Title: The end of the beginning.

Author: electricgurl

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Disclaimer: I don't own any thing to do with Btvs...sadly...

Timeline: After the episode 'chosen' before Spike appeared onto Angel.

Summary: "This is where I watched you die," She whispered.

Rating: PG.

Paring: Spuffy

Copyright 2004 Amelia Coombes AKA: electricgurl


"This is where I watched you die," She whispered looking over at the man drenched in black beside her. He had come every night since then. But something was different tonight. She could sense it. They took in the rumble of what had been Sunnydale.

"I know." He simply replied. Snapping his fingers the scene behind them changes and they are looking at a tall tower. "And this is where I watched you die."

"We haven't exactly lived the charmed life." She mumbled. "While others tell one another how much they love them. Here we stand talking about death."

"It's what were born to do, Luv. It's our way of life. You have to understand that."

"And I do," She smiled weakly at him. "Just don't think I'm gonna like it," He smirked at her. She giggled and moved into his open arms. "I miss you. Sometimes I wish that I could just come and join you," The scene changed again to a sunset.

"Hush now Luv, none of that."

"But I miss you so much. It's hurts how much I miss you," She cried into his shoulder. Tears flowed to her cheeks. The sun moved away from them and leaves them in the dark as the rain begins to pour on them.

"I know Luv, I miss you too. But things are changing. The stars are moving and soon everything will be back to the way it was. I'll catch a ride on the star and come back to you," She pulled back confused. The rain stopped and the moon began to shine brightly.

"What do you mean?"

"Look deep Luv, use your head and your heart," She nodded as he began to fade.

"NO!" She screamed, "Don't leave me...not again," She cried openly as the moon faded away and the sun began to rise.

"It's time for me to leave...Look the sun is rising."

"No, we can fight the sun," She yelled to him trying to catch his arm. "We can stand against anything and win...as long as we are together," She felt tears drop from her cheek.

He took a step towards her and grabbed her by the arms. He pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. "I love you," He hissed as he began to fade even quicker.

"No, please don't go," She whined looking for him in the rising sun.

"Look for me and remember that I love you," Came his voice.

"Always love you...Always," Buffy whispered to the air that had once been her lover William.


A/N: This was a led up to when Spike is brought back to the un dead life on the show Angel...Hoping there will be a second part where they meet...let me know if I should write it....