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"Hey mom....a what? Reunion?...No I don't think I'll be able to....what? No don't put dad on the....Hi dad..Yeah I heard, sorry I'll missit. I just have a lot of work to and might have to leave town." Shalimar held the phone away from her ear and hung her head as her father shouted through the other end. Brennan walked in the room with an eyebrow raised.

'my dad' Shalimar mouthed rolling her eyes. He smiled and sat down next to her. When the shouting died down she placed the phone back on her ear.

"I know daddy but..." She looked up at Brennan only to see him laughing.

"Shut up!"She said slapping him across the shoulder.

"No not you daddy...yes...I said yes! I'll be there!" She quickly hung up growling in frustration.

"Mind sharing the joke?" She asked a still laughing Brennan.

"It's just," he started laughing harder. "hearing you say 'daddy'." He fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

"Oh shut up." She sadi again shoving him off the couch.

"Alright I'm sorry." He said getting back up. "So what was that about?" He asked sitting beside her again.

"My family is having a reunion." She said dolefully.

"Sounds like fun. Are you going?"

"Fun? I think not. Maybe with your family."

"Oh come on. They can't be that bad. When is it?"

"Day after tomorrow."

"Who are you going to see? Mom, dad and the one brother."

"And an uncle, four aunts and six cousins. Oh and you'll get a kick out of this, my cousin Aphrodite is going to be there with her new rich fiance." Shalimar scoffed.

"I don't get it. But her name is Aphrodite?"

"Yeah like the goddess of love, supposedly the most beautiful woman ever. Ever since we were eleven she thought of herself as the most beautiful woman alive. God I hated her!"

"Okay so you didn't get along fifteen years ago. Big deal, is that the only reason you don't want to go?" He asked putting an arm around her shoulders.

''No. It's just that every four years my family, under the pretense of a family reunion pick a day to pick apart your life piece by piece and throw all your the bad pieces in your face in front of everyone else so that it will forever be remembered in our family's history. One day the younger kids will be saying, 'Shalimar the black sheep. She ranaway from home when she was fifteen and started working for a some man."

"Is that what they're saying about you?"

"Yep. And the worse part is they think me and Adam are involved."

"So what. Do you really care what they think? Just tell them the truth. Tell them that you help Adam rescue new mutants from a secret government organization called Genomex. And that along with three fellow team mates you are responsible for some parts of the world still being intact."

'' Ha ha very funny. But at the moment they think I run a personal protection agency."

"So are you going?"

"Yeah I'm going." She sighed.

"When do you plan on telling Emma?"

"As soon as I come to terms with having to see my family again."


"You're leaving? Tomorrow? Shalimar! Our anniversary is on Sunday and your telling me that you're not going to be here!" Emma said sitting up. Shalimar had decided to spring the news as they were settling down for the night.

"I'm sorry, I tried to get out of it. But with my parents it's futile." Shalimar said sitting up as well.

"I don't care. I don't want to celebrating our one year anniversary alone." She said somberly.

"Then come with me." Shalimar suggested.

"What?" Emma couldn't believe her ears. In the year they'd been dating Emma and Shalimar hadn't left Sanctuary for more than a few hours.

"Come with me. It'll be a little crowded, what with all the arrogant people there. Not to mention my cousin Aphrodite and her new fiance. If we're lucky my cousin Mattie will be there. She's probably the only person I'm looking forward to...." Emma jumped her before she could finish her sentence knocking them both on the bed. Landing on top Emma straddled Shalimar pinning her arms above her head. She leaned in and kissed her deeply. She trailed her hand down Shalimars side and begun pulling up her shirt.

"Hey Shailimar...Oh my god!" Jesse had abrubtly opened the door and shut it again. "Sorry." He said through the closed door. Both girls laughed and climbed off each other. Emma got off the bed and opened the door.

"What can we do for you Jesse?"She asked smiling.

"You know there are locks on the doors right?"He said still a little red in the face.

"And there is also something called 'knocking'. Now stop blushing we didn't even get that far."

"Shalimar, Adam wants to talk to you before you leave tomorrow."

"Great. Now I can tell him I'm taking Emma with me." She said sprinting out of the room.

"What? No fair. I refuse to clean sanctuary all by myself! Have you seen this place? It's huge!" He yelled as he ran after her. Emma laughed, she'd completely forgotten about that. It was the third weekend of the month when they had to clean up Sanctuary and upgrade the computers. Emma pulled a suitcase out from under bed and started packing.

to be continued....