A Kimagure Orange Road fanfic.


Her moods rule her life and she can barely help it.

She's such a capriscious person, that nobody knows how and who she really is.

Last night she allowed me to walk her home from school since Hikaru didn't come to class. She looked happy and pleased with my presence, almost like she was my girlfriend and very much in love with me. And I felt so happy and relaxed by her side that I commited no screw ups, didn't use my powers in any way to subtly spice the moods, didn't notice Hatta and Komatsu calling out to me.

Why can't all the afternoons be like that, I wonder?

She wishes things that she can't have while playing her saxophone. She smiles and teases when I say something cute, then slaps me or yells when I do something stupid. At times she doesn't seem to majorly care about Hiakru or about me, but runs to our rescue if we're in trouble...

I can't know which will be her your mood next day. Happy? Sad? pissed? Reserved? My powers don't include mind reading, so I can't know.

And in a sense, that's one of the reasons why I love Ayukawa. She has such a capriscious and unique personality that I can't help but to be drawn to her. Even when she's mad or sad, I feel like I'm pulled into the ocean of her feelings.


Pulled out of my daydreams, I stare up from my notebook. She's standing right in front of me, a smile on her lips.

"Kasuga-kun, don't be so gloomy. What's up with you?".

I look into her eyes, but she suddenly turns away. Trying to defend herself? Repentant to be so open now? I don't know... I'm not even sure I wanna know.

"Ayukawa...", I start.

"Come on", Ayukawa says. She stares back now, but it's not the same. "Time to go to the music room. I wanna practice with my saxophone".

"Does this mean you want me to go with you?", I tentatively ask.

Please, let this not be a passing whim. I want to hear her play, I wana be with her...

"Hikaru isn't here to be my critic. so why not you?".

Her tone of voice is playful, the smile on her lips is sweet. As always when we're on our own, I can't win.

"Are you coming, Kasuga-kun?".

I blink. She's now in the doorway, almost leaving...

"Ayukawa!", and I follow her promptly, eager to know which will be her mood. "Wait for me, please!"