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Detention Club - Little Red Ridinghood


Da Capo!

"So." Dumbledore raised his cup, eyeing the young man in front of him over the cup.

"So," said Lucius also, his cup kept lower. He had no idea what he should expect, but the amused twinkle in the Headmaster's eyes told that he wasn't in too much of a trouble.

"That was certainly an... unexpected version of the story," said Dumbledore then, chuckling slightly. "I'm sure that what you produced wasn't exactly in Minerva's mind as she picked the story you had to turn into a play."

"Well, it wasn't my idea," the Potions Assistant replied, shrugging. "Mostly it was young Mister Snape." And then, he told the story of how he and the boys had come to a decision about their final plotline.

As he finished, the Headmaster's eyes were twinkling even more. "Who'd known that young Mister Snape had such an imagination?" he said with a smile. "Or such great acting skills?"

"He's skilled, of course, he's a Slytherin," Lucius snorted. "But I doubt that much of that was really acting."

"Ah, yes," said the Headmaster, chuckling again. "Their, shall we say, romantic scene seemed to have rather much feeling behind it... Truly exceptional, I might say."

"You could say that," said Lucius with a slight smirk. "And Mister Pettigrew's acting skills are truly great, I've seen that as we practised."

"I must agree. I could have mistaken him for a girl, had I not known better -- although partly that's of course because of the great masking."

"Yeah, Peter has a way with Glamouring charms," admitted Lucius with a grin. "A great way, I must say. It's not a wonder he's on top of his class in Charms."

"Some of the teachers are fuming. I seemingly have to assign them all new detentions," the Headmaster said then with a mock-sigh. "Not all of them, however. Miss Evans was clearly not involved in the 'varied' version of the story, so I'll just let it pass on her part." Fixing Lucius a twinkling gaze over his half-moon glasses, he said, "Oh, and Lucius, I expect to see your next play before it's presented to the whole school. You know, censorship and all."

"Of course," Lucius replied with the same "serious" tone. He knew full well that the Headmaster would accept about anything he'd get the boys to act. And even better he knew that the Headmaster would laugh out loud both times he'd see the play.

Saying his quiet goodbyes to the Headmaster, he left the office. Just like he'd expected, all five boys assaulted him as soon as he'd got past the gargoyle.

"Well? Can we create new plays?" Sirius asked eagerly. He was almost jumping up and down in excitement, like a little child.

"Yeah, that'd be great," James said, his hazel eyes twinkling. "And the Headmaster didn't seem too disapproving about our little performance."

"Alas, you're all assigned a new detention," said Lucius, attempting to appear sad. Then he added with a slight smirk, "And he wants to see the next play before we present it to everyone."

"Great!" James smirked broadly. "Now, what are we going to present them?"

"Well, there is always 'Romeo and Juliet'..." The unison groan coming from the teens told him better than well what they thought about that. "Well, what about 'The Ugly Duckling?'"

"I know just the perfect Ugly Duckling," said Sirius with a smirk, glancing towards Severus. "At least on the 'ugly' part."

"Speak of yourself, Black," snapped Severus back, although without the usual malice behind his words. "If you are capable of even thinking for yourself..."

Lucius smiled and nodded. Everything was good and well in the little universe of the Detention Club.

Now, if they only could choose their next production without anybody getting killed.

Just then, Peter got the perfect idea. "What about 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears?'" the tiny, fair-haired boy suggested. "Or 'Rapunzel?' Of course, those both would require somebody with blond hair. It's rather easy to mask the hair darker than it's originally, but when trying to turn it fairer, there is usually always some place where the original hair shows up. Either that, or it looks fake. So, we need a natural blond."

"So you want to be a pretty girl, eh?" asked Sirius, quirking his eyebrow at his friend.

"Nah. Rather, I was thinking about somebody with long, blond hair..." At this, every boy turned to look at Lucius.

The young Potions Assistant backed away in horror. "No," he breathed, "no, I sure as Hell am not going to be a girl! I'm your director! The story-teller!"

"And we're the actors," said Severus with a nasty grin. "You are quiet now, Malfoy. I can already see the story forming in my mind..."

Lucius sighed deep as all boys nodded determinedly. He was seemingly alone against them all -- and what could he do to them to make them obey him, give them detentions, eh?

However, for a moment he considered turning their detention into cauldron-washing or something like that. Fuck Dumbledore, fuck the school, fuck everyone, he would not be a girl!

And yet, a pair of glinting hazel eyes stopped him from doing that. Maybe, just maybe...

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