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The Art of Baking Cookies
Chapter two: In the Kitchen

Elrohir was beginning to get a sense of dread about whatever the really important thing in the kitchen was. This was mostly due to the difficult time he'd had convincing his brother to come along. He rubbed his sore backside absentmindedly and shot a glare to his right where Elladan walked obliviously beside him. He'd show him for pushing him out of a tree. Oh, would he show him...

This grudge was short lived, however. For the very moment they passed through the wide doorway into the kitchen the twins were met with a large explosion of flour right in their faces.

Sputtering and wiping the white power out of his eyes, Elrohir looked around wildly for the culprit. Both he and his brother were only minimally surprised to find their dear sister Arwen standing before them giggling like no tomorrow. She clutched an empty flour sack to her chest as she laughed, for the moment unaware of how it was marking her favorite purple gown.

The brothers groaned at each other and silently agreed the situation called for an impromptu tickle-attack. A laughing voice interrupted their plans before they could be set in motion.

"There you are," Celebrían called happily. She raised a delicate hand gracefully to her mouth for a moment, and when she removed it her smile was sufficiently subdued. Nothing could hide the laughter dancing in her eyes, however.

She came forward and lightly put her hands on her hips. "Where have you two been? I was nearly ready to start without you."

The twins stared up at her in disbelief. There they were, covered nearly head to toe with flour, and she wasn't even going to mention it? Not rebuke Arwen in the slightest? They scowled at each other briefly, simultaneously thinking along the lines of 'of course the baby of the family never gets in trouble!'

Also surprising was their mother's attire. It was oddly plain, the cloth used not nearly as elegant as she usually wore. It was something one would wear while working in the garden or... or the kitchen... she was wearing an apron... and where did Arwen get the flour from?

Deciding her brothers weren't going to answer the question any time soon, Arwen piped up gleefully, "Elladan was spying on Mírithil again. Elrohir had to go find him. I probably should have gone myself, these two can't spend two minutes with each other without getting into some sort of—"

"I was not spying!" Elladan shrieked. "I was... I was just resting, that's all!"

Even Elrohir couldn't pass up the opportunity to tease his brother, "And she just happened to be beneath you, right?" He raised an eyebrow. Elladan was growing rather red in the face.

Celebrían watched in amusement as her children bickered. She found their antics to be a relief from the everyday peacefulness of Rivendell. But a glance out the window showed that the day was growing later, and if they didn't hurry they wouldn't finish the task at hand.

"Children," she began sternly. Their arguing stopped immediately as three faces turned to smile at her innocently. "I've asked you here to teach you a very important lesson," she began. Elladan spoke before she could continue.

"A lesson?" he groaned. "I thought this was getting us out of lessons. We've got enough of those to worry about as it is!" He muttered to himself briefly- something about Glorfindel and geography.

Celebrían did her best to continue to look serious. "This is a different kind of lesson, Elladan. A very important lesson. It has been put off for far too long. I can only hope I'm not too late as it is..."

The three children glanced at each other nervously.

"Today," Celebrían continued, speaking slowly so as to draw out the suspense, "I'm going to teach you how to bake cookies."