By Hikaru Hayashi

Story From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Okay! I was inspired by silver-dagger-113 to rewrite this story! So I will!!

For my new fans, this is a story that was taken down a few months ago because of script dialogue. (Cursed Administration) It was my first popular fic, so when it was tagged off the site, I was angry. It was also the first fic I had taken down.

However, recently, I read the re-written version of silver-dagger-113's fic, Marik's Boring Day, which, the author says, has been taken down repetitively about four times for the same reason. And that inspired me to re-write this one! Thank you, silver-dagger-113, for inspiring me never to give up! This fic is dedicated to you!

Disclaimer note: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!

So now, without further ado, the re-written version of "When Anzu Snaps"!!

When Anzu Snaps... Chapter 1: The Return of Noah

"Anzu Snaps!"

It was your average Saturday night at the Kaiba Mansion. It was around 11:55 at night and, as usual, young Mokuba had stayed up way past his bedtime.

"But, Seto!" Mokuba complained as he jumped up and down on his brother's bed. "I'm not tired!"

Seto, who was sitting at his desk reading an interesting novel, sighed as he muttered, "Darnit, Mokuba, it was probably the coffee. What have I told you about drinking coffee before bedtime! Now, good night."

Mokuba refused to give up. "But, Seto!"

At this, Seto stood up, faced Mokuba with a disapproving glare, and shouted, "Don't argue with me! I am your brother!!"

Mokuba gasped. "Nooooooooooo!" he screamed. Then he thought for a second. "Oh, wait, that's right...oh well. Good night, Nii-sama!"

"Good night, Mokuba," Seto said as he sat back down to finish reading his book.

Mokuba left his brother's room and went to his own, or so Seto thought. Heh, Nii-sama thinks I surrendered. Well, he's got another think commin'! Mokuba stood outside the door to his brother's room.

Seto had picked up his book and continued reading, when he heard a strange voice: "Hello again, Seto! It's been so long. Have you missed me?"

Seto thought it was Mokuba playing a prank on him. "Dang it Mokuba!" he shouted. "I told you to go to bed!" He sprang out of his chair once again and turned around to see the true owner of the voice: Noah.

"Good evening...Brother!" Noah said, evilly. "Ha! Aha ha ha hah!"

Seto stumbled backward. "''s...Noah...!"

Noah smiled slyly. "I'm going to finish what we started, Seto!" he said, with pure malice in his voice. "VENGEANCE!!"

Noah pushed Seto off of his second story balcony...and into the swimming pool!

"Ahhhhhgggghhh!!!!" Seto screamed as he fell. He hit the water with a big "splash".

"Aha ha ha ha hah!" Noah laughed malevolently. "Nobody can stop me now!"

Mokuba, who had been standing at the door the whole time, ran to the balcony. "Nii-sama!!" he shouted.

"Hello my dear little brother Mokuba!" Noah said in the same evil tone as before. "Did you miss me?"

Mokuba, who had always been a little slow, turned around to find himself staring face to face with Noah. "Ahh! Noah!" he shouted.

"Fool!" Noah shouted as he walked toward poor shivering Moki. "Go join your brother!!" Noah prepared to push Mokuba off of the second story balcony and into the swimming pool when Mokuba did something quite unexpected...he jumped!

"Ahhhhhhhh! It's Nooooooaaaaaahhh!" Mokuba screamed as he leapt from the second story balcony, landing in the pool with a little "splash".

Noah held up two fingers, signaling that he was the glorious victor. "Ha hah! Victory is mine!"

Meanwhile, Yugi Mutoh, who had appeared from nowhere, ran to the balcony. "Kaiba! Mokuba! Are you all right?!" he called.

"Well, well..." Noah said, amused. "We meet again, Yugi Mutoh!"

Yugi turns his head. "Noah! What did you do to them?!" he shouted angrily, as angry as Yugi gets.

"Ah, who knows?" Noah sighed in mock innocence. Then, his glare of vengeance appeared. "Well, if you really want to know...I'll show you!" With this, Noah charged at Yugi, knocking him off of the second story balcony and into the swimming pool!

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Yugi screamed, flailing his arms while falling. He hit the water with a medium sized "splash".

Noah scoffed. "Hmph! Simpleton."

Yami, Yugi's counterpart and spirit from his Millennium Puzzle, had appeared from nowhere and ran to the balcony. "No! Yugi!!"

Noah, who had become bored, said, "I take it you are Yugi Mutoh's counterpart, Yami. How amusing."

"NOAH!!" Yami shouted. "What have you done to him?! What have you done to my aibou?"

Noah just cackled. "Eh he he he he heh!!"

Yami's anger had reached it's boiling point. He started for Noah. "Ooh! Why, I oughta—Oh!" He said, tripping over his feet and flipping off of the second story balcony and into the swimming pool!

"Whoa! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Yami screamed as he fell. He hit the water head first with a huge splash.

Noah howled. "Wooo hoooo! Too Funny! The baka tripped over his own feet! Hah! Oh, how hilarious! Whoooh! Omigod...Oh! That was classic!! Aha ha ha ha hah!!"

At this point, Anzu Mazaki, the only female in the main group, and not very bright at that, appeared from nowhere and ran to the balcony dramatically. "NOOOOOOO! YAMI!! YUGI!!!"

Noah had caught his breath from laughing. "Whoo! Ah...well, now, if it isn't little Tea!"

Anzu swirled around, pointed a finger at Noah, and shouted, "Noah! You should be ashamed of yourself! You are going to pay for what you did to my friends! Don't you realize you could've killed them? Don't you realize how priceless friendship is?..." Anzu could not be shut up, now that she had gone into one of her lame friendship rants.

After a few minutes, Noah became bored with picking his nose and scratching his armpits. "Darn it all, I should just finish you off now!" he shouted, annoyed.

"NO!" Anzu shouted in retaliation. "I'm not finished! You WILL sit here and you WILL listen!"

"No! I won't!" Noah shouted as he leapt at Anzu. He reached an arm out at her, aiming to grab her. It looked like it was all over for poor Anzu-chan.

Suddenly, Anzu felt a fire she'd never felt before—the fire of rage. She grabbed Noah's arm, and flung him off of the second story balcony...and into the swimming pool!!

"Hey!" Noah shouted while falling. "Nooooooooooo!" He hit the water with a Big-Kahuna-Tidal-Wave "splash".

Meanwhile, Noah's other poor victims were pulling themselves from the water.

"Whew..." Mokuba said, exhaustedly. "That's the last time I go swimming for a while! Is everyone all right? Yugi? Nii-sama?"

Yugi and Yami got out of the pool carrying Seto, who had just barely escaped drowning.

"Cough! Cough! Gasp! Oooh...I...I thought I was a goner..." Seto stammered weakly. (A/N: For those who have also read Kokoro no Seto, this might seem familiar...I guess I have an obsession with Seto drowning! Don't know why, but I do! So there!)

Yugi plopped onto the ground. "Whew! Whoa. What a rush. Talk about déjà vu!"

Yami replied, "You can say that again."

As if time had rewound itself, Yugi repeated, "Whew! Whoa. What a rush. Talk about déjà vu!"

Yami replied, "You can say that again."

"Hey!" Mokuba said. "Yugi, Yami, cut it out! Quit playing around!"

Just then, Noah floated to the surface. "Gaarrrrgggllleeeee! Ptui! Ack! Darn you Tea!" he shouted while waving a fist at the balcony. "Why does this pool have to be so deep," he muttered while attempting to swim to the stairs to climb out.

Yugi and crew were waiting at the stairs, ready to pounce on Noah, when...

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three gunshots came from nowhere, all aimed at Noah.

"Holy crap!!" Noah shouted, wide-eyed, as three bullets came flying at him. "Ah!" he gasped, barely dodging all three bullets.

Yugi and Yami stared.

Everyone looked up towards the balcony, hoping to find out where the shots came from. What they saw traumatized them for life.

Anzu, the usually non-violent type, was standing on the balcony wielding a .44. "Eat hot steaming lead, Noah!!!!!" she shouted, her voice filled with pure wrath.

Everyone looked up at Anzu with wide eyes and blank stares. Their mouths were hanging open.

Anzu fired her rifle again, with perfect aim. The bullet, having been shot with perfect accuracy, embedded itself in Noah's chest.

Noah gasped as the shock from the bullet knocked him into the swimming pool.

Tears came to Yugi's eyes. "Anzu...toshte...?" he gasped.

Anzu was suddenly overcome by her newfound emotion of anger. She slowly lowered her rifle and lowered her head, her bangs covering her eyes. She cackled softly, "...Nya ha."

The gang stared at her.

She laughed again. "...Nya ha!" She then threw her head back and howled. "NYA AHA HA HA HAAAAAH!!!!"

No one could believe what they were hearing. No one could believe what they were seeing. It seemed too good to be true. It couldn't be happening. And yet, it was. The innocent, naïve, pacifist high school girl had killed someone out of pure hatred and rage. Anzu Mazaki had snapped.

"HIIIYAAAHH!" Anzu shrieked as she jumped from the balcony, over the gate, and into the town to run amuck.

Yugi and Yami stand and watch her. A minute later, Yami said, "We must go after her, Aibou! She's dangerous now! There's no telling what she may do!"

"'re right, Yami," Yugi replied while wiping the tears from his eyes with his jacket sleeve. "Let's go!"

The hikari and his yami chased after the disturbed girl.

Meanwhile, Seto, finally able to get to his feet after nearly drowning, walks over the spot where Noah had fallen. "Noah?" he asked.

Noah was floating in the water, now red from blood. His eyes were rolled back in their sockets and he was completely motionless. Noah Kaiba was definitely dead.

"Hah! Well!" Seto said, clearly amused. "I didn't think Anzu had it in her! She's just done my job for me! Ha ha, Noah! You're dead! You thought you could kill me with your little trick, but now it's over! You're through! Gone! Washed up! Ah, I am going to savor the moment of your demise for the rest of my life! Mwa ha ha ha hah!!!!!"

Mokuba sighed. "Typical Nii-sama...guess this means he's feeling better..."

And so...Noah Kaiba is dead, his step-brother Seto laughs in his face, Mokuba sighs, regretting that his brother became a total jerk, and Yugi and Yami chase after a deranged Anzu Mazaki!!

End Chapter One!!

That's it! I hope to have the next chapter up soon...ah the script version was much funnier, but hope you still like it! Ja ne!