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I awoke in what I thought to be the stasis chamber that I fell asleep in. The fluid was warm and comforting, not freezing cold like it had been. The fluid was still green, but I found I could breathe it in and out without a problem. I glanced down to see that all of my clothes had been removed, and my tail was covered in some sort of rough green tissue. Seeing that I could move just fine, I swam up to the top of the chamber and poked my head out. The room I was in was dark and gloomy, the walls were dripping slightly.

"You shouldn't be out already, your body has not healed yet," a sharp female voice said from behind. I turned to see a familiar green skinned girl with thick black blades of hair belonging to Kerrigan.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"You've been in a cold sleep for about three weeks now. It's the side effects from being put into stasis and not being removed properly. I am sorry for that, but there was no other way at the time," she said softly, putting a scaly hand to my head.

"You haven't answered my question," I said a little louder this time.

"Quite right, we're traveling in space currently, far away from your planet. We should be at our destination within two weeks," she explained, leaving me clueless. That's when I noticed that the ki collar device was still around my neck, functioning just fine despite the fact it was drowned in the green fluid. Thankfully it was not tight, but rather loose instead.

"Oh sorry about that, I'll take it off soon. I just didn't want you to start blowing things up right when you awoke, wouldn't want to get sucked out into space would we?" she asked as she rubbed my spiky hair a little.

"So are you here to infest me?" I asked in a pitiful tone.

"Me? No, the Overmind wants to infest you. I am here to help you!" she claimed.

"That makes no sense! You stole me away from the Protoss just to give me to your master and that is helpful?" I asked angrily.

"It is necessary for you to understand the Zerg before you know how to deal with them, and how to deal with the Overmind itself. To understand the Zerg, you must become the Zerg. Fear not, good things will come of this eventually, but it will be a hard road ahead!" Kerrigan warned.

Preview: As Vegeta and the others race across space to find their friend, Verto learns the ways of the Zerg. In a strange galaxy with even stranger allies, nothing is what it seems. The Overmind will do anything it can to get Verto to join their cause, and what is Kerrigan's true purpose? Is she a friend or foe to Verto? As Gohan and Verto further explore the secrets of their new powers, destiny is racing towards another collision between good and evil, the only question is what side everyone is on. And don't forget Judicator Aldaris, what tricks will he have up his sleeve for our heroes? Read on in the next saga: Dragonball V Series 5: Swirling Destiny.

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