A/N: Hello all. I am having a spot of writers block at the moment..errr my mind is on..other issues. So to fill the gap I thought I might post this little poem that I wrote some time ago. No flames please...poetry is NOT my strong point....but I try. Enjoy!

Walking in my shoes

You'll never understand the things that I do

Till you take a walk in my shoes

Living every day in a haze

Just walking in my shoes

I am hollow...

My life was just a phase

Movin onto bigger and better things

Walking in my shoes

Is like loosing all feeling

Becoming cold and hollow

Immune to all the pains

Of life and death

I feel no fear, no love, no joy

Walking in my shoes

Just walking in my shoes

No one can understand

The things I do

They haven't walked in my shoes

I am hollow

Cold and soulless

You will be too

Once you've walked in my shoes

Walking in my shoes

Just...walking.... in...my.... shoes.

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