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Summery: Based on three separate challenges I found on WIKTT. The challenges are the Twin Challenge, Halloween Challenge and the Fancy Dress Challenge. I was just looking through them deciding which to do 1st when I realised how well they fit together. I have left out or altered a few things in the challenges to get them to fit together. Two of the challenges are very late to say the least but I will do my best to update as often as possible. I apologise for the slow start but it is only the 1st chapter and I'm trying to consider all characters points of view and the situation at the time. Takes place in Harry's 7th year. Voldemort is still hovering round (damn it won't he just die already). SS/HG

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Chapter 1:

Out of the darkness loomed the many towers of Hogwarts castle Many of its windows lit, shimmering in the light rain. At least a hundred horseless (are so it many have seemed) conveyances jingled their way up the long, sloping drive towards the castle. The occupants of these carriages hurrying up the stone steps through the large oak doors into a cavernous Entrance Hall ablaze with many torches. Footsteps reverberated around the hall as the students made their way through a set of doors on their right, leading to the Great Hall and the start of term feast. Thousands of candles floated in mid air illuminating the four house tables, which were beginning to fill up under the enchanted ceiling mirroring the sky outside. Tonight ink stained clouds covered most of the stars from view. Dotted amongst the sea of black hats shone several pearly white, semi-transparent ghosts. Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way through the swarm of students and took their seats alongside their fellow Gryffindor housemates.

"Hey Harry," came the cheerful greeting of Neville Longbottom. "Nice summer?"

"Yeah, not bad thanks," Harry answered truthfully having spent his summer at the Weasleys with Ron and Hermione.

Since the death of his godfather, Sirius, in his fifth year, Mrs Weasley thought it best he spent as little time with the Dursleys or at Grimmauld Place as possible for which he was extremely grateful. Despite this, he still found it difficult to prevent himself from dwelling, while lying awake at night, of that evening in Dumbledore's office just over a year ago. Although, he still felt none-the-wiser about how to kill the darkest wizard of the age, his determination to protect the people he cared about most had certainly grown. His fifth year wasn't something he'd ever let happen again. Harry was a great deal more cautious and self-controlled as a result of Sirius's death. This was evident in Harry's continuation of occlumency lessons with Dumbledore and not having as many angry, bitter outbursts as the year before. Not that this meant he had turned over a new leaf completely. There was still plenty of trouble to be made around the castle much to the annoyance of a certain Potions Master, Professor Snape. Harry's most hated teacher, rivalled only by Professor Snape's loathing of Harry and maybe the schools general feelings of hatred towards Umbridge their ex-Defence against the Dark Arts teacher.

"Hang on, who's missing?" asked Ron. Harry followed his gaze up to the staff table where there were two empty chairs. One he assumed was for their seventh Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. None of their Dark Arts Professors had lasted more than a year during the time that they had attended Hogwarts.

"Well, one must be for our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and I can't see Professor Vector so the second chair is most likely hers," Hermione answered.

The chattering of the students died down as Professor McGonagall led the first years to the three legged stool in front of the staff table where an old, heavily patched and frayed hat was placed to sort them into one of the four houses; Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor.

(A.N. Well I'm not very good at writing things like this, so no sorting hat song for now, I'll leave it to your imagination but if you request it I will add it at a later date)

After the applause had died down for 'Webb, Nadine' (Ravenclaw) Professor Dumbledore rose to present the start of term notices.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, I will make this very brief. I would like to remind you that the Dark forest is out of bounds to all pupils. Quidditch trials begin at the start of next week. Anyone wishing to join should report to his or her Head of House. Now tuck in."

Harry and Ron started eating everything is sight with great enthusiasm, Hermione rolling her eyes at their table manners. The Hall echoed with the noise of the students as they greeted friends from other houses and talked excitedly about their holidays.
Suddenly the doors to the Great Hall opened and the sound of the students' voices faded as every one turned to see who the late arrival was. Two figures dressed entirely in black made their way towards the staff table closely followed by the muttering and curious comments of the students. One, a man wearing a cloak with its hood pulled up putting his face into shadow, the other a woman, dressed identically except for a knee length skirt instead of trousers.

After exchanging brief words with Dumbledore which, despite their best efforts, none of the students heard, the two strangers continued down the table and paused in front of Professor Snape.

"Hello big brother, did you miss me?" inquired their male guest as he lowered his hood to reveal the Potions Masters identical twin, grinning from ear to ear at the look of shock on his brothers' face.


'He has a brother?'

A great deal of chattering had broken out amongst the students. People were looking at each other and then back at the staff table as though not quite believing what they were seeing.

"Artemis," muttered Professor Snape recovering quickly.

"Don't call me that, it's Samuel and ..." his brother began but he was cut off by Professor Snape.

"Modesty as well, how nice."

"How did you know?" laughed the woman as she removed her cloak revealing her dark waist length hair and jet black eyes identical to those of Severus and Samuel.

"Are you suggesting that I would have forgotten my own sister?"

"Not for the want of trying I'll bet," mumbled Samuel in an undertone.

"Who else would it have been?' Severus continued, raising a questioning eyebrow causing Modesty to laugh again as she took her seat between Severus and Professor McGonagall.

Dumbledore rose to his feet once more to address the students. "As you may have guessed we have two new changes in staff this year," beamed the Headmaster. "I would like to introduce you to Professor Snape," he pointed to Samuel. "Our new Arithmancy teacher and yet another Professor Snape our new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor," this time he gestured towards Modesty.

The students gave a belated, slightly confused applause before continuing with the feast, talking with much interest about all three Professor Snapes.

"Bloody hell, three Snapes, three!" exclaimed Ron.

"Looks like our chance at winning the House Cup for the seventh year running have dropped to less than zero," Harry grimly sighed.

"Don't be ridiculous," Hermione snapped.

"Hermione, they're identical," Ron cried, looking at her as if she were utterly mad.

Hermione glared at him but didn't say anything. She was too tired to argue right now.

When the feast had finished and Dumbledore had dismissed them, the students ambled in the direction of their dormitories. Once there Harry and Ron gave a faint 'Good night' to Hermione before disappearing up the boys' staircase. Hermione climbed the stairs to the seventh year girls' dormitory. Too sleepy to do much more than change into her nightclothes and crawl under the covers.

'Three Professor Snapes, very interesting indeed. I had always expected him to be an only child,' she thought as she drifted off to sleep.


Artemis Samuel Snape - Artemis is the Greek Goddess of hunting and the second name of the author of Fantastic Beasts. Griselda Marchbanks (OotP) is from a pseudonym Samuel Marchbanks. 'Samuel Marchbanks' is the name used by Robertson Davies who writes combining magic and academic life. I wanted Severus and his brother to have the same initials but didn't think Samuel was a very wizard-sounding name.

Modesty Catriona Snape – The name Modesty I found in QTtA. It's the 1st name of Madam Rabnott who was against the use of the Golden Snidget in Quiditch. Her middle name is from the Pride of Portrees most famous chaser Catriona McCormack.