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Chapter 3: How He Really Was

Tonks had had a few lovers in her twenty-five years. All of them were ruthless and none of them stayed. She had never woken up in the morning with someone next to her, and it was the oddest thing. She didn't love any of the past men she'd been with like she loved him.

None of them did to her what Remus Lupin did. No one could compete with him. He knew things she never thought or dreamed about before that last night. Her faced turned scarlet remembering it. His kiss, his touch, his very being. Merlin, was he always that way? How did woman pass him up? How did they pass that up?!

He was so... my God, he was so—

Something. He was something; Remus Lupin was something else, and he sure as hell could do something else just as well, too!

Tonks let her eyes adjust to the room she was in. If she squinted hard enough, she thought she caught the pale blue of her tank top laying across the room. Her shorts were thrown over his desk... and—

Yes, they were in his room. How did she forget? She stared at his trousers, laying in a heap on the floor ten feet away. She blushed. His hand was now resting on her upper arm. She wiggled slightly, and his hand fell to the front, limply.

Tonks blushed again, not daring to move, and not daring to breathe. She remembered how he was last night. So needy, so passionate. It brought shivers to her just thinking about it. Twenty-four hours ago, she was dreaming of him, now where was she? Laying in his room, on his bed, naked next to him. This was so impossible...

Was it really happening? Truly, and for real?

She hurt. Every part of her hurt. He was rather violent... he was kind of rough. It was hot, it was rough. He was great.

His face was snuggled into her neck. His saliva had dried on her skin, hours ago. His fingers loosened their grip and touched her softly as he slept. It was early in the morning, the sun was beginning to come up. Everyone else in the house was still asleep. It was almost dawn.

Tonks felt the blankets rustle, and he moved slightly. She turned her head to look at his face. He looked so much younger than he really was. He didn't look at all to be ten years older than her.

He opened his mouth against her neck slightly. She felt his eyelashes moving. He was waking up. What was he going to say to her?

It seemed to take him a moment to understand what was going on. He looked at Tonks, frowning for a flash of a second, then down at himself, naked.

Like a bolt, Remus Lupin shot up in the bed, a horrified look across his face.

Tonks frowned slowly as the look of utter terror remained on Remus's face. He kept looking from himself to Tonks and back again. He noted their thrown and scattered clothes with weary eyes.

"Tonks," He managed to say in a strangled voice. "My God! What did I – what did we do?"

Tonks was left speechless. A sinking feeling began to flood her insides. She blushed and cleared her throat.

"We... well, Remus," Tonks said, stuttering. "We – well, we made – um, we..." She stumbled along her sentence like she were tripping over rocks. Meanwhile, Remus looked pale.

He held his head as if he were dizzy. He sat up slightly, taking his hand off her body with startling quickness. He opened his mouth to speak but said nothing.

"Oh bloody hell," He said. "Bloody, bloody hell. I've done it now. Oh Merlin."

Tonks moved to sit up, the blankets falling away slightly. Remus dived for the covers and held them up to her.

"Tonks," He whispered. "My God. I – what have I done to you?"

Tonks licked her bottom lip. "Nothing that I didn't want Remus," She said slowly. He looked sick at her statement.

"No, no," He said, holding his head. "What happened last night! I can't remember a damn thing!"

He scrunched up his brows, thinking hard. His face softened as he seemed to recall something of the previous night.

"You came to the kitchen," He muttered, almost more to himself than to she. "You were— so tempting. My God. I did that to you... oh, no. Merlin, no. I touched you Tonks..."

Tonks moved her hand up to his hair. Her fingers again touched his soft hair. He grabbed her hand, just as he had the night before, only much softer.

"What date is it today?" Remus said, touching her hand, his finger unconsciously tracing hers. Tonks thought about it.

"The Nineteenth," She said.

Remus groaned. "Two days to full moon," He said dully.

Tonks felt fear building in her heart. "What are you talking about?" She asked, more shrilly than she had meant. "Remus?"

Remus Lupin looked like death warmed over.

"Tonks," He whispered in a horse voice. "I couldn't control it. I'm sorry. Forgive me! I couldn't stop it... I can't control my hormones when I'm so close to changing, my desires always take over me... oh my God, Tonks. What have I done to you?"

Tonks felt her lower lip shaking. She wanted to grab him right then and kiss him so hard and passionately like he had done with her last night. She wanted to touch him and show him how she felt, like he'd done with her... just like he'd done.

He was suddenly breathing hard. He was staring at her, the blanket wrapped around her. He looked disbelieving.

"You haven't done anything," Tonks said, moving her hand to his face. "Please, Remus, I- I wanted—"

Remus shuttered as she touched his face. His breath was hot, and she felt it as he leaned closer to her.

"What?" He said, desperately. "Tell me what, Tonks!"

"I wanted you," She whispered, leaning closer and longing to taste his lips again. "I wanted you, Remus. I still do."

Remus's eyes looked like they were watering. Tonks wasn't sure if he would cry or not. He held it in, however, and stared at her, shaking his head.

"You—" He started, breathlessly. "You... you wanted me..."

Tonks felt a tear of her own fall down her cheek. "Please believe me Remus," She said. "I - I love you."

Another silent tear fell down her face. Next, she did the only thing she could think of. She tugged the blanket away from her body, and let him stare. She smiled faintly as his mouth dropped open slightly in surprise. She knew he couldn't tear his eyes away.

He gasped slightly, turning his eyes up to hers and locking his intense gaze on her, like he did the first moment she saw him.

"Please don't do this to me, Tonks," He gasped. "I'm – you're ten years younger than me!"

Tonks scooted closer to him. She carefully snaked her arms around him. The sun was not yet over the hill outside. The sky was pink and orange. She moistened her lips.

"I don't care. I didn't care when I first saw you," She whispered, leaning close to his ear. He shuttered again, reluctantly touching her bare shoulders to try and stop her from moving closer. "I don't care now." She finished.

She kissed his ear. A violent shiver ran through him. He pulled her back slightly and looked into her eyes.

"Tonks?" He said softly. "Is this what you want?"

She nodded. He carefully pulled her closer, his mouth hovering over hers until she felt like screaming from want of him.

He kissed her softly on the mouth, his lips gently move across hers. It wasn't at all like what they'd shared last night.

"That wasn't the way I am," He whispered, kissing her neck soft as a feather. He licked her neck. "That wasn't the way I do that to woman..." He left a trail of drool on her neck and in her ear. She made no move to whip it away. He bit the tip of her ear, while her heart pounded.

"Remus—" Tonks said, in a strangled breath.

"No, no," He said gently, pushing her back into a lying position. He smiled at her, licking his lips, but not growling like before. "Let me show how I really am when I love a woman."

Tonks would have screamed if he hadn't looked so serious.

"Because I do, Tonks," He whispered against her. "I do love you."

She'd seen one side of him already, the side he didn't show. Now so longed to see the other side, the one he showed to the woman he loved.

"Yes, Remus," She said, pulling his head to her mouth. "Show me that side of you now."