Chapter 8: Solomon

Brooklyn perched on the ledge, feeling uncertain. It had been three days since Dracon had disappeared, and this was his first time checking on Marian since then. Hesitantly, he tapped a talon on the window and tried to think of what he would say.

'Hi Marian. You'll never guess who I saw the other day…'

The Dracon woman opened the curtains and window with a supremely irritated look on her face. "I thought I told you-"

Brooklyn held up his hard won DVD of The Abominable Dr. Phebes. "I thought we should start over," he said. "I'm Brooklyn. Would you like to watch this with me?"

Marian thought for a long moment, and then stood aside. "I'm Marian. It's nice to meet you."

Brooklyn climbed inside the apartment. "What happened to the gun?" he asked hesitantly.

"My girlfriend made me get rid of it."

'Thank you, Miss Astrid.' Brooklyn thought. "Ah. I'm… I'm sorry about your brother."

Marian stopped in her tracks, halfway to the DVD player, her expression very strange. "Thank you," she said softly.

The End