Disclaimer: I'll save InuYasha the trouble and just say it.



I said I'd save you the trouble and just say it. I don't recall saying WHEN I'll say it......

(InuYasha stands proudly with his big time attorneys beside him)

AW C'MON! It's FANfiction for cryin' out loud! Do I even NEED to say it!? I obviously don't own InuYasha! A'ight! I DON'T OWN INUYASHA! There! Happy?!

[Attorneys leave, InuYasha goes back to sunbathing in his red trunks. LuClipse85 gawks through her binoculars from a safe distance]


(This is a "Jingle Bells" parody with that talks about Miroku that I came up while conjuring Christmas story ideas . I'll update the rest when I come up with part 2! It's short but sweet! Enjoy anyway!)

Dashing through the snow

In search of Shikon shards

That is what you claim, in search of something else!

Didn't waste no time

With your catch phrase question

Her old man ran out with a knife and you ran off like hell!




You are such a perv!

Mackin' on every girl you see

Don't care how old she is! (Not true!)



Ecchi houshi!

A pervert you most certainly are

But you're still very hot!