(A/N) This story… is hard

(A/N) This story… is hard.

I don't know where it is going but I'm trying to finish it up despite the desire to simply beat my head on the keyboard and post whatever comes out as the next chapter (Not that this is much better in my opinion but that's for you to decide.)

Tenhawk your review is actually the only reason this isn't sitting in a hard drive somewhere collecting dust, hopefully you'll enjoy this.


Xander felt the wind rush past his face as he plummeted the fifty feet to the ground below.

Even with his enhanced strength the impact on the rocks below would likely shatter his legs like glass.

Fortunately Xander landed on something considerably softer than the rocks. It was rather unfortunate for the man he landed on though and the sound of the man's spine snapping as he crumpled beneath Xander's weight convinced the possessed teen that it was unlikely the man would be reentering the fray.

Flexing his knees to absorb the remainder of the impact, Xander noticed two of the scavengers change course to engage him. Scraping his foot across the ground, he kicked the gathered rocks and dirt into the duo's faces. As the two shielded their faces from the flying debris to avoid being, blinded Xander moved.

Taking a step forward, Xander launched himself, Superman style towards the closest man and grinned as his target dropped his arms just in time to catch a supercharged fist across the jaw.

As the combined kinetic energy from both the jump and the mid-air punch sent the man tumbling back, Xander tucked himself into a roll as he hit the dirt using his moment from the roll to gain some distance from his opponent before sliding to his feet.

When he got up, the second man came rushing towards him drawing back a wrench in an attempt to brain Xander. Stepping into the swing, the teen grabbed the man's wrist before the weapon hit him and jerked the scavenger into an elbow strike to the side of the man's head.

Xander smirked as the man dropped like a string cut puppet before looking back around for any more threats. Glancing around, he spotted the last one pop up out of a hole and rush towards Riddick.

"RICHARD LOOK…" Xander realized his words weren't fast enough when a chain flashed out of the darkness and jerked the bottom feeder off his feet.

Xander winced as the man slammed head first into the rock he had been running on before lying still. "Out," Xander finished before tracking the chain back to its source.

He blinked as Dawn glared down at the man he had been traveling with. "Well at least this isn't going to be complicated or anything," Xander muttered before a slow clapping drew his attention to a new man and his entourage as they walked down the stairs.

Moving over towards Riddick who was finally replacing his goggles from staring at Dawn, Xander nudged him before nodding at the new guy. "If they give us a fruit basket I swear I'm gonna kill them," Xander swore silently before frowning at the look Riddick was giving him, "What?"

"What the fuck's a fruit basket?"

Kyra moved through the dark labyrinth of the prison as she thought back to the fight, not that it actually qualified as a fight, maybe slaughter or massacre was more fitting. For it to be a fight there needed to be a chance for the attackers to have won.

Between the two newest inmates though, the bottom feeders had been so outclassed it may as well have been considered suicide.

Riddick had been just as she remembered, fast efficient, deadly. She hated seeing him. He brought back memories, memories of when she was Jack, memories of when she was weak.

The other one though had been less graceful, had less strength. His moves had been simple, brutal, and vicious. It had been like watching Buffy fight a newly risen fledgling.

Kira froze as that thought drifted through her mind, digging up memories she had thought long buried.

Memories of vampires and demons, of family and friends, of lying bleach blonds and of brown haired men that had died trying to save her.

She couldn't even remember his face anymore, just the memory of him going over the edge of the tower in an attempt to rescue her and a name, a name she had screamed when she had first made it to this strange universe. "Xander."

"Hey Dawn, it's been a while."

Xander smiled at the young woman he had been sent to collect. Now all he had to do was find a way of getting her back and his part of the deal would be complete.

The possessed young man was so busy congratulating himself on a job well, done he failed to notice Dawn's eyes widen in shock.

He did notice her jerk out a knife before launching herself at him with a scream.

Dru rocked back and forth in the dirty chamber, she had been here so long, the nasty not-child had captured her, he used her blood to create more not-children and kill everything in his way.

Daddy would be pleased, but Daddy was gone now, so was Grandmummy and Spike and Michael and Alice and Frances and John.

She remembered them, even if there was no one else she remembered. All of her kind was gone, gone, gone, to sing with the stars, leaving poor Dru all by her lonesome.

Not even Miss Edith spoke to her anymore, the nasty Not-dead the not-child controlled kept her away.

Thinking back to all the years she had been undead, everything she had seen and done in the millennia since her turning, Dru only had one true regret.

"I wish my Kitten was here," She whispered before returning to her rocking.

And one level above her, the High Marshal sat on his throne, worrying about a prophecy that had been foretold, many years before.