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.:Knock Knock:.


"You wanted to see me, Jii-san?"

"Oh yes. Come in Kagome."

18-year-old Kagome entered the large office, her long black hair swaying as she walked. She treaded lightly on the persian carpet as she made her way across the professionally furnished room, smoothing out her knee-length black skirt as she sat down in the big armchair placed in front of her grandfather's cherry oak desk. The young woman watched in amusement as the elderly gentleman argued with the person on the phone, his arms flailing about as if his converser could see.

She sighed, her eyes wandering around the room. A tall, wooden bookcase filled with books stood in the corner of the room. An elaborate table and two chairs sat in front of the fireplace, with a tea set placed on the top. Pictures were placed on the mantle, ranging from the mid 50's to the present.

"Sorry about that." Kagome turned her attention back to the elderly man seated in the desk in front of her. Seiji Higurashi, the biggest business tycoon in Japan. President and founder of Higurashi Enterprises, an organization of that protected Japan's natural beauty, consisting of national parks, historical landmarks, and ancient shrines. He was the owner of the Historical Artifacts Museum in Tokyo, had a wide variety of stocks on the internet, and he owned various labratories dedicated to research and uncover the mysteries of Japan.

And she, Kagome Higurashi, granddaughter of the multi-billionaire business tycoon, was the heiress to all of it.

"Who was it?" the young woman asked casually, watching the red tint on her grandfather's face he had accumulated during his phone conversation slowly fade away. "Your grandmother," he grumbled. "She ah, wants to go out tonight, being our anniversary and all." He picked up a stack of papers and straightened them, hoping to distract his granddaughter from the topic. Unfortunately, Kagome knew his tactics, and flashed him an amused smile.

Seiji cleared his throat and rose from his seat, dismissing the subject. "Anyways, how're your classes?" The heiress rolled her eyes at the question. Ever since he had named her his heir on her 15th birthday, she had been taking business courses in college to 'prepare' her. Actually, she only took them to please the old man. "School's fine, Jii-san."

"Good, good . . ." He walked over to the table, pouring himself a cup of tea. "And your miko training?"

"It's going great," she answered, rising from her seat and walking towards the elderly gentlemen. "My accuracy with my arrow has increased over the past week, and I can control the amount of power I use when I heal."

Not only was Seji Higurashi wealthy, but he was also a priest. The Higurashi clan came from a long line of priests and priestesses, each with their own unique abilities. Her grandfather had been a healer, as well as a formidable opponent with a swordsman. Kagome had inherited the healing abilites as well, but doned archery instead of the sword.

"Excellent. Now, what about that archery competition next weekend," Seiji inquired.

"Cancelled." Kagome scrunched up her nose. "Something about too few entries this year."

"Ah, what a shame." The old man shook his head and took another sip of tea. "So how's your mother and Souta?" Kagome smiled at the mention of her family. "Mom's doing okay, and Souta's the captain of his soccer team." An image of her 14-year-old brother with a soccer ball on his head popped into her mind.

"Captain, you say?" Seiji smiled. "I should come down for one of his games then. How's Kikyou?"

Kikyou was Kagome's adopted sister. Her mother took her in a few months after their father died, when she was only 16. No one knew the reason why, but Mrs. Higurashi did. The strange thing was, even though they had no blood connections whatsoever, eerily the two girls looked enough alike to be twins, save for the age difference.

"She's okay. She's coming down from Osaka the day after tomorrow to visit."

The older girl had moved away to make a name for herself as a business woman. She had been crushed when Seiji announced that Kagome, not her, would be taking over the family business. Unfortunately for Kikyou, the name "Higurashi" haunted her where ever she went, making it almost impossible to build an industry larger than her adopted grandfather's.

"That's nice. Why are you just standing there? Sit, sit." He older man motioned to the chair next to him. The young woman obliged, sliding over to the chair and taking a seat. Seji poured her a cup of tea, before announcing, "I'm starting a campaign."

Kagome took a sip of the luke-warm liquid. "Campaign for what, Jii-san?"

"Well, there is an old abandoned village in a field just south of Narita," Seiji explained. "A construction company has bought the land a few months ago, and is planning to flatten the soil to make housing. The village wouldn't be much importance to me if it wasn't dated back to around 50 B.C."

The young woman blinked. "Are you sure it's dated that far back?" The old man nodded. "Indeed, it is. I sent a few archeologists there to excavate the site, with permission," he added, "and they have found artifacts that only existed in that time era."

Kagome thought for a minute. "But they already bought the land, and I bet contracts have already been arranged for the housing to be built, contracts that I'm sure are hard to break." She scratched her head. " Besides, I thought you already had another village under your protection from about the same era just east of Osaka?"

The elderly gentlemen sipped his tea. "Yes, I do; but this village has something the other doesn't."

The young heiress raised her eyebrow. "And what is that?"

Her grandfather smiled secretly. "Have you heard of the Bone Eater's Well?"

Kagome gasped. "The famous well which the bones of dead demons were thrown during Feudal Japan?" She watched as he nodded, then argued, "But wait! I thought that well was destroyed centuries ago, according to that book of yours." She waved a hand to his pregnant bookshelf.

"Yes well, I read it wrong the first time," he said sheepishly. "The legend says to look to the south from the city to find the well's village. I assumed that it meant from Tokyo, and when we found that burned down village, I thought it had been destroyed." He poured more tea. "Two months ago, after hearing about the village and the well, I returned to the book and began to do research. Apparently it meant Narita, not Tokyo."

He sighed. "Unfortunately, by the time I realized it, the construction company had already bought it. So now, I hope to start a campaign to relieve the contracts that bind the land to the company." Seiji looked at his granddaughter. "To do that, I need the support of the people, and you." Glancing at the confused look on her face, he rephrased his statement. "I want you to help me run the campaign."

"M-me?" Kagome sputtered, rising from her seat. "But I'm still in classes--"

"What better way to learn about what I do than to learn first hand?" her grandfather interrupted. "Besides, with your charming attitude we'll win over them for sure," he winked.

Kagome blushed. "Ho-how are we going to--"

"We need to show the people we care about Japan. You live in an ancient shrine, so that helps. We're from a long line of priests and priestesses, and we unlike the others, we have abilites. Most importantly, we must keep a clean-cut image. People won't support a campaign run by a couple of drugged delinquents."

The young woman laughed at his remark. Her grandfather smiled, then asked, "So are you in, or are you out?"

Kagome thought for a minute, taking a step closer to the elderly gentleman. She eyed him seriously, extended her hand, and announced, "Mr. Higurashi, I do believe I'm in."

Seiji grinned, standing up to hug her. "Arigatou, Kagome. This'll be a good experience, I assure you." She rolled her eyes, then glanced at her watch. "Jii-san, I must be running. I promised to meet Sango in half an hour."

"Very well. I'll be calling you later tonight for more details." Kagome pecked Seiji on the cheek, then walked to the door, closing it behind her. She leaned on it, exhaling. A campaign . . . wow. "Hope I won't say anything stupid," she smirked, before straightening and walking down the hallway to the elevator.

Kagome didn't see the lone figure hidden behind a plant beside her grandfather's office, who had been listening in on the whole conversation.

"Clean-cut image, huh? I'll show the world exactly how 'clean-cut' the Higurashi's are . . ."


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