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Video camera is filming Kai who is not aware that he is being filmed by Ray. Tyson is seen running back and forth on the roof and screaming.

Kai,laughing insanely, screams "Look at that bitch run!!"

"Kai, I know this hard for you, but, smile! You re on Candid Camera!" Ray says.

"Oh good, you got the camera. Hello! This is KaiRayRayKai Production number 83..." Kai starts.

"I hate you Kai!!!" screams Tyson.

"I'm Kai and this is Ray filming."

Ray turns the camera to himself and screams "OH MY GOD, I M RAY!" and turns back to Kai.

"Good job, genius." Kai remarks.

Max and Kenny come running outside.

"Holy crap, Kai what did you do this time?" questions Max.

"Oh sure, blame me becuz I m the one who doesn t like him."

"Well, yeah," says Kenny.

"Will you get on with it!?" Ray gets impatient.

"Oh yeah! Well, while Tyson was sleeping, I put him on the roof, which was hard to do since he eats so bloody much and he weighs more than I do! Anyway, before that, Ray and I watched three weeks of PBS for kids to find out the coldest day would be. We found out from Elmo that today would be the hottest. So we decided to change our plans and to eat crackers cuz we were damn hungry after watching a three hour marathon of Ray s ancestors, and dude are they ugly!" explains Kai.

"Hey, that was 'Sawgwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat'...oops. I got it."

"Is that when and why you punched Kai s arm?" asks Max who is eating crackers.

"No, there was a bug on his arm, and I crushed that multi-legged bastard silly!" exclaims Ray.

"Oh, a bird! Maybe it can get me off!" Tyson jumps toward bird but falls back on the roof. "Oww!"

Ray turns the camera toward himself and says "The reason why Tyson is running and screaming in pain is becuz, after Kai and I found out about today being 40 degrees, we taped aluminum foil to the roof. And at 40 degrees that foil can get pretty hot. And he woke up to this."

"But why the hell would you do this? Is there something seriously wrong with you!?" screams Kenny.

"Naw, just really bored," answers Ray calmly.

"You could have just trained, you jackass!" Kenny shrieks.

"No, that s way too boring. I m superior to Tyson and ... hey, are you mocking my ... Kai what s the word I m looking for?"

"Talent?" Kai guesses.

"Yeah, my talent?!"

"You have no talent!!! Just me! I build the blades and all you guys ever do is just yell at them!"

"Why doesn't he just jump off the roof?" suggests Max.

Kai runs up to Max and punches him. Then covers his mouth. "Sshhh, he hasn t thought of that!"

"Mmph mmn hmp monhf?" was Max s muffled sentence.

Kai takes his hand away. "Wha?"

"Why did you have to punch me?"

"...dunno, I was caught up in the moment."

Hilary comes outside and stares for a few minutes at Tyson running and screaming.

"Kenny, what the fuck is happening? Are Ray and Kai doing another production?" she asks.

"Yep. And once again they re going to bribe me into doing sound FX for them."

"Did I need to know that?"

Kenny pops an anti-depressant into his mouth "No, not really. Gross, these taste like shit!"

"You didn t have to spit it at me, you hobbit!!"

Cracks are heard from the roof and Tyson s screaming becomes louder and more frantic.

"Ray, I didn t plan this. What s going on?" Kai asks a little worried that something went wrong.

"I planned it. I put small firecrackers under the foil. I guess they re only popping now."

"Sweet! You re brilliant! You re sadistic!"

Kai and Ray do secret hand shake that is invisible to the naked eye cuz it s secret, right? Anyway, a firecracker pops under Tyson s foot causing him to lose balance and falls of the roof and is knocked out when he hits the ground,

"Aw, damn. Our fun is over. Kai, I wanna cry." Ray complains.

"It s okay, man. Be soft. Be strong. Well, not the soft part," Kai says as he holds out a box of Scotties Kleenex.

Ray pretends to cry. "Wwaaaaaa (takes breath) aaaa I m done."

"Good. I couldn t take it anymore."

"Dude, it was like four seconds."

"Let s try this again, Ray. I couldn t..."

"Okay, okay."

"So, what do you plan on doing, now?" asks Max.

"They re probably going to kick him or something," says Kenny.

"Or throw him in the middle of a highway," guesses Hilary.

"They re all great ideas, but we stick to our plans and those aren t our plans so we re done. Let s wrap this up," says Ray.

"Yeah. Well, later folks. Hoped you enjoyed our torturing of Tyson. Tune in next time for another KaiRayRayKai Production. I m Kai ..."

Ray turns the camera towards himself, "OH MY GOD and I M RAY!" and turns the camera back to Kai.

"... yeah, well, later!"

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