checked his watch for the up tenth time. Almost, almost time to go home. ' What would I do at home anyway?' he asked himself mentally. ' Maybe call a psychiatrist that specialized in people talking to themselves? ....Sounds like a plan.' He added the last part sarcastically.

The chimes finally rang, releasing them from the prison the government called school. School was over for the week, which meant that tonight was his weekly training with himself. The Clow cards were almost all captured. Just a few 'extras' , as Kero called them, were left. ' Extras my butt, there the powerful ones left out of the book for a good reason!'

"Bye, Syaoran-kun." Sakura called to him as she walked over to Tomoyo

"Un, Ja, Sakura-chan, Daidouji-chan."


The day passed by rather quickly after Syaoran got home. A long three hour work out with his sword put his mind at ease. The only thing that bothered him was how dark it got during the winter. At only seven o'clock it was dark outside. The moon was half full that night as well.

Syaoran sighed out on his balcony of his apartment. He could feel Sakura's aura. It was bigger than normal, which meant she was using her magic again. A quick look toward the moon confirmed his suspicion. She was flying on her wand. ' She really should be more careful about being seen...'

'Anyway, its not my problem.' Turning, he made his way into his apartment and took his shirt off and threw it on the floor. ' I just need a shower to help me relax.'


Sakura looked at the city below her as she flew. 'Such a pretty sight from this angle.' She thought, smiling. She enjoyed the freedom her staff has given her and flew all around the town of Tomoeda. Finally deciding to go back home, she turned and looked down once again. Figures she'd come here. ' Oh well, I suppose a visit would be nice.' She smiled and landed onto Syaoran's balcony and walked in, surprised that he left it open.

"Syaoran?" She called. "Syaoran-kun, where are you?"

"Are you deaf?" A voice answered her. "Can't you hear the shower?"

Sakura blushed lightly. "Gomen!"

"Make yourself at home! I'll be out in a flash."

Sakura nodded, even if he couldn't see her, and looked around the house. "He needs to clean..." A smile appeared on her face.


Syaoran emerged from the bath a couple of minuets later and looked around. He was clad a loose green oversized night shirt with matching pants and house shoes, all of which Sakura had given him last Christmas. "Sakura-chan? You really shouldn't fly around like that, people could.." He stopped in his tracks when he saw his livingroom. ""

Sakura looked up and smiled. "You really should clean more often." She placed the center piece back onto his coffee table and smiled. Everything was now dusted, and in its right place.

Syaoran could hear his laundry machine working to. "You did my laundry to? How long was I in there?"

She giggled in response. "Your cloths were mostly already there so I just put them in for you. When was the last time you cleaned anyway? No doubt it was the last time I did it for you."

Syaoran grinned slightly and looked at the floor while bringing his hand up behind his head. "Well, I ,uh... That is..."

"Moi... Your so predictable! Have you even eaten dinner yet?" Syaoran was about to answer when his stomach growled, causing him to blush. "You can't even feed yourself properly!" She lead him over to the couch and sat him down. "Now you just sit right here and watch T.V. I'm going to cook dinner tonight."

"Yes Mam."

Sakura giggled as she walked into his kitchen.


It was already eleven before Syaoran realized that time had slipped by them. A great dinner and a movie had completely taken his mind off the fact that Sakura should of gone home an hour ago at least. The movie was just finishing and Syaoran realized that Sakura had fallen asleep in his lap. Her legs were bent and brought close to her so she could fit on the couch. Of course that meant that she had to use his lap as a pillow. Well, she was laying on a pillow on his lap, but you get the idea.

"Sakura? Sakura-chan?"

"Hmm...mmm.." She shifted slightly to get more comfortable.

"Your to much.." Syaoran whispered to himself. Slowly he slid out from under her and lifter her up to carry her into his room and place her on the bed. After tucking her in he picked up the green cell phone Tomoyo had given him and dialed out her number. He let it ring seven times before a very tired Tomoyo answered.

"Moshi mosh-yawwnnn..Who is this?"

"Glad to hear from you, to." Syaoran answered sarcastically.


" Could you call Sakura's house and tell them that she fell asleep over there?"

"...." He heard her giggle. "Sure."


"Don't do anything naughty."

"D-Daidouji!" He felt his face flush dark red. She giggled one last time and hung up. "Geeze that girl!"


Syaoran looked down at Sakura and instantly felt horrible. She had enough trouble getting to sleep as it was, and here he went waking her up. "Gomen, Sakura-chan." He whispered "I woke you..."

"Uh-uhn..." She shook her head slowly. "I need to go home anyway."

She started to get up but Syaoran gently pushed her back down. "Its okay, I already called Daidouji-chan. She's covering for you. Just rest, okay?"

She nodded and yawned. "..Syaoran?"

He turned to her once again. "Nani?"

"Can you...." her face flushed dark red. "Stay here with me....?"

Syaoran smiled lightly. "You trust me, don't you?"

"Always have."

Slowly he padded back to his bed and slid in next to her, instantly being wrapped in her arms. Sakura inhaled deeply and smiled.

"Sakura....There's...something I need to tell you..."


"I..." He swallowed hard. ' this is it...just say it.' He set his face determined. " I love you, Sakura."

Sakura felt his body tense up. Slowly a smile came to her face and she closed her eyes. "I've waited for you to say that for a long time now, Syaoran-kun."

Syaoran blinked and his body went slack. "Nani?"

Sakura pulled her head up and whispered in his ear. " I love you, Syaoran..."

Syaoran's face slowly changed into a smile and he hugged her close. "Thank god.... I was so worried you'd reject me..." A single tear came from his eye.

"Silly.." She kissed his chest lovingly. "I would never reject you."

A small chuckle came from his lips. "So if I wake up and your not here anymore should I assume you just went back home?"

Sakura's eyes snapped open. "You were awake!?"


Notes: So, what'd ya think? Like it? hate it? Tell me! I have no intention to write any more onto this story line, but if 10 people ask me to, I will. Sorry it's so short. I guess you could call this a one-shot, hey! this is my frist one! YEAH!