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The cameraman is sitting at one end of a long table and has the camera directed toward the other end, getting everyone sitting at the table in the picture. The closest person is Ray, followed by Max, then Kenny, and Tyson all the way at the end. Standing in front of them is a long line of fans waiting their turn for an autograph from the Bladebreakers.

"I hate this part of the job so much," mutters Kai from behind the camera. "All these people, hundreds of them, wasting their time in a line just to get a scribble on a piece of paper for them to wave around to the friends who couldn't make it. Then, sometimes, they ask for a picture, so they can remember all four seconds they spent standing in front of us, and the hour and a half they waited in line to have those four seconds. Hey, how're you doing?" Kai looks up at a fan, then down at the picture she's given him to sign.

"I'm okay. Can you make it out to…Oh my gosh! Am I going to be in a movie?" she asks, pointing at the camera and completely forgetting she had wanted to give him her name.

"Yeah, you're gonna be in a movie, but don't expect super-stardom or fame, or anything like that."

"Ehehehehe, you're so funny!" she giggles with a twirl of her hair.

"Yeah, well, I try." He hands back the signed picture. "Thanks for coming by."

She sighs and says, "He said…thanks!" before walking away from the table.

"And then when they see you, it's like one of those Disney dreams-can-come-true moments." He looks at Ray who starts chuckling. "You know, half the time I sign Tyson's name instead of mine. Just to see if they're paying attention."

"Really?" says Ray. "I thought that was just me."

"So you're telling me there are some people with Max's autograph, Kenny's, and three of Tyson's."

"That seems to be the case," Ray mutters as he signs another picture.

"Why do we do this?" asks Kai, as he signs the picture Ray just had.

"So that the fans remember what we look like, and so that they continue to like us."

"Why would I sit here for seven hours just so they can remember my face and like me? Isn't that the purpose advertisement was invented to serve?"

"This is a more human approach." Ray leans back in his chair and crosses his arms. "It's also how we show that we care."

"But I don't care, Ray."

"Our sponsors have decided you care."

"To Hell with the spon- Mr. Dickinson, hi! Ray and I were just discussing how these signings bring us closer to the fans."

The picture focuses on Mr. Dickinson walking towards the table. "I know for a fact that you strongly dislike these autograph signings, Kai. Remember that letter you wrote me a year ago expressing such feelings?"

"That was last year."

"So your feelings have changed? That's such a delight to hear."

"No, I still feel the same way, but that was last year? Feels like I wrote it a month ago."

"The truth is, Kai, after the third letter I received from you, I gave my secretary specific instructions to discard any mail with your name on it without having to inform me of its arrival. So for all I know, similar letters have made their way to my office and have never been read."

"Ah, that settles my confusion. You do realize this makes you the worst sponsor a team could ask for."


"I mean, you're ignoring letters from the captain…the captain."

"It's that not I disrespect you-"

"Is it my handwriting? I know it's horrible. I can start typing them if you want."

Mr. Dickinson lets out a sigh and says, "I'm so glad I requested a bottle of scotch in my hotel room."

Kai jumps up and throws his free fist in the air, catching everyone's attention. "WAAAAHOOOOOOO! I drove Mr. D to alcoholism!"

As Ray jumps up to give Kai a high-five, Mr. D looks around and blushes in humiliation. Deciding it's best not to stick around and make himself a target for more abuse, he quickly walks away from the table. In doing so, he gives Hilary an opportunity to make an appearance.

"What the Hell was that?! Have you totally lost your mind? You made him look like a fool in front of all these fans! Actually, scratch that, you made yourself look like a huge fool!"

"I don't remember making you my public relations agent, Hilary. And even if I cared enough to get one, I certainly would not choose you."

Ray adds, "Can you tell me who made you think you had some business being around us today? So I can personally lock them in an underground cellar, never to be let free? You're making us look like fools by lecturing us."

Some of the fans waiting in line hoot at Ray's comment, making the three of them aware that they have an audience.

"Just stop being so stupid!" shrieks Hilary. "Sign your stupid autographs and stop causing trouble!" With that, she storms off to calm down outside.

"Why do you guys have to be like that?" The camera is then focused on Max. "He just wanted to see how we were doing, and you embarrassed him. Then Hilary-"

"Max, do not defend Hilary. She just wants attention and tries to make herself be seen with us as much as possible to get it. She has absolutely no business accompanying us everywhere we go," says Kai. "Now mind your own business. Don't make me come over there. You know damn well I can embarrass you, too."

A fan shouts out, "OH MY GOD! The Bladebreakers are having a fight! They're gonna split up!"

Other fans start to follow suit. "You can't! You're my heroes!"

"My little brother looks up to you!"

"I flew all the way from the States, waited for two hours just to meet you guys, and you're breaking up?!"

"Pfff, glad someone realizes how stupid this is," says Kai.

Tyson gets up in a hurry and says, "Nononono guys! This is just uh…how we talk to each other when we're under pressure! Yeah, we try to make each other laugh and stuff. We're not breaking up. You're gonna see plenty of us on this tournament!" To the Bladebreakers' relief, the fans cheer and calm down.

"Aww, and here I thought we could have gotten out of this tournament thing."

"Would it be so bad if we did something other than sit around Tyson's house all day?" asks Ray. "I'm glad we're doing this."

"Shut up and keep signing Tyson's name."

That brings an end to the first part of the video. The next time the camera is turned on, Kai is seen sitting at a table with a newspaper in his hands and a smug grin on his face. "Check this out," he says, as he holds the paper toward the camera. Ray reads the heading out loud.

"BBA Chairman Dickinson Turned to Alcohol? I can't believe it spread that fast."

"Read the beginning."

"As fans waited to meet the Bladebreakers at a meet and greet, they witnessed a visit from sponsor and BBA chairman Stanley Dickinson gone wrong. It was revealed through a conversation with Bladebreaker captain Kai Hiwatari that he had requested a bottle of spirits in his hotel room; a revelation which sparked a reaction in Hiwatari. Dude that is messed up."

Kai puts down the paper and looks into the camera. "Messed up sounds about right. Anyway, I'm Kai. Neither of us were able to introduce ourselves properly the day we started filming this because…we were extremely busy."

"Yeah, causing a riot is hard work."

"Pfff, not for the talented like myself." Ray snorts. "Shut up. So yeah, a few months ago, this team of whiney bitches convinced me to register us for yet another international tournament. At this point in time, we've just arrived at the qualification finals here in Japan. We're staying in a hotel, because it's believed that it's less distracting than staying at home."

"Don't you find it's true?"

"Ray, I couldn't care less where I stayed during a tournament. As long as Tyson is far away from me." Kai extends his arms in front of him. "Far, far, faaar away from me." He squeezes his eyes, ducks his head, and moves his arms around. "Awaaaaaaaay from meeeeeeeeeee."

"Okay, circus freak, I get it. Far away from you."

Kai then drops from his chair and curls up into a ball on the floor. Ray just keeps the camera steady on him as he pretends to shiver and whispers, "He mustn't be near me. Ever. Not only during tournaments. He just can't ever be near me. He has to-"

"Yeah yeah, stay away, gotchya. Get up."

He slowly picks himself off the floor and sits back in his chair. "Okay, that was enough regression for a day. So, we'll call this video…Qualifi-nator."


"Because the next time we turn on the camera, we'll be qualifinating."


"Tomato, tomahto, Ray." He gets up and starts walking. "Potato, potahto."

"You're not making sense-"

"Radish, radikio."

Ray just sighs and turns off the camera. A stadium filled with cheering people is where we find the Bladebreakers in the final scene of the video. In the center of the floor is a large beydish without any obstacles in it. The camera is focused on Kai's back as he's looking up into the stands.

"Why are you looking at the crowd?" asks Ray.

"Can't I look up at people?" retorts Kai. "Honestly, Ray, the questions you ask sometimes-"

"You never care about who you might find in the stands."

"Well this time I do." He turns to see the people standing behind him. "Ugh, this is impossible."

"What did you do?" asks Ray dryly.

Kai sighs and answers, "I gave some kids posters to hold up and I'm looking for them, but I can't find them."

Kenny overhears their conversation and steps into the picture. "That's not very characteristic of you."

"Minding your own business isn't characteristic of you, either, it seems."

"Is that them?" Kenny points to the large screen over their heads.

"Yeah! Those are the posters!" exclaims Kai. The three of them look around until they find the kids high up in the stands. "Shit, I should have asked where they were sitting, first. No one is gonna see them from up there."

"Not that it matters," says Kenny. "The posters only talk about you."

"Because I'm the only one worth screaming about. Get your head out of that laptop and back to Earth. I promise the women are just as hot."

"Ugh," mutters Kenny as he retreats to the bench. "Someone remind me again why he's our captain."

"Because I'm the only one with a big enough heart to beat you guys when you need it."

Tyson rolls his eyes. "Hmph, and we thought you did it 'cause you're heartless and power-hungry."

"You obviously don't understand that I beat out of love."

"I don't hear you denying the power-hungry part," says Max.

"Oh fuck no. I'm fucking power-tripping right now. You know I do everytime we travel. And none of you can bitch about it, 'cause you all wanted this."

"We wanted to compete! We didn't want -"

"Max, you know exactly what's coming to you. You know it, Tyson knows it, Ray knows it, Kenny knows it, and that bitch Hilary, who thankfully isn't sitting with us right now, knows it. So please, don't say another word unless I talk to you first."

Everyone sighs, knowing it's no use in arguing with Kai when he's in this state. The stadium suddenly becomes dark and the MC starts the event by introducing the two finalists. After his short speech, the lights come back on and the Bladebreakers huddle.

"Alright ladies," says Kai. "Time to trade in your skirts and heels for trousers and work boots. Kenny, what's our line-up?"

"Max will go first. This team doesn't have a chance against Draciel. We'll be up a match before you can say 'Let it-'"

"Yeah yeah, let it rip, whatever. New rule, guys, if I catch you saying 'Let it rip', ripping will take place. Let your imaginations take it from there. Max, get up there."

Max quickly makes his way to the large bowl and gets ready to launch. On the count of three both bladers launch their blades, Max being careful not to yell the recently made forbidden phrase, and focus all their concentration on the match. In a few minutes the match is over and Max is the victor. He takes in the applause as he walks back to the bench.

"Maxy, you were great!" yells Tyson as he runs to congratulate him.

"You were perfect! You're definitely going into the line-up next match," says Kenny.

"Hahaha, thanks Chief!" He enjoys it while he can, because he knows he won't get the same kind of praise from Kai and Ray.

"Your launching stance is horrible," says Ray, shaking his head. "Could you have looked any more like a cookie-pitching girl scout?"

"Consider yourself out of next match's line-up. You gave him too much time to figure out your strategy. Please, save them the trouble next time and draw them a map. Or write them a detailed description of your every move." Kai stands up and asks, "Who's next?"

He keeps an eye on the large screen above them as it displays Tyson walking up to represent the Bladebreakers. Once they're out of the picture, Kai delivers a sharp smack to the back of Max's head.

"OW! What was that for! I won you the first round!"

Kai only shrugs and calmly says, "You knew what was coming. I even told you that you knew what was coming. You should have known what was coming."

The blond just glares and plants himself on the bench.

After Tyson's victory, Ray hands the camera over to Kai to empty his hands for the third and final round. After a few minutes Ray wins his match, meaning the Bladebreakers have won all three rounds of the final match. The MC announces their advancement to the next round of the tournament, resulting in the crowd shouting in fanatic celebration.

Ray makes his way back to the bench covering his ears and yelling into the camera lens. Although he can't be heard, we can read his lips saying "I'm Ray" which he pairs up with a small hand wave. Then he joins the rest of his teammates in the center of the stadium while Kai turns off the camera.


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