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Knife Edge: Part Two

A Teen Titans fanfiction by J.S.Danskin (a.k.a. Invader Jed)

SCENE ONE – Intro -

A zoom in on STARFIRE's face rotates slowly as the camera zooms out. When her full figure is shown, she is wearing a similar outfit to that which Terra wore in the two "Aftershock" episodes. In the centre of her chest is the "S" crest symbolising she is an ally of SLADE. She stands next to the tank she had previously been in.

SLADE (appearing behind her): Open your eyes, girl.

STARFIRE's eyes open obediently. Instead of being the gentle colour as usual they glow the harsh green as when she is attacking constantly. The room is revealed and KNIFE stands leaning against a wall with his arms folded in distaste. SLADE circles STARFIRE until he comes face to face with her. He then takes her slender chin in the crook of his index finger and thumb, pulling her face up to meet his eyes.

SLADE: Who are you, girl?

STARFIRE (harshly): I am the apprentice of Slade, his servant and minion.

SLADE: What is your destiny?

STARFIRE: To destroy the Teen Titans, and to personally bring the leader to my master.

SLADE takes a mask from his pocket. He places it over STARFIRE's head, tucking the hair in so it is completely covered. The mask has a slash down it similar to KNIFE's. SLADE steps back from her and his eye narrows triumphantly.

SLADE: What is your name, girl?

STARFIRE: I am Dagger.


Author's Note: Yes, very short, I know. But it just means that the other scenes will be longer! Yeah sure. Lots of excitingness coming up! Oh wowee I'm so excited about the third season coming out how cool is that? There's supposedly one where Starfire gets engaged and Robin is jealous! WHEEEE! I wanna see it NOOWWWWWW! I just want to say thank you to all those who reviewed again, it was a real nice treat to come back to. I'll give as full responses as I can just for you. I hope you didn't have too much trouble finding part two. Thanks dudes, and all those who reviewed "Wish You Were Here", which was sadly just a one-off. Ah well.

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