Author update:
This chapter will be replaced with actual story content at some point in the next couple weeks. Sorry to get your hopes up if you wanted more, but you'll have to wait a little longer.

That out of the way, I wanted to respond to one of my reviews. Well, two actually. The first person asked me to email them but FFN is being it's usual self and I can't get your email from the system :P

"The Halfa Wannabe -Since you seem to know enough about Beastboy's past, I have to ask. Why are his parents coming to visit him? They're dead. Seriously I have to know. Please email me"

It's an AU fic. If you'd bothered to read the Author's Notes at the VERY top of the first chapter you'd see that I wrote:

"A/N) New fic for ya, hope it's somewhat amusing. :D Taking a few liberties with comic canon. (Hey, the cartoon does it, why can't I?) So for the duration please lets all pretend BB's parents aren't dead and they were specifically geneticists."

So why? Why not? It was a funny idea I had over summer break and was going to start writing, but then I remembered BB's parents were dead. Then I thought "well, the cartoon takes liberties with comic cannon, so why can't I? it's funny!" The cartoon doesn't address what happened to BB's parents (or Cybrog's or Starfire's, or Raven's mother) so since this is written for the cartoon fandom, why not bend the canon of the comic?

If you don't like non-comic-canon stuff or AUs then don't read.

I don't mean to be a bitch but I pointed out that this wasn't following Comic canon exactly, first thing and I've received two reviews in the last couple days stating the same thing. I don't want an inbox full of "OMFG BB'S Parents are DEAD!111eleventyone!" when I already said I know that. This is (hopefully) prevention.

Second point (in response to another review):

Which I also already addressed in a review response. I KNOW Raven is a half demon. But what's scarier – a half demon or a full demon? Full Demon. What, in Raven's mind, is going to freak out BB's parents more? Telling them she's a demon. In Raven's mind they don't need to know any details of her life, those are private matters. If she tells them she's a demon, they'll probably be freaked enough to let her be for the remainder of their visit. If she says she's half a demon, that's half as scary and almost more intriguing. Saying she was half demon would almost surely invite queries about her past. The last thing she'd want would be for either of the adults to ask "so, how'd your mother get it on with a demon?"

It's like if you just say "demon" then you have the mental image of what that entails just like if you said "angel", and they are more likely to run far far away and not bother her. Saying "half-demon" makes it so much more interesting and them more likely to overcome any fear they had and ask personal questions.

Aside from all that, deep down Raven fully feels the weight and taint of her dad's side and even if she's only half, she seems to feel like that's enough to make her a demon. Well, that's what I got from watching. Maybe I overanalyze.

Instant coffee:
Your review totally made my day, ya know that:- D and yeah there should be stuff between the scenes to break it up but they got eaten and truthfully I've been too lazy to put 'em in. they'll be in when I update with a new chapter.

ok, later peeps!