Hello everyone!

I know it's been awhile since I've updated, and I apologize. I come to you with some good news, and some bad news.

The bad news is, I've decided to put this story, "Beneath the Tangles," on hold. Don't worry, it WILL be finished, I just don't know when. I anticipate 10 more chapters, and as much as I would like to finish the story, I can't force myself something my fingers and brain just won't do. I'm extremely sorry.

As for my other stories, "Past the Shadows" and "Sweet, Sweet Time," I am currently working on them. There are about four more chapters to "Past the Shadows", but I'm not quite sure how many more to "Sweet, Sweet Time."

In other news, I haven't been totally idle. I have a new story I'm working on, "To Break the Chains of Yesterday." I urge all of you to read it; my writing has evolved, and this story's my little guinea pig to try it out on. Yes, it's AU, but it's still good, I promise you.

So for now, my order of stories goes as follows:

1)To Break the Chains of Yesterday

2)Past the Shadows

3)Sweet, Sweet Time

4)Beneath the Tangles

If my writing goes well for "To Break the Chains of Yesterday," I'll most likely edit "Beneath the Tangles" and make it even better.

Thank you all for patience with me!