I wish I owned DBZ, but I don't. I own DVD's and tapes, but it just isn't the same. I also don't own the right to Starcraft or any of the music pieces you see selected, just copies of merchandise, such a shame. The artists that created them are geniuses and we all must bow to them.

DBV Saga 4: Invasion

Theme: "Step up" by Drowning Pool

Hey ya'll, glad to see you decided to read the fourth fic in my series, if you've gone this far then I won't bother with introductions. If you haven't, just turn back now and read the previous three sagas, it will save you on confusion time. We begin right where we left off, just as the battle for Earth begins between the special forces (aka Z fighters) and the Zerg invaders. If you didn't read Saga three, you're going to get lost pretty quick, so I'll give a bit of insight on it. The Zerg are from the Starcraft universe, the same dimension that Dabura is from, adjacent to the DBZ dimension (before it was altered by Verto's appearance). They are strong creatures that possess no ki (life energy) nor do they even have souls. They are driven by a mysterious creature known as the Overmind, who's objectives are not completely known, however it is believed that this creature wants nothing more than the destruction of all life forms it comes across. Its targets seem to be Verto and Gohan, both mystic Saiyans. The Zerg can sense the mystical energy coming off them, giving off a strange energy known as Psi, a hidden energy that much like ki, every being possess, but few can discover and use. However what no one realizes that Verto and Gohan are beginning to tap into Chi, the vast complete energy of the soul by using life energy (ki) and the spirit (Psi), as one.

To conquer its enemies, the Overmind must infest those strong with power, and these mystic Saiyans appear to be just what it needs. It has a big wall to get through if it wants to pull this off though. While on a training mission to the past, Vegeta and Verto bring back Bardock's crew, and train them to become ascended Saiyans to help fight against the Zerg. Bulma then sets up a wide sensor grid around the world as the newly formed team prepares for the Zerg invasion. Armed with newly enhanced armors and high powered weapons to match the Zerg, Earth's Special Forces watches and waits as the earth's military tangles with the Zerg first, watching for when they should make their move. Can Verto and Gohan learn to use the powers of Psi and Chi to defeat the Zerg before the Overmind captures them, its time to find out.

A/Ns: Before any of you leave me reviews with definitions of ki and chi and all that, this is my story, this is how I write it. Besides it's pretty damn close to accurate. I didn't plan on throwing that information in quite yet, but it doesn't hurt right now, I will not refer to Chi as "Chi" right away, I will keep it like I originally wrote it in that regard.

I was just going to write the wars involving the Zerg in one saga, however it looks to be about 80-90 chapters worth if I did that, so its going to be split in two, to know for sure what happens though, well read on.

Again since a lot of these battles are against Zerg, I won't post power levels that often, only when there's a shift or a battle that seems to demand it.

"Blah blah blah" - regular Communication

"blah blah blah"- telepathic communication, or outside source (example TV)

blah blah blah - thoughts

As posted above, I do not own DBZ/GT nor Starcraft rights, I just like the series and the game

Rated PG13-R for language, violence, slight gore, and suggestive situations, but those are very minor.

Much like the previous sagas, this one is getting a polishing job to enhance it. It may not be perfect, but damnit it's gonna be close.

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