Title: Feelings in the Lab

Author: electricgurl

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Disclaimer: I don't own I-man...wish I did but I don't.

Rating: PG

Paring: Claire/Darien

Summary: after the three phases of Claire. Feelings are revieled.

Copyright 2004 Amelia Coombes aka: electricgurl

A/N: Don't blame for how badly this is written I just thought I would give my readers something to read until I get the next chapter up for Endings....Enjoy and please remember to review. ;)


Claire looked over at Darien as he entered the Keep. It had been almost a week since the incident at the docks. They had been as distant with one another as humanly possibly. Not being caught in the same room with one another unless it was needed.

Claire was embarrassed for Darien and ashamed of herself. Here was Darien a close friends and co-worker and she had practically raped him. And on top of that she had feeling for him that she couldn't explain she was in denial so far that she didn't think she could get out without help. She sighed. Darien hadn't talked to her in a full week. She was sure that he hated her...or worse. She shivered. she shuttered as she realized how close she had been to talk something from Darien. She could have raped him. She was afraid of herself at how close they had come to losing one another in the heat of the insane moment.

"Afternoon, Darien." She said forcing a smile to grace her lips. He smiled back at her.

"Hey, I was umm...wondering....if I could....like...talk to you." He mumbled.

And here it is. Claire thought to herself. "Sure what is it?" She asked. She was so busy listening to her mind she almost didn't catch his next words.

"I keep thinking back to what happened at the docks the other day...and-"

"I'm sorry about that." Claire said. "I didn't want to-"

"Claire." He said interrupting her mid-rant. He licked his lips. "I liked it." he said. "Whatever it was/ I liked the idea of us being together." He smiled at her. "And I just wanted to see what your thoughts were about it."

She looked at him in awe. "You mean to tell me. That you-"

"Have feelings for you." He grinned. "That's what I'm saying."

Claire grinned as he moved forward, smiling. She turned in her chair to face him completely. "That's good to know." She said as her lips meet his in a soft tender kiss.

The first of many.


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