Sweet Dreams Notes: Rated "R" for violence,and intense moments with S&S! I had to add a fight scene in this once becasue of writers block, but it gets mushy after that, trust me. And on with tha 'fic.


Syaoran yawned loudly as he awoke from his dream. Stretching out he put a smile on his face and let his arms fall behind his head and stare at the ceiling. It was different now. He had someone else to look at it with him. And that someone was sleeping soundly on his chest.

Sweet Dreams

Sakura had insisted on cooking him breakfast. Not that Syaoran disapproved, mind you, He was just happy watching her walk around in his kitchen and hum happily to herself. Syaoran smiled happily and flicked the T.V. on ,wondering what was going on in the rest of the world. After a few minuets a flipping he let it rest on 'Who's line is it anyway?' A smiled at the corny things said.

"Syao-chan, Breakfast is ready!"

Syaoran raised an eyebrow and walked to his dining room. Sakura was just placing his food down. "Syao-chan?" He asked, keeping the confused look on his face.

Sakura smiled and sat him down in a chair. "Would you rather me call you 'Oo-chan?' " (ookami is Japanese for 'wolf' )

Syaoran shook his head violently and grabbed his chopsticks. "Mm, this looks good."


He nodded. 'Subject changed: Success.' Taking a bite he smiled at her happily. "This is great, Sakura-chan!"

Sakura sat down in front of him and took a bite of hers. "Thanks!"

"So what do you want to do today?"

Sakura chewed her food thoughtfully. "Well, last night was the first time I've slept so long so I want to do something exciting!"

Syaoran nodded in agreement. "But what?"

"The carnival is in town?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Sakura smiled brightly and watched him eat, taking bites of her won every now and then.


Okay, Going to the Carnival wasn't really that hard to do, it was just to early in the day for that. Sakura still needed to get home, call Tomoyo, finish her weekend homework, and several mos things that she couldn't think of at the moment. She left, rather reluctantly, around ten. Syaoran walked her home and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before she went in, just missing her brother popping out by a few seconds. The argument of why he was there lasted only thirty seconds. Surprisingly Syaoran had already thought of his edscuse. His morning jog. With that said, and Touya satisfied with a reasonable answer, they parted ways.

Sakura bounced quickly up the stairs and ran into her room, closed the door, and leaned against it, trailing down with a stupid smile and a blush on her face. "Hyaaaaaannnnnnn....."

"Oh, not this again." Kero said sarcastically as he hovered in front of her face. "Why are you so.. 'Hyaannnn' ?"

Sakura smiled up at him and jumped up, taking his hands in hers and spinning around her room. "Syao-chan said he loves me!" She almost shouted. "I slept with him last night again!"

"Sakura! Le'me go, I'm gonna throw up!"

Sakura happily obliged and shot Kero a good foot before he caught himself. A few more Moments went by before he could think straight again. "You stayed over at the brat's house!?" He shouted at her. "What do you mean you slept with him...again!?"

Sakura got real close to him. "I went over to his house after I went flying..."


"And then I made him dinner and watched a movie..."

Kero floated a little closer. "Un,un!"

"Then he carried me to his bed, held me in his arms... told em he loved me...."

Kero's face was sweating. "Un,un,un!!"

"And then we fell asleep!"

Kero face-faulted.

~*Syaoran's P.O.V.*~

I could feel it. The presence of a Clow card. It was teasing me, I could tell. I kept my pace even as I walked down the street. It knew I didn't want to confront it in the day. It was using me to get somewhere. Where? The outskirts of town. I wasn't really dressed to do this, my shirt wasn't lose and I was wearing jeans, which didn't give me as much maneuverability as I wanted. This one was obviously smart.

I finger the cell phone in my pocket. Should I use it? No... I never liked Sakura being in danger, and if this Clow card was waiting to attack ,it obviously didn't want attention called to itself. The forest was close now, the one that overlaid the edge of town. Sakura once told em she saw a ghost here, and also captured the illusion card at this place. Figures. I'm in the forest now. Sakura was going to kill me for not telling her about this. I feel the grin across my face. Oh well, I'd give it to her anyway....

"Show yourself." I call out, waiting for it to appear. Call it warriors intuition, I had the feeling it was respectable enough not to attack out of the blue. I was right. The image took shape in front of me and My sword appears in my hand. It was longer than it used to be, growing more powerful with each card captured. Sakura had even given my the sword card to give my blade its best power. I'd have to thank her later.

The card looked almost human. It's hair was spiked. Had the torso and up of a male and long flowing bluish hair. Actually, it was all a clearest blue, with pointy ears, fangs, wings, and a mist for a lower body. One thing was for sure though, it didn't look really happy to see a Card captor around here.


Slowly I put my hand in my pocket and push a button. The auto dial startled the monster into attacking and soon I found myself against a tree with a trickle of blood running from my mouth. Stupid move. Agility staggered backwards and a blue mist evaporated from my sword. A card's blood.


Again it attacked and my swing hit air. Before I knew it I was screaming. The monster had claws coming from his hands, and they were drenched in red.

"Syaoran!? Oh my god, are you okay!? Syaoran!? Where are you?"

Agility slashed my jeans and I soon found myself in knees length shorts. Unfortunately, my phone was neatly cut in three pieces. He attacks again and I dodge nimbly, now able to move more freely. Agility kicks the ground and lunges back at me, only to get cut longways by my blade. I smile to myself. I practiced that move before Sakura came over last night. Lucky me.

I pull the sword card and the energy goes into my blade, making it a full broad sword with a blade that came up to my shoulder and curved just slightly. I grabbed the handle right in front of my face and hold it. Light as a feather.

Three more dodges and attacks and the card was ready to be sealed. Her pink aura was close now and I could smile easy as the shadow passed over me and she jumped from the sky.

"Return to the guise you were meant to be in! CLOW CARD!"

Agility was swept into the card and flew over to me. I smile and Sakura walked close to me.

"You okay?"

Oh yeah. Your the fine one around here. Of course I say: "I'm okay." She frowns at the blood on my side. "Its cool, I can heal in a few days."

"Well you sure aren't going to walk around with that!" She places her hands on me and uses a light healing spell. That's all I taught her, she wasn't good at old magic. Not like me. Although you can't heal yourself. It just don't work that way.

The wounds close and I stand straight. I would hurt for a few hours but no scars would be left. "Here." I offer the card, which she declines. A few moments later and she grabs it from my hands, just to make me shut up. I always was good like that. "So what about tonight?"

"Oh..." She places her hands behind my neck. I could feel myself blush brightly. "I was thinking I could keep you occupied..." She hugs me and blew lightly in my ear. I start to get hot and she nibbles my earlobe gently. I don't remember much after that. Later I was told I passed out with a nose bleed. I think I just fainted....I don't remember the nosebleed.....really.

~*normal P.O.V.*~

Sakura smiled down At Syaoran as he woke from his nap. From the time outside one could tell it was late. Probably about nine or ten. Slowly Syaoran sits up and looks around. They were at his place. Both decided to rest after the battle, although Sakura sat up and watched T.V., not being able to sleep. She still had insomnia...well, kind of.

"Your awake." She states the obvious.

"And your pretty." Syaoran replied in turn. She blushes slightly at the remark and sits back on the bed, letting him sit up.

"Sleep good?"

"Very, you?"

"Not at all."

"I thought that was over?"

"One night don't count."

"Wasn't it two?"

She blushed brightly at that. "I still can't believe you were awake.."

Syaoran smiled and leaned forward, pushing her back and half laying on her. "I'll keep you up, if you want?"

She smiled mischievously. "And what does that mean?" She ran her hands along his back. "An offer?"

" Actually, I meant talking, what are you thinking?"

"You wanna know?" She kissed his neck and wrapped her arms tight around him.

"I...think so..." Syaoran was having a hard time breathing. Seems like she knew just what to do to the guy. " However.. If you don't stop I don't think I'll be listening very closely..."

Sakura giggled and rolled him over and strattled his lap, patting his stomach lovingly. "Your so shy."

Syaoran took her hands and looked into her eyes. "Does Daidouji know your this aggressive?"

Sakura bent in for a kiss. " Don't think you'll get that lucky." Syaoran tilted his head and let her kiss him, returning it passionately.

"I can't get any luckier than I am now."

"Oh?" Kissed his mouth and trailed to his chin and then neck. "Wanna make a bet on that?"


Later a shirtless Syaoran laid in his bed, clad in only his house pants. Sakura laid next to him in one of his shirts and some borrowed sweats.

"So what do you want to do tomorrow?" She ask as she closed her eyes and inhaled his scent.

"If your brother doesn't find out that your here for the second night in a row? Probably go to the movies and lunch, maybe even dinner if I have enough money."

"Sounds nice.... You sure you don't mind me staying here? Won't get a nosebleed with a girl sleeping with you?"

"With the way you tease, I think I'll get used to it eventually."

"Me tease?" She asked, sitting up and looking down on him. "And just who started the tickling in a make out session?"

"Who fell off the bed laughing?"

"Hoeeeee!!!! Don't tell anyone!"

Syaoran sat up and kissed her gently. "Wouldn't dream of it."


Tomoyo and Kero hung upside down from Syaoran's window, recording this all. "There so cute." The girl stated to the seal beast. "Don't you agree, Kero-chan?"

"I can't believe she fell for that brat! He's got no guts!"

"Seems to me like he just don't want to rush things."

Kero sighed. "Let get out of hear, people might start looking at us weird."



Inside Sakura snuggled up closer to a sleeping Syaoran and sighed happily. So many nights she had wanted more than anything to just fall asleep, now she was almost fighting against the tiredness. She kissed the base of Syaoran's neck and smiled. He was always there for her, and she could tell this relationship would go far.


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