Neglected Child - Breaking Free Chapter 3

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Why do things seem so close, but yet so far? Why is life so hard? Why can't I set myself free from this pain?

The door seemed so close, but yet it was so far. It was in grasp, but I just couldn't reach for it. I dashed for the door, but I didn't have the energy to make it. San ga jie stopped me before I could touch the door by grabbing me by the collar. As I began to struggle harder and harder, her grip became stronger and stronger. I turned to look at her. I saw the sister that I grew up with, the sister that I love. As I saw her looking at me filled with anger, I thought "Why is my family after my life? Do they really want me to die?" I wanted to run far from this pain, this heartbreak, and this life.

My scream echoed throughout the house loosened her grip, allowing me to break free. Seconds felt like an eternity. No one came, no one answered. Instead, silence fell throughout the house. The only sound was the thunder crackled throughout the sky as if it was mocking me.

"No one will help you. They don't care about you. Why would they care about you? You're such a useless child. No one cares. Baba sure DIDN'T care. Hahaue hates you and I do too. Dai ga jie and yee ga jie won't come. They know what you did. They don't care about you. Wei hates you too. He doesn't want you. He never did love you. It was all lies, LIES! Ha, you believed all of them. You're such a fool, such an idiot." Her cold sharp voice cut through my thoughts as I trembled. A shiver flew down my spine. NO! This can't be the same sister that I grew up with. It can't be the same sister that I grew up with. She can't be the same one. I looked at her again with fear and confusion. I was hoping that the sister that I grew up with, the sister that I love would come back and help me. I closed my eyes, wishing that I would wake up from this nightmare. Instead, I felt something slowly trickling down my cheeks. My sister started walking towards me; each step grew louder and louder.

Loud, rapid footsteps were heard throughout the house; it grew louder and faster with each passing second. Suddenly, someone came bursting into the room and took the knife from san ga jie. I started close my eyes, fainting from the exhaustion. I can't tell who it was, but it was my savior... I don't know what was going on but I knew I was safe – at least for now.

When I finally started to open my eyes, I looked out the window to discover that it was another day. I couldn't see much from the blurriness and when everything began to clear up, I saw Wei. He was working rapidly, packing my things in suitcases.

"Master Syaoran, are you finally up?" he asked in a caring voice – the only caring voice I heard in weeks.

"Yes... What's going on?" my voice came out hoarsely; it's unfamiliar to my own ears.

He took me by my hands and held them tightly as if he was protecting me from danger. It was filled with the warmth that I longed for. It was the warmth that was missing from my life. "You may not understand everything that I'm saying right now, but you'll understand it later on. We're... moving. I'm taking you away from all of this. This is what the Elders ordered. They want you to grow up without this painful memory of growing up without a father. They want you to become strong and they think that if you grow up in Japan, you'll get that." Wei sounded like his heart was breaking when he said this.

What was he saying? What's going on?

"What? What do you mean? What are you saying?" I was confused. What did he mean? What's going on?

"It's time... to get a better life." Wei said.

"What do you mean by that? Wei, what's going on?" I asked him quickly. I began to panic as if I was never going to see the house again.

Wei looked at me with a glint of sorrow in his eyes and turned away. A moment of silence loomed throughout the room.

We silently packed away our things. Before I realized it, I was sitting on the edge of my bed staring out into the garden, but no one was there. It was as dark as night as the mist covered everything in its way. Nature reflected my world – the dark and gloomy life. I stared out of my room and I remembered when my sisters use to play with me, but things were somehow different. It felt as if everything was crashing all around me.

"Master Syaoran, it's time to go." Wei said. Wei held my hand and started to walk; we were walking out of my room, out of the mansion, and out on my so called family.

I looked back into my room and remembered happy memories of my life. I remembered the day that I broke my leg and hahue and baba was taking care of me. I remember days that dai ga jei, yee ga jie, and san ga jie were playing with me. We were so happy back then, what happened to us?

Wei tugged my hand and started to walk down the staircase. I remembered this staircase; it was the staircase that I use to slide down, laughing and having fun with baba. Everything was somehow different now.

We were at the door. I turned back and looked at my house for one last time before I had to leave. No one was here to say goodbye. No one cares about me; no one wants me here. Wei tugged my hand and told me to move toward the car; it was time to move on.

There were rowdy noises that hit the ceiling; it went faster and harder with each passing second. The moment that I walked out the door, the rain started to pour harder. I was soaking wet, but I didn't care. I turned back to take one good look at the house that I grew up in – saying my first and last goodbye to everything I once knew.

Good bye... Take care of yourself.

A tear rolled down my cheek while I turned away from the only home I ever knew.

The car ride to the airport felt long. The family I knew and loved was gone; they vanished into thin air. They weren't there to say goodbye; they really didn't care about me. I turned my back on a chapter of my life and began on another chapter of my life, a life in Japan.

I never want to come back, even if it kills me.