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Chapter 11 (Final)

A Week Later

Peering out the vast open brilliance of space she sighed. It was a bittersweet ending to her time on Sevorian as she looked out a small window. It had only been a week ago when the creatures were destroyed by Relic. She never knew why it haunted her until the dreams...

Jack finally understood the reason behind its terrible image, it was an Ancient Saber Toothed Valtorian War Tiger seeking vengeance against unnatural beings. Its spirit had taken on the form of a rotting corpse of beast for the pain and anguish it had endured.

Anger and pure rage coursed through its veins, wanting sweet redemption. It had followed Jack from T2, because she was so open to fear. Yet within its twisted dimension of hate, it listened carefully to the Raptor's story and found a new reason to hover around Jack's soul.

Instead of killing her slowly, it directed its attention on the darkness. Relic realized that this was the final battle she had always wanted. It would give her peace after centuries of caged torment.

After the horrific battle Relic was free, giving Jack her life back. It wasn't Relic's intent to cause her misery, it was the swirling rage that kept her soul thriving for so long.

But now it was over, for Relic and for sweet Jack.

Jack took one last look out into the unknown while listening to the low hum of the ship's engines before walking towards the Pilot Deck. Her thoughts swimming through her mind as she found her way through the ship without so much as looking up.

It was dark in the ship but still sustained enough light for her to find her way without bumping into the steel walls. Jack had become accustomed to the large ship within a day after sleeping for nearly half the trip into the shipping lanes.

Riddick must have placed her in bed after they boarded and her body finally gave out. Jack was also freshly bathed meaning Riddick had taken on the duty of cleaning her before changing her into clean loose clothes and put her to bed.

It was sweet she thought before taking a long needed shower. Drenching herself in the hot water she noticed her wrists were now free of bandages. There were rope like scars surrounding her flesh while she carefully lathered herself in foaming bubbles.

'I wonder what Riddick is doing? Must be pretty lonely working the ship without some one to talk to.' She thought to herself before stepping out of the thick fog of the shower and dried off.

Dressing in a clean black shirt and loose fitting pants she decided to go pay Riddick a visit. On her way to the Pilot's Deck she found herself stopping to take a moment to look out into the vast empty space that filled her vision. Content she took her leave and made her way to Riddick.

Riddick sat patiently in the Pilot's Chair letting his mind take over the low hum of the ship. It had been along time since he had been close to Jack, enough time to cause his hunger to grow.

It was so tempting to just take her when she fell into a deep sleep when they came aboard. She looked so peaceful, so inviting, but he refrained. Instead he cleaned her up, put her in clean clothes and placed her in his bed. Riddick lingered by her side for an a few minutes, just watching her slow steady breathing.

He finally pulled away and went into the Pilot's Deck to check on the auto pilot as they reached the outskirts of the Shipping Lanes through the Trinity System. For three days he sat there alone, taking naps here and there as Jack slept. He knew she was exhausted from all the shit they'd gone through.

Then a soft voice pulled him from his thoughts as Jack stood in the doorway, watching him.

"Hey.." She murmured in a groggy voice causing him to turn the chair towards her.

"She lives." Riddick mused standing up.

Jack just gazed him in awe. He was a looming presence of sheer power and dangerous beauty. It was like seeing him for the first time, just seeing the hidden expression dancing in those piercing metallic blue eyes that gazed at her with an intensity that she couldn't fathom.

The air stung with hushed desire as Jack felt her heart pound furiously in her chest. She was being swept away in his hungry eyes, sensing his arousal by the aura about his massive form.

Riddick moved towards her in a fluid motion that seemed to stop time itself. He was mesmerized by the look on her beautiful face, the way her gaze bled into him and read his every thought.

Jack felt her skin tingle as her head tilted back to look up at him. God he was beautiful! He was just standing there, looking at her with a hidden need that she slowly began to understand.

Placing both hands above his head, his massive arms flexed with layers upon layers of thick well defined muscle as he leaned his body in the doorway. Riddick looked deeply into her eyes while his low rumbling voice echoed softly in the air.

"Sleeping beauty finally decided to grace me with her presence."

A hard thump formed in the back of her throat, causing her mouth to go dry. "I can't be sleeping beauty."

Riddick raised a brow as he licked his luscious lips hungrily, "Why's that beautiful?" The words rolled off his tongue like a sweet melody to her ears.

Jack took a deep breath and forced the words to come out strong but only came out as a soft squeak. "Sleeping Beauty doesn't wake until she's kissed by her prince.."

A wicked smile danced across his face causing his eyes to shine unusually bright, "Is that right Princess?" He growled huskily leaning close to her face, letting his lips brush ever so slightly against hers. "Maybe we should test that theory."

Jack suddenly fell victim to his alluring voice and soft lips as he pulled her into his arms and embraced her in a passionate kiss. A swirl of emotion took hold of her mind, sending a storm of energy through her body as his lips gently embraced hers in half kisses.

He pulled away slowly, letting his lips linger against hers while his breath came out in a low panting. His blood was on fire, every inch of his skin tingled from the taste of her mouth.

Jack's eyes opened slowly, hooded with desire and filled with want.

'That's it baby, give in..' The beast within growled in a husky voice.

The look on his face and the sound of his breathing made her thoughts spin out of control. She was aching with desire, an unsatisfied hunger that was beginning to tear her inhibitions a part.

Her eyes closed as a large hand danced along her stomach, slowly making its way to the hem of her shirt. A wave of Goosebumps swept over her body while his amazingly soft hand crept beneath the shirt and began to snake up her naked flesh.

Riddick watched her face while running his tongue over his full lips and growled when she gasped against his touch. Her body trembled as his long fingers embraced the firm mound of her breast, cupping it in his palm while gently squeezing the pert pink flesh of her nipple between his fingers.

The warmth of his hand faded and slid to the small of her back, making small circles in its path. Drenched in the sweetness of his touch she forced her eyes open and let her gaze drink in the sight of his shimmering silver eyes. His features were intense, focused, hungry.

She had to catch her breath as he pulled her even closer, gracefully lifting her up and into his arms. At unnatural speed he made his way down the corridor and into the bedroom. His movements were silent and swift as he laid her out along the bed while removing her clothes. Jack didn't move, she accepted his strong dominance as she was now naked before him, awaiting his next move.

Riddick stood before her taking his time removing his shirt and pants, savoring the look of innocence and need filling her gaze. A small smile ate at the corners of his mouth as he was finally free from the constricting material. Her eyes widened at his naked form, beauty and power behind every hard earned muscle that danced under luscious caramel skin.

He inched his way over the bed, bringing his massive arms down and pressed his hands into the mattress. Jack felt like she was watching a Panther as he began to crawl up the bed towards her, his eyes a luminescent glow filling her vision.

The weight of his massive body sent shivers through her blood as he placed himself above her, looking deeply into her eyes.

"Tell me Jack.." A deep growling purr passed his lips as he licked them slowly, "Tell me you love me."

Jack sat up on her elbows so that her lips were inches from his face, "I love you Riddick.." Her voice came out in a husky whisper and was suddenly cut short when he crushed her in a devouring kiss.

Even thou Riddick would have loved to let his tongue lap at the sweet essence of her secret, to just to become drunk in her aroma, it wasn't enough. Right now he wanted to become overwhelmed by the playful waves of her ocean.

His hunger became a blazing inferno of passion, no longer caged by his strong self control. Jack let out a meek gasp into his mouth as he pressed her hard into the bed.

Smooth skin melted against the other as two bodies held each other in the most tender of embrace, finding comfort in the mere feel of a heartbeat singing back to the other.

Leaning himself between the safety of her thighs he pressed forward, letting out a guttural growl of pleasure as the extension of his passion glided slowly over the small valley of her most intimate of things.

A snap of electricity ran through her blood, flooding her senses with his intimate caress. She felt alive, free. Within this tender moment, within the arms of the only man whom she had truly loved, he was her sanctuary. Her dark angel.

His head dipped down into her neck, licking at her hot flesh, grazing the smooth skin with his teeth. Riddick continued to let his body move almost hypnotically over the very path of his existence. That tunnel of warmth that held the sweetest surrender.

The place he was welcomed, where nothing could ever break him. Where he felt like he was finally a part of something more then himself, beyond the ship, beyond space, beyond the life he had known.

Jack was his ocean, letting him ride her waves with his vessel of life. A place he was free, a place he would always call home, inside of Jack. His angel of light.

"Riddick.." Jack beckoned with a whisper while her eyes remained closed from the small dance of lightening swimming through her veins.

No words were needed as he understood her pleas. Pulling his face from her neck, he put a strong hand on her cheek, causing her to look into his ever watchful gaze. Emotions poured into his intoxicating vision, love, understanding, need, hunger. Everything all at once begging him to fill the void that threatened to consume her.

Pressing his full lips against hers in the softest of kiss, Riddick slowly and carefully, placed his thick member at the soft fleshy petals of her moist flower. Feeling it bloom at his entry, the petals gently wrapping lovingly about him, pulling closer, deeper.

Jack let out a soft whimpering moan as he filled the void. Trembling, panting, wanting every inch of his vessel to slip gently into her sea. Moment after sweet moment his soul sang into the silence of her heart, calling out to her, asking for that single need, union.

Biting her bottom lip she forced her eyes open, just to see him. To have those eyes of luminescent silver shine forever in her mind. Breathless, lost, falling deeper into his movements.

So gentle, slow and tender, Riddick wasn't taking what he wanted. He was giving her his soul, he was sending her sensations that words could never describe. Riddick was to giving her what no one else could, he was making love to her.

Eyes closed as lips embraced, his vessel drifting in and out, while the petals of her need pulled him back in. Hips moving in sync, dancing to a forbidden melody only they could hear. Beads of sweat streamed down smooth skin, the sound of their heartbeats drowning in a chorus of soft whispers of love.

Time seemed to still, as the darkness enveloped their moving forms in a tender embrace. The calming darkness that held them in a web of ecstasy as they danced slowly in the waves of passion.

Small gentle kisses of his full lips painted her mouth and neck, while hands wrapped about him, holding him close to her trembling body. He wanted this feeling to last until there was nothing left in the universe. Just Jack and Riddick, hidden away in the pitch black of space.

"Baby.." She murmured through soft gasps as small quakes ripped through her womb, breaking down the walls of resistance.

He could feel her struggle as her walls trembled all around him, pulling him deeper. Riddick stopped momentarily to look into her eyes, "Jack..." He whispered in a voice that seemed to pour from an angel's lips.

Jack locked her gaze with him, knowing that all he wanted was to see her soul... Gazing back. Taking a shaky breath she nodded, wrapping herself tightly about him, giving him the indication that she was ready.

"Don't close those beautiful eyes.." He purred before plunging back into the bittersweet tunnel of his safety.

Slowly at first, letting her waves build one after the other, creating a tremor of sensation to burn within her quivering walls. He watched her face with focused eyes, his own body screaming with emotion, wanting to release his energy into the gates of her being.

Suddenly the waves began to crash with a vengeance, breaking dangerously against him. Riddick watched as her eyes begged to close, sensing she was so close, ready to leap from the edge of existence. Finally, unable to control the fires of passion exploding within he quickened his pace. Rushing through her roaring sea, feeling the pull of her sweetness, deeper and deeper he fell.

Without warning a blast of thunderous energy tackled them, throwing them off into oblivion. Jack held back the intense need to yell, when Riddick pressed his lips against hers, "I love you Jack."

Quivering, trembling, panting... Suddenly consumed in that small piece of heaven only they could see. A loud whimper passed her hushed mouth as he filled her womb with his essence.

A tear trickled down her face as she managed to regain her breath. "I love you too." Was all she could murmur as he collapsed to her side, pulling her into his tired arms.

Wrapped safely within the embrace of love they fell asleep. Into a world of dreams where nothing bad could touch them, they were home.

Three Months Later

Jack's bare feet made only the slightest noise as she padded down the hallway to the bathroom. She slipped inside and closed the door, making sure to not let the steel door slam shut as not to disturb Riddick.

Being in this newly named Star Cruiser 'Relic' it was hard to keep sounds to a dull roar. But somehow Jack managed as she sat quietly on the toilet while she took a small sample of blood from her finger. A four inch rectangular box sat on the counter as she leaned over and pressed the drop of blood onto a small window.

Jack closed her eyes and took a deep breath, waiting for the inevitable. After thirty seconds she let her eyes fall on the window and made a face.

"Oh.. Well that's.. Good." She thought aloud removing the box from the counter and slid it into her pocket.

Releasing a whoosh of air she stood up and flushed the toilet, just to be sure it sounded as though she had only used the bathroom for normal reasons. Looking into the mirror she took a long look at the image standing before her.

Waves of deep bronze fell well passed her chest only to rest playfully at her hips. Her skin seemed to have taken on a softer shade of ivory, while her lips held a slight smile. "I miss them." Her voice a sang with a hint of sorrow as she flipped on the water of the sink.

A small waterfall of warmth slipped against her hands as she washed her face. It brought another smile to her lips as she remembered the first time Riddick had helped her in the shower. Flipping the switch to off she stopped and took a moment to gaze at her wrists.

Her eyes sparkled at the little scar tissue left on her fully healed flesh. "Good times..." Was all she whispered before drying off her face and hands and existed the bathroom.

Sporting only a pair of black loose fitting pants Riddick leaned against the kitchen counter waiting for Jack. She was never much of a morning person so he decided to get up extra early and prepared the best breakfast in the universe. He was proud of himself for only taking two slices of bacon while he waited for her.

The intoxicating aroma of rich, strong, coffee lingered into Jack's nose causing her to jog to the kitchen. She came to a soft stop and smiled. "Coffee?" Jack asked while her brows danced with amusement.

Riddick gave her a charming smile while his intense pools of luminescent silver looked her body up and down. Jack had stepped into the kitchen wearing an extra large black shirt, Riddick's extra large black shirt to be exact.

"Morning beautiful." He purred walking over to her, "Sleep well?" Riddick asked after leaving a tender kiss on her lips.

"Mmm Hmm." She cooed in response as a large well defined arm pulled her close. The coffee smelt soo good, but she had also caught that delicious scent of bacon and eggs...

Her favorite food in the entire universe.

Riddick brought Jack to the table and sat her down like she was a well mannered lady. "What's the occasion baby?" Her mind full of wonder as he merely gave her that Riddick grin.

"You'll see." He winked and padded over to the old fashioned stove he had bought just before he took the trip to Sevorian over three months ago. For some reason, when he got the ship he really wanted to cook.

So instead of the easy bake microwaves they had, he bought himself a damned good stove. Sure it was few credits more then he would have liked, but something told him Jack would love it.

Jack bit her bottom lip as she pondered what Riddick was up to. They would usually have coffee in the morning and maybe something she cooked if she was fully awake. But him getting up before her and making a full fledged breakfast?

The gods only knew what he was planning.

Her thoughts were cut short as Riddick placed the food in front of her and set his to her left. Bacon, eggs, toast and even hash browns! How he did all of this just put Jack in a stump.

Humming rather happy with himself he set two cups of steaming coffee by each plate and sat down. Damn it felt good to see the expression on her face as she just stared at the food he had made. 'I love that look on her face...' He thought silently taking a sip of his coffee.

Jack's gaze moved from her food to his face and raised a brow. "Did I miss something Riddick?" She honestly did not know what had gotten into him.

"A simple thank you would be nice." He chuckled and waited patiently for her to start eating, "You know people usually eat food, not just stare at it."

That made Jack smile, "Ok ok." She giggled softly.

Taking a fork in her hand she carefully scooped up some egg white and hash brown and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes widened as the mouth watering taste nearly made her choke in surprise.

Riddick let out a rumbling laugh at the amazed look on Jack's beautiful face. "You're too much Jack." He chuckled through laughs before picking up a forkful of food. Within seconds he mirrored her expression while the food just melted in his mouth.

"Damn, when did you learn how to cook like that?" Jack chimed excitedly with a swallow.

Riddick smiled and took another drink of his coffee, "When I learned you were turning Twenty Two today."

Her jaw dropped... 'Holy Shit he remembered my birthday! He made Me breakfast.. Aw wow..' Jack was speechless that Riddick had done something like this just for Her.

"Wow Riddick... Thank you." That's all she could muster before tackling him in a bear hug. The sting of tears that threatened to flood her vision was welcomed as she nuzzled her face into his chest.

He had to set his fork down quickly before egg and hash brown went flying through the air. With a warm smile he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to his bare chest as she tightened her grip around him.

"No problem babe. You deserve it."

Jack stiffened and pulled away to look into his eyes. She just wanted to see the warmth and understanding that swirled in his luminescent gaze. She didn't have to look far because he was letting it pour through without any restrictions.

Riddick canted his head at her and wiped the small streams from her eyes, "Hungry?" His voice was softer then usual, gentle.

Jack nodded and rubbed her eyes, "Very."

"Good because I don't want this to get cold, so eat up." Riddick chimed with a grin causing a small laugh to pass her lips.

After a few minutes the plates were empty and their bellies were full. Jack leaned back in her chair and placed a hand on her stomach letting out a loud burp. Riddick raised a brow and just looked at her.

Jack grinned sheepishly, "Excuse me."

"Damn that was sexy." Riddick growled with a shit-eating-grin planted on his lips.

Jack gave him a look of confusion while he looked into her eyes. They sat there for a moment, just gazing into each other before the air tensed, causing a burst of laughter to echo through the ship.

After the sound had finally died down, Jack took the plates to the sink. A bright smile dancing across her lips as she put them in the small dishwasher. Humming to herself, as Riddick had done moments before, she went to lean down and turn on the dishwasher when a soft clink caught her attention.

'Oh shit.' She thought and scrambled to pick up the object when Riddick snatched it in his paw like hands.

He narrowed his shinning eyes at the small bow and looked to Jack questionably, "Jack what's this?" His tone warm.

"It's nothing really." She lied with an innocent smile planted on her face while she reached towards his hand to take it. But felt a sting of fear well in her chest when he refused.

Shaking his head with a smirk he proceeded to look at the box more closely. The strange window filled with small almost unreadable letters. He took his time making out the small letters when a strange look fell over his face. Riddick resembled a dear in headlights.

Jack couldn't look at him, she backed up as far as she could until her ass was firmly planted against the sink. Words failed to come when he brought his gaze to her face.

"This isn't what I think it is... Right?" Riddick suddenly sounded confused and scared, his intensity now that of a young man staring into the eyes of fate.

Jack closed her eyes and sighed, "It is..." Trailing off as she felt like her head was spinning.

His jaw was slightly agape as if he were going to say something, instead he took another look at the box in his hand, then back to her.

"I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything big guy.." Her voice was soft and full of sadness. Jack felt as thou she was about to feel the wrath of Richard B. Riddick when a hand gently pushed her chin up.

"You're pregnant?" A voice so tender she could just drown his gaze as she gave him a meek nod in reply. "How far along?"

"Eleven weeks."

Riddick let out a deep sigh and bit the inside of his lip. He wanted to hold her, and yet he was completely dumbfounded. Riddick was a Father.... Oh boy.

"I understand if you don't want me around.." Jack began trying to fight the urge to scream. Riddick cut her off with a soft voice, "Where the fuck would you get that idea?"

A small smile devoured his mouth, "I ain't going no where Jack and neither are you and our baby."

Her eyes widened at his words. Our Baby.

"You ain't mad at me?"

"No, a little stunned but I'm not mad. You know me better then that." His smile brightened as he left a small kiss on her lips.

Jack let out a sigh of relief as he pulled her into his arms, "Let's just hope she doesn't turn out like us."

Riddick raised a brow while gently pulling back to look at her, "Wouldn't have her any other way."

The End

By Onyx Wildcat