Neglected Child

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Summary: Syaoran's life is a mess. He is the youngest of 4 children. His father passed away and his mother copes with the pain by drinking. Syaoran is abused physically and emotionally by everyone, so he isolates himself.

Today is Friday, July 13. Some people believe in paraskavedekatriaphobia - fear of Friday the 13th, but I don't. I don't think it even exists.

The day started hopeful - the sun was out, birds were chirping. It didn't look like anything bad was going to happen, but something did. I went to train and learn like any other day. I was to fight with my neighbor. His name was Xiao Bai and he was around the same age as me. We usually fought one another and learned with each together. We knew almost everything that happened to each other.

"Hyah!" I attempted to kick him.

"Haha, you missed me! Try again Xiao Lang!" Xiao Bai taunted me with.

I made a fist and took aim. I was going to hit him, when suddenly the sky got dark. It started to rain, hard. My clothes were soaked. I felt the hard, cold raindrops hit me. I felt the raindrop hit my face and slide down my cheeks. BOOM! Thunder came crashing down and stuck down a tree that was a few feet from us. We ran our separate ways, waving bye while we go back into our house.

Then, it happened.

Hahaue came back home smelling funny. She started to act really weird. Her cheeks were red and she was walking funny. I didn't know what happened to her and this was the first time I saw her like this. I went to help her, but she pushed me away.

BOOM! Thunder struck. The lights went out. It was dark. Candles were light up by the maids.

"He's gone now and it's all your fault." Yelan said coldly. I couldn't see her face but I could see how her eyes sparkled with hatred, anger and sadness when she said this. No features were able to be seen but her eyes; her cold, mean eyes.

"Who's gone? What is my fau-" Hahaue (mother) raised her hand and all of a sudden, there was an imprint of her right hand was forming across my left cheek. It stung me. Why was Hahaue doing this me? My vision began to blur. I never cried and I won't start now.

"HAHAUE!! What was that for? What have I done?" I ran to her. I ran to her like a baby who needs their mommy. But I AM a kid who needs their mommy. I need MY mommy. She cant be her...

Every time I ran to her, there was another hit. I wanted her to stop. I started to cry and I wish Hahaue would stop. In the corner of my eyes, I knew that I saw my sisters and the servants next to the doorway, watching this. I saw the fear in their eyes. They didnt dare go and stop my mother. I looked at Hahaue. I looked deep in her eyes and I saw pain. I stopped running towards her and I stood there. She kept on hitting me.

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! WHY WERE YOU EVER BORN?! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?" she formed a fist and hit my stomach and I dropped onto my knees. I struggled to get up. This punch hurts more than the rest. I couldn't move. I tried to get up. Hahaue had hit me again. This time, my whole body was on the ground. My face was on the ground and my whole body trembling. I pushed myself up and I coughed. Blood splat out. The blood rolled out of the corner of my mouth and down to my chin. Drip, drip and it hit the carpet. It was red. Blood was red. I kept coughing, blood kept coming out.

The door opened and Wei, my butler tried to stop her. He ran next to her and grabbed her arm.

"Mistress Yelan, please stop. He's just a kid. He doesn't deserve it."

I tried to get up. I pushed myself up a little bit with the strength I had left. I pushed my body up and I just fell back down. I couldn't move. I can't help her. I can't hug her. She'll never love me again.

She was madder than ever. Her eyes were filled with fury. She started to form a fist. Her strength was gathered all in one hand. Her nails digging into her skin. Her sharp nails pierced through and her palm and started to bleed. The blood started to slowly drip down. Hahaue's blood was bright red. The blood moved slowly, like it was taunting me. It was blaming me for all of this. It reached her knuckle, and it was gathering there. It was gathering for more blood. Hahaue tighten her fist. Drip, drip blood came down.

I knew I shouldn't have gotten up, but I did. I stared right into her eyes. She wasn't the same person. She changed. She pushed Wei aside, and didn't seem to be calming down.

Her fist motioned toward me. I could have ducked it, but I didn't. Hahaue knew best for me, right? She wouldn't want to hurt me on purpose. Her fist moved slowly toward me and I just stood there. Closer it got, I knew that the rest of the hits were nothing compared to this. Her fist hit my stomach and I flew backwards. I flew back into the wall hitting the shelf. Books fell down and buried me. My whole body ached and I couldn't move. I wished this was some kind of nightmare. I heard that some kids had families like this, but I never thought that it would happen to me. I wish it didn't. I never felt so much pain before. It was like someone was stabbing me with a sharp knife. Hahaue stared right into my eyes. She stared straight at me, like she was looking for something. She ran upstairs into her room. Nobody else moved. We were still listening to everything Hahaue screamed.

Glass broke. Things were a mess. I was scared. Hahaue blamed me for Baba (father) dying. She screamed that I was cursed. I didn't know what I was supposed to say. I was speechless. What COULD I say? Nothing.

Wei helped me heal by giving me herbs to drink and medicine to help with my wounds. He carried me upstairs to my bed. I was supposed to sleep but I couldn't. Hahaue's words were running throughout my head. It's MY fault. I killed Baba.

I must have gotten some sleep because I woke up with a shudder. It was 11:59 PM. I turned on the light and looked around my room. On my table next to me, there was something wrapped and a card was attached.

I took it and read it. It said: "To Xiao Lang, I hope you have a happy birthday. I hope you enjoy your birthday present. -Baba"

That's right, it IS my birthday. I forgot that it's my birthday after all Hahaue said and did to me.

I opened the present. It was a picture frame with a picture of Baba, Hahaue, my three sisters and me. We were all smiling, and happy. This was before all of this happened. As I stared at the picture, I realized what I'll never see again and for the first time in my life, I cried.

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