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The Art of Baking Cookies
Chapter one: Something Really Important

Elrohir had been reading on the balcony outside his room when he heard the knock on his door. He knew who it was right away, for it was far from being a polite knock. Only one person in the entire House would give such a disrespectful knock when summoning one of the sons of Elrond...

"What do you want, Arwen?" he scowled as soon as he opened the door. His sister stood before him with her hands on her hips, her thin figure twisted in that terrible posture she insisted on using when there wasn't anyone around to impress. Apparently that had something to do with being young. It also probably has a great deal to do with being a brat, Elrohir scoffed inwardly.

His sister tapped her foot a few times before giving him a scrutinizing look. "I don't want anything. I was getting ready for Mother to show me something really important, and then she said you and Elladan have to come too."

That piqued his interest. Something really important? All he had planned for the afternoon was getting out of lessons by hiding in an old closet he and his brother had discovered the previous day. This would certainly prove more interesting.

"Well, if you insist," he said and stepped out to stand beside her. Arwen looked somewhat downtrodden that he had decided to come along and didn't bother covering up her expression when she asked,

"Where's Elladan?"

"Up a tree," Elrohir replied without thinking.

Arwen groaned at the old sarcastic saying, "Elrohir..."

"What? No, he really is in a tree. Spying on Mírithil when I last checked. You know how he is about her..."

Arwen couldn't suppress a giggle at picturing her brother in such a situation. She recovered her frown quickly and said, "Well, go get him and meet us in the kitchen."

Elrohir quirked an eyebrow, "The kitchen?"

Arwen shrugged and told him in a superior tone, "Yes. That's where the really important thing is." She turned on her heel and marched off leaving her brother to speculate on what could possibly be in store for him.

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